Tyler and Marco

Xondra Day
Tyler and Marco
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
March 2014
Book 2 of Lust at First Sight

Shy and socially awkward Tyler has been watching the construction site across from his house secretly lusting for the hot guys that work there, but when he finally comes face to face with the hot and sexy Italian, Marco, it's lust at first sight! Marco is everything Tyler has ever dreamed of in a man, and his complete opposite in every way possible.

Marco's life is all about hard work. From the moment he left home just after high school, he'd forged his own way in the world without ever knowing real love. But when he meets the cute guy who lives across the street from his work, he instantly feels something sizzling between them. But Marco isn't out and not sure if he's ready to tell the world he's gay, or even his own family.

Both guys yearn for something more in life and after a couple rounds of hot sex, and another chance meeting, they come to see that possibly there is something more between them than just lust.

Book Review by Annette Gisby (author,reviewer)
Mar 21, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A sexy, sweet short with two wonderful male leads.

Tyler is a bit shy, a bit of a loner and spends most of his days ogling the men on the construction site across from his apartment. One man in particular draws his eye--a tall man with firm muscles that Tyler drools over more than once. Tyler is short and doesn't spend half his time at the gym so he thinks no one would be interested in him. Most people have called him 'cute', but 'cute' doesn't help him get a man. And he wants more than just one-night stands.

Marco, the builder, is a hard worker and most of the time that's all he does. He has little time for evenings out and meeting someone special, even though that's what he wants. He decides one evening to go out and forget about work even if it's just for one night.

Tyler is dragged out by his friends that same evening and bumps into Marco, the man he'd been ogling from across the street.

This was a wonderful, sweet story and I loved both Marco and Tyler. Both of them are a bit insecure in their own way: Tyler because of his innate shyness and Marco because he is semi-closeted. He comes from an old-fashioned Italian family who consider being gay a sin and Marco doesn't know how to tell them.

Although short, it is a full, well-rounded story. The characterisation isn't skimped on and you do get to know Tyler and Marco a bit; it's not just a story about two male bodies. This is a story about Marco and Tyler.

There was a bit of angst about Marco coming out to his family, but overall, it's a sweet read. The love scene was hot and sensual, although I did find it a bit strange that they made love that first night they met 'officially' as it were. Both of them however are keen for this to be more than a one-night stand, and by the end of the story you hope it will work out for both of them. I think it will, as they seem suited to each other.

A very enjoyable tale.
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