Marked Mates

Erin M. Leaf
Marked Mates
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
November 2013
Book 4 of Dream Marked
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance

When Sparrow Martin dreams about President Morgan Wilde, she thinks she's going crazy. Ordinary people like her don't bond with the President, right? But when she dreams about a second man along with Morgan, she knows she needs to find her bond-mates or risk losing her mind.

Morgan knows he's bonding, but he has no idea what to do about it. One of the people he's dreaming about is a man whose face he can't even see. As President, his responsibility is to his country, not his own desires. Of course, when Sparrow shows up during a White House tour, he discovers dreams can't be denied.

Justin Boyd is working on a secret project and he doesn't have time to figure out what's wrong with him. He's been sleeping badly for months, but he doesn't have any of the signs of bonding: no wrist tattoos, no headaches. So why do two people haunt his dreams, night after night?

Book Review by Christine Blackthorn (author,reviewer)
Jun 14, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MARKED MATES by Erin M. Leaf is an interesting, and fascinating read. You are drawn right into the story and are hooked.

The story is set in a modern day US, though with significant differences. Some people develop bonds with one, or two mates. This is the story of Sparrow, who after a year of pre-bonding symptoms still has not found her mate, but is dreaming each night of the hot and sexy president of the US, Morgan, and a nebulous third. When she goes to Washington D.C. the happy end seems assured, but there are oppositions. Through kidnappings, shootings and other hurdles, the three have to not only find each other, but also protect the safety of all bonded pairs.

There are some issues with the book, the biggest among which is that it should be read after the other three books in the series. Without the previous parts of the story, the reader is thrown out of the flow again and again. Some basic information about the world is presented as an unexplained fact, or introduced very late, so that it becomes hard to relate to it. But there are also inconsistencies within the story, from the timeline to outright contradictions.

Even though these issues niggle, the humour and the tension of the story, the deep connection between the characters and the sheer amount of happenings make it a book worth reading. More so if you have read the ones before.

MARKED MATES is very well written and the dialogue has a spark, full of humour and sassiness. The beginning especially has a lot of power, with the heroine, Sparrow, holding your attention and emotion throughout it all. The story is new in many ways and could break all records if it were developed in a more coherent and consistent way. It is a book for a fun evening with a glass of wine, an evening of pampering and a short thrill.
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