The Master's Choice

Abby Gordon
The Master's Choice
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Desperate to escape the emotional horror of her previous marriage and to reconnect with her sexuality, Ally Brown takes a chance to push her boundaries and becomes a submissive at a sex club. Twenty-four hours with the war-scarred Dom, Master JW, and she can't imagine submitting to the demands of any other. Can she let go of her own insecurities long enough to breach the walls this hero has built around his heart?

A retired combat sniper, JW Franklin returns home to face an uncertain future. He's seen too many good men, too many brothers in arms, go down to a bullet or to the battle still playing out in their minds. Dealing with his own ghosts seems takes him away from everything, even family. Twenty-four hours with new submissive Ally gives him a glimpse of peace and maybe even a bit of hope for what he could have. She's his for the taking—if he acts in time to save her from herself.

Book Review by illhaveanotherbook (reviewer)
Jan 10, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE MASTER'S CHOICE is the story of JW and Ally, two people that would never have met without The Club.

JW was in the military for more than half his life. Now that he is out of the military, he is at loose ends with no real idea of what he wants to do with his life. Upon returning home, he is met at the airport by his family's driver, who takes him The Gray Shadows nightclub or more commonly referred to as "The Club".

Ally is working through her painful divorce and has been struggling to find out who she is. Her cousin and his wife suggest that she become a member of The Club, as they believe Ally is a submissive and would benefit from joining. At Ally's first night at the club, she is selected by JW for one evening. Their evening is beyond what both Ally and JW had hoped for.

Afterwards, they go their separate ways. Several months later, Ally realizes that she can only respond to JW. JW meanwhile can't forget her either. Fate intervenes and they end up at the same building one day. They decide to have another hot night together. The night is great but what follows is nothing short of disaster. Lots of miscommunication on both parts lead to Ally making a big choice that will affect both their lives.

I am truly on the fence about this story. I really liked some parts and others I didn't.

Ally I just couldn't get into as she seemed to have very little backbone. When things didn't work out with JW, she does something that could ruin her life. I wanted to tell her to suck it up and get on with your life or something like that.

JW is a little darker than most characters but I liked that. I feel he needed someone much stronger that Ally. With his possessive and dominant side, he is going to steamroll right over her. But I must say that the sex between them was hot and heavy and they did connect on the most basic level.

That said, I felt the ending to be very abrupt. The book also spanned several months at a time and I felt there were some holes missing in the story. While I am on the fence about this story, I do believe that someone else might enjoy it, so if it sounds like something you might read, give it a try!
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