The Redemption Series Boxed Set

Cara Marsi
The Redemption Series Boxed Set
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The Painted Lady Press
Release Date
December 2014
Book 4 of Redemption
Contemporary Romance, Lawyer/FBI Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Redeemed by Love...
Three tales of danger, deception, and desire.

The Redemption Series by Cara Marsi

Three couples with dark secrets stalked by danger, empowered by sensuous desire.

LOGAN'S REDEMPTION: Single mom Doriana Callahan finds her life unraveling as a stalker threatens her life and that of her teenaged son. When old flame Logan Tanner re-enters the picture, it seems he's just the man to protect her family. But will their lies and secrets tear them apart and place Doriana in even greater peril?

FRANCO'S FORTUNE: Doriana's wealthy playboy brother is on the receiving end of a series of death threats. Imagine Franco's surprise when his new bodyguard turns out to be a woman. And not just any woman -- his long-time crush, military vet Jo Fortune. If love is a battlefield, Franco may just surrender without a fight.

LUKE'S TEMPTATION: Doriana's jaded cousin Anita is living in fear after a break-in and an attempted abduction. Sexy new neighbor Luke Corrado offers his protection. But can she trust him -- or will she discover she's sleeping with the enemy?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jul 04, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A second chance at love, a playboy that met his match and two people that are damaged. Can they find love in one another?

This series box is filled with suspense, mystery and lots of hot scenes. What attracted me to this series was when I first read Logan's Redemption (the first book in the series), and then to learn that all three books were in on the box set, I jumped at the chance to review this series. I wanted to know if what attracted me to the first book would happen to the second and third books, and oh my, it did. I love it when the characters and the storylines are well developed. Then there's the seduction, the chemistry, the teasing, and the sexy dialogue, but what I love best is getting lost in the story. This is a read for readers that love suspense, mystery, romance all rolled up in one.

Logan's Redemption

This is a story about second chances at love. When I first read this story, I was torn because I loved and hated it at the same time. Now that I have read it for the second time, my opinion has not changed. Doriana and Logan had a past, and because she didn't give him a chance, he was not able to see his son grow up. They were apart for 16 years, but then Logan accepted a case, and now, he and Doriana were going to be seeing each other a lot. She was going to have to tell him that he had a son sooner or later.

The part that I loved about this story was that Logan had accepted to be her secretary. Can you imagine having a super hunk doing what you said in the office? I know I can. No matter what, they both love each other and they need to sit down and talk about the past and the present.

Franco's Fortune

The playboy has met his match and this one will slip through his fingers if he doesn't take his head out of his behind. Logan and Doriana are frightened for her brother because someone has been trying to kill him. Franco is one of those men that doesn't talk too much about his life and doesn't like to answer to anyone, but he loves women. From the moment that he saw Jo at his sister's wedding, it was like something hit him, and now she was in his office telling him that she was his bodyguard.

Josephine "Jo" is an amazing woman but she has a very sad past. There was something about her that made me want to hug her and tell her it was okay to cry, to express how she was truly feeling. Jo has a crush on Franco, and now, she was getting a make over so she could pretend to be Franco's live-in girlfriend.

Franco is going to have to trust Jo that she will be able to protect him but she is going to have to also protect herself. They are both going to have to lean on each other; they are going to have to tell each other about their pasts, then they are both going to have to live happily ever after.

Luke's Temptation

Wow, that's all I can say about this story. I have to say that this was the best book in this set book, but then again it's my opinion. This book had everything--suspense, mystery, action and romance. We have Anita who has sworn off men since the first man she was with broke her. I couldn't believe what he had done to her, and for him to do what he did with her money, wow. Then there is Luke, an FBI undercover agent that has been assigned to find the list that they believe someone hid with her. Luke has a past a past that I could not believe that he actually survived.

Anita and Luke were perfect for each other but she hated lies and those lies would end up coming out sooner or later. I could not believe that not only was the FBI seeking this list with information but Luke had also been investigating and bringing down a ring of human trafficking. That is one thing I will never understand, how something like this could happen anywhere in the world but even here in the US. Then something comes back to haunt him...

The REDEMPTION SERIES BOX SET was an amazing read that I enjoyed immensely. All the three stories have strong characters, intriguing storylines, romance and a family that loves vastly. I do have to say that there were some laughs, then there were some tears but I love the chemistry and passion that these characters have. Ms. Marsi writes with a lot of emotions and details that are great in a story.

I totally recommend this read to any reader that loves suspense and romance!
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