Elle Amery
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Ravenous Romance
Release Date
July 2010
Erotic Romance

Columnist Victory Lennox hasn't had sex for ages, so it's a good thing when she discovers her best friend's younger brother, Cooper Fairclough, running naked down a country lane. It takes little convincing to charm Cooper into becoming her new friend with benefits.

Publicity-shy Cooper wants Victory for more than a few rolls in the hay, but Victory wants nothing more than to achieve public acclaim. But when she uses her escapades with Cooper as examples of what not to do in bed in her sex column, she realizes what a mistake she's made...

Cooper 's all man now, and having his sexual skill publically discussed enrages him. Victory's fallen in love with the man he's become, only her error in judgment could cost her the one thing more priceless than the fame she seeks: Cooper. Will he be able to forgive Victory so they can live the life of love and passion they both desperately want?

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Aug 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Take an older woman and the object of her affections from years ago, throw in some controversy and you get a pretty steamy happily every after! WHAT NOT TO DO IN BED has the reader realizing that dreams really can come true!

Victory Lennox grew up spending summers with her best friend, Anise Fairclough, in the country surrounded by horses. Although Anise and her brother Cooper grew up as part of a rich family, Victory grew up on a commune after the death of her mother. For several of those years, she was aware that Anise's younger brother, Cooper, had a crush on her. She couldn't bring herself to take advantage of Cooper even when he offered to take her to bed. To discourage his attentions, she was pretty rude, hoping he would find someone his own age.

Now it is several years later. Anise and Cooper's parents are dead, killed in a car crash that Cooper was blamed for, and Anise is wheelchair-bound the result of a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The story starts with Victory coming out to the ranch to visit with her friend Anise, whom she hasn't seen in a while. While driving down the long driveway to the ranch house, she almost hits a mostly naked Cooper walking home after having everything but his boots taken when he was swimming in the water hole.

Cooper takes advantage of the relative privacy by getting naked with the object of his teenage desires. Victory is determined to keep Cooper at arms' lengths with a no-strings affair. The action between them is hot and heavy, but interrupted by the death of Cooper's grandfather and the unexpected announcements in the will that take Cooper from being a horse breeder to a business owner.

This story is well written and moves along at a fast pace. The characters are well developed and the interaction between them is interesting to read. There are years of history between them, yet the reader is caught up to date really quickly. The story line keeps the reader engrossed in the unfolding action. There are sad parts of this story and happy parts, with the happily ever after ending bringing this story to a great close.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would recommend it!
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