Icarus Unbound

Bernadette Gardner
Icarus Unbound
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
January 2011
Fantasy Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

The only full-blooded human member of the winged population on Icarus, Laramee Faulkner has longed to be accepted as one of the tribe. Since childhood, Jaran, the adopted son of the Icarian leaders, has never let Lara forget that she's different. As a boy, he teased and taunted her. As a man, he has the power to give her everything she's always desired, or tear her away from the world she loves.

When Jaran chooses Lara as his mate, she's certain his plan is only to humiliate her, but his passionate kisses and sensual commands ignite her long-suppressed desires. Will she be able to resist the erotic temptation and make him pay for all the years he tormented her, or will she give in and claim her birthright as a member of the Icarian race even if it means giving herself to the man who made her feel like an outcast?

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Feb 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A romantic tale that will make your heart take flight.

Born human in a world of winged Icarians, Laramee Faulkner always felt like an outsider. Jaran, son of the Icarian tribal leader, teased her mercilessly, always reminding her that she was "different" and not accepted. As is the Icarian tradition, upon one'd 30th birthday, a mate is chosen for them by the tribal leader. Lara is more concerned than most because Jaran is the current tribal leader, and she is convinced he is determined to make her life a living hell by mating her with someone unsuitable.

However, much to everyone's surprise, Jaran pairs Lara with himself. Lara's disgust for her former nemesis soon turns to heated passion when her long-hidden school girl fantasy of passion in Jaran's arms soon turns to reality. Can Lara set aside her past hurt to claim her place as co-ruler beside the man she has grown to love?

This was a novella that quickly grabbed me, pulling me into the story. Ms. Gardner's writing was so descriptive that I could actually picture the Icarians flying around with their beautiful wings as I was reading. I got a complete sense of the entire Icarian world in all its glory. I found Jarad and Lara suitably matched, which made for a great love story. The intense attraction that they both felt for each other was hot. My only issue is that I wish it were longer as it was a great escape into a magical world.
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