Out in the Sticks

H. Lewis-Foster
Out in the Sticks
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JMS Books
Release Date
June 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Lawyer Adam Sibden has moved to the charming English village of Sharpley to forget about men. But when he takes his car to the local garage, he can't help being attracted to the handsome young manager Jim Turley, who is friendly, professional and apparently gay. Adam goes to the village pub that evening, and with nowhere else to sit, he joins Jim and his mates. A misunderstanding leads to a highly embarrassing moment for Adam, but Jim thankfully comes to his rescue and makes him feel more at ease.

As the winter weather takes hold, Adam finds himself stranded with a punctured tyre, following a disastrous meeting with his ex-boyfriend Lucas. Adam calls the garage's breakdown service, and when Jim ventures into the snow to find him, he offers more help than Adam could have hoped for.

Book Review by Pat Henshaw (author,reviewer)
Jul 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This slim mundane vignette brings two men together, but doesn't explore any new ground as far as romance is concerned.

Thirty-three year old British lawyer Adam Sibden moves from a modern apartment in Nottingham to the charming, thatched Sage Cottage in the village of Sharpley after Roger, his partner of five years, proves to be a philanderer. When he has car problems, Adam visits a garage owned by Jim, who'd taken over the business from his father.

They get to know one another through visits to the local pub where they often share pints with Jim's pals. One snowy night, however, when Adam has a flat tire and calls Jim, they completely connect and commiserate on their bad luck in finding love up until they found each other.

Because the story is so short (23 pages), neither Adam nor Jim are very developed as characters, and their backstories of having partners and losing them are so typical as to be bland, this novella never becomes even a little bit memorable.

However, H. Lewis-Foster's smooth writing style and lively pacing keep the peek into Adam's and Jim's lives moving right along.

I'd like to read something longer by H. Lewis-Foster to see if this author can sustain a more in-depth plot and deeper characterization. From this snippet, she might be an author to watch.
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