Chasing Their Racy Destiny

Tara Rose
Chasing Their Racy Destiny
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Siren-Bookstrand Inc
Release Date
June 2014
Book 14 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When NSSL researcher Kenna Bowman comes to Racy to study the weather in a partnership with Notus, she clashes with Doms and storm chasers Dale Sinclair and Tim Malloy. She thinks they're cowboys who don't understand the science behind meteorology, and they think she's a lab rat who has no clue what it's like out in the field.

When she's forced to hide in their basement during a surprise storm, she also spends the night with both men. Thunder and lightning aren't the only things they study.

Tim and Dale have long since given up on finding the right woman, until they meet Kenna. But Kenna had her heart broken years ago and is afraid to give it away again.

When a series of misunderstandings and lies leads Kenna to believe Tim and Dale betrayed her, she flees Racy, only to be pursued by the men, who brave a tornado to win her love.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When two sexy and intelligent alpha males decide to chase you, chances are you'll want to get caught. In CHASING THEIR RACY DESTINY, Kenna definitely wants to be captured by her storm-chasing men...over and over again.

NSSL Weather research Kenna Bowman is in Racy, Indiana as a research partner with Notus. While her lab work is important, she often finds herself butting heads with R&D field specialists who think their storm chasing gives more usable information. Tim Malloy and Dale Sinclair are two such chasers, but when she gets stuck with them during a tornado, Kenna quickly realizes that there's more to these two than meets the eye...particularly when she sees their basement BDSM dungeon!

The men are turned on by Kenna's superior attitude and sexy looks, and once they make their move she has no desire to resist them. But all three of them have demons they're constantly battling, and it'll take a lot of trust and love to overcome them. A misunderstanding about Kenna's real role at Notus and their relationship puts Kenna on the run. The men will have to brave more than just the weather to make things right with their woman.

CHASING THEIR RACY DESTINY is the 14th book in the Racy Nights series. I absolutely adored Tim and Dale; they were gorgeous, intelligent and dominant men who had all of these fantasies of playing with a submissive woman together, who had participated at a BDSM club, have a dungeon in their basement but had never had the real life experience of sharing a sub. They haven't even had sex in a long time. They were so different from the typical playboy manwhore in an erotic romance hero that I found myself adoring their characters much more than usual.

I went back and forth about Kenna's character, however. Although I enjoyed her willingness to ask for what she wanted and her forthright attitude, her constant crying jags really worked my nerves. Additionally, the briskness with which the relationship developed felt forced, and while the chemistry between the three was decent, it was uncomfortably fast at times.

My other issue with CHASING THEIR RACY DESTINY had to do with Ms. Rose calling the men Doms. While I really loved their characters, I definitely wouldn't consider them "Doms," and to be honest, I get frustrated with the overuse of that term for every alpha male character who likes a little slap and tickle with their sex. Tim and Dale were playful and definitely dominant in bed, but calling a guy a "Dom" doesn't make him one. That said, the sex was super erotic, and the forced sex game they played was beyond yummy! Ms. Rose made sure to let us readers know that Kenna absolutely wanted it, taking away the uncomfortable factor (for me anyway).

CHASING THEIR RACY DESTINY is a decent book for those who love some hot ménage action, but if you desire a deep storyline or excellent chemistry, you may want to look elsewhere.
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Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Sep 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CHASING THEIR RACY DESTINY is a story that perfectly illustrates the emotional requirements.

Kenna is a researcher who is in Racy temporarily to study storm patterns. Dale and Tim are "storm chasers", the guys out in the field trying to collect the data that Kenna needs to analyze. When the three of them are briefly stuck in a storm cellar together, they realize that they all have some strong opinions about the others' work. They also realize that they are wildly attracted to one another.

After a brief debate about whether or not they could ever have a relationship with a "lab rat", Dale and Tim decide they can't pass up on these strong feelings of instant attraction. Once the three of them switch from work talk to talk about the dungeon that Kenna saw while entering their storm cellar, things quickly heat up. The relationship does not start without some bumps as all three of them have some insecurities they need to move past.

And just when things seem to be smoothing themselves out, they are all reminded of Kenna's temporary status in Racy and an incident occurs that makes Dale and Tim question Kenna's loyalty. Between the low self-esteem, the vastly different careers, and the lack of trust, this relationship may have too many obstacles to overcome.

This is my favorite Racy book in quite some time; I fully enjoyed the story and the characters. I enjoy a book with a good antagonist; someone who creates some drama and tension. However, I felt that there were too many crazy, psycho, ex-boyfriends or ex-acquaintances showing up in Racy.

The major struggle in this story takes place in the characters' heads. While Kenna does have a mentionable ex-boyfriend, he damaged her confidence and therefore her current struggle is with herself and not with him. This is also the case with Dale and Tim who feel people often underestimate them because of their jobs. And neither of them feels they are deserving of a smart, beautiful woman. While all three of them work in the field of tornado research, there is some tension and competition between them because Kenna works in the lab and Dale and Tim work in the field. There are so many emotional obstacles that rear their ugly head, and Ms. Rose writes them beautifully. The lack of trust that comes with low self-esteem, simple triggers that can set off years of insecurity--they are all portrayed honestly. These characters didn't simply forget all of their doubts and past experiences because they began a great new relationship; they had to work hard.

This story is a shining example of how trust and love can rebuild a person's emotional well-being, and how someone with emotional scars can find happiness. Another great Racy story!
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