More Than Friends

Jess Dee
More Than Friends
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
May 2013
Book 1 of More Than
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

He was her best friend…until he became her fantasy.

A More Than Story

Lucy Lawson's got it bad. Bad as in stunned speechless by the situation she's in, by the feelings sitting on her chest, ready to explode. She's in love…with her best friend.

Problem is, telling Sebastian Blackford could destroy the best thing in her life, but the longer she keeps her feelings under wraps, the stronger the need to spill her secret.

The last thing Seb suspects is that his best mate is madly, wildly in love with him, or that he's the star of her seriously dirty fantasies. Worse, he's just started seeing someone he'd like to see again—and Lucy knows it.

So why does her confession hit him like a runaway train? And why can't he get her explicit description of her fantasies out of his mind? They've never been more than friends, but now that he knows how Lucy feels, everything is out of whack.

Seb figures it's up to him to get their relationship back on track. He'll do it too, just as soon as he establishes which track is the right one.

Warning: After reading this, you may just be tempted to jump your best friend. It's recommended you keep your partner on speed dial or a toy with fresh batteries on standby.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Nov 23, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Be ready for some hot action, starting from page one!

Lucy couldn't keep it in any longer; she told best friend Seb of her newfound feelings for him, feelings that made her hot and bothered. Seb was blindsided, for he'd never thought of her that way before. So why was he hard when she was describing her fantasy that featured him in the starring role?

As this story happened over the course of only four days (unless I'm mistaken), it's believable only because the main characters have been friends for six years. The way both Lucy and Seb saw each other in a "different" way, as an object of lust and someone to fall in love with rather than just as a friend, was done in a realistic manner. I could totally believe the awakening of new emotions, how suddenly we'd see some person in a new light. Their sexy encounters were hot and steamy, practically sizzling off the page.

That said, the way Lucy keeps "pushing" at Seb to have emotions rather than just physical lust for her grates on me. The girl doesn't let up; she just kept pushing and pushing and pushing. Sure, I get that she wants Seb to reciprocate her feelings, but give the guy a break! Give him time to catch up. She has been having these crazy-in-love feelings for Seb for some time before she even dared to open up to him about it, and then just a few hours after she confessed, she wants Seb to have feelings for her too and was mad when he doesn't. She is just plain unreasonable in this regard, and the reason for the 3 stars.

Still, the writing was good, and their encounters hot and steamy. A perfect read for a cold afternoon.
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