Chef d'Amour

Brenda Margriet
Chef d'Amour
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
August 2014
Contemporary Romance

All Jemma Hedge wants to do is care for her ailing grandmother, and a job behind-the-scenes on the reality show Reservations for Two is the perfect opportunity. There's one ruleŚno fraternizing with the cast. Easy enough, until she meets the show's sexy bachelor, Paul Almeida, the smouldering restaurateur she's already had the displeasure of meeting.

Paul risked more than money when he opened his dream restaurant. To give his fantasy a fighting chance he accepts the role of Chef d'Amour on a brand new reality show. Flirting with the women vying for his heart should keep him too busy to worry about overstepping boundaries with the crew, until he spots Jemma.

The ingredients for love are at hand. Can Jemma and Paul create the perfect blend?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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How can you not fall in love with a sexy chef/reality tv show contestant who doesn't take himself or his new-found fame too seriously, and who is desperately in love with the one woman he can't have?

If Jemma Hedge didn't have bad luck, she'd have no luck at all. First she's propositioned by a coworker and his girlfriend, then promptly fired from the job for refusing to sleep with them. Then the odious man also makes sure she's blacklisted from any other restaurant job in the city, putting the pressure on her to find work to support herself and her dementia-ridden Gramma. The only bright spot in Jemma's life has been meeting Paul Almedia, which naturally turns ugly when he won't hire her for his restaurant. Out of options, Jemma is stunned when her best friend offers her a job as a production assistant on a new reality dating/cooking show called "Reservations for Two." She snaps it up!

As the new Chef d'Amour on "Reservations for Two," Paul is supposed to find love and ensure the survival of his new restaurant Paulo's. The love part won't be happening, not with any of the contestants anyway. Paul is smitten by the pink-haired pixie, his wicked fairy, Jemma. But she won't even speak to him, terrified to lose her job by fraternizing with a cast member! The two can't stay apart for long though, and they'll both have to discover whether what they have is worth fighting for.

I'm such a sucker for fun and fabulous cooking rom-com books, and CHEF D'AMOUR is no exception. I adored Jemma and felt for her struggle just to survive after being thrown repeated curveballs in her life. Between her job issues, her debt issues and the horror of losing the one person she trusts to dementia, you could definitely connect with Jemma and empathize with her strength and resolve. And, it was nice to see a heroine who isn't swept off her feet by a man who will solve all of her problems, financial and otherwise.

Paul wasn't a supremely wealthy man; he's struggling to make his own restaurant a success and get out from under the watchful eye of his father. He was handsome and strong and wanted to protect and help his wicked fairy; she just couldn't agree to allow that to happen.

The duo certainly had chemistry, and together they kept the passion of CHEF D'AMOUR simmering nicely throughout the story. I felt that Jemma shouldn't have been so angry at Paul toward the last 1/3 of the book, and though I understood her points, she put them both through too much heartache. This book is a fun, light and frothy romantic read with some yummy sex scenes and a couple you can relate to. Overall, a nice quick Fall read!
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