In Her Defense

Julianna Keyes
In Her Defense
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Carina Press
Release Date
September 2015
Book 2 of Time Served
Contemporary Romance

Caitlin Dufresne has never loved anyone as much as she loves winning. A ruthless fifth-year associate at an elite Chicago firm, she's on the fast track to partner...until a stupid, serious error enrages her bosses. Caitlin's continued refusal to share work—or credit—lands her a forced two-week vacation. She needs to "regroup" and "learn to be part of a team, not just the star."

When she meets Eli Grant, head of the firm's IT department, Caitlin knows the overgrown frat boy isn't her type. But too much alcohol and a very public game of Truth or Dare turn into a dirty, breathless one-night stand. Which turns into a (mostly naked) two-week fling. Which turns into something that makes Caitlin incredibly nervous, despite the great sex.

Eli shows her the many upsides to sleeping in, and for the first time ever, Caitlin has more than the law waiting for her at home. But when she returns to the office and the relentless demands of a high-profile case, Caitlin must decide if winning this one is worth losing Eli forever.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 26, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ever wished that the hot guy at work would ask you to participate in a little game of Butter The Biscuit? Live vicariously through Caitlin and Eli!

Attorney Caitlin Dufresne is at the top of her game…until an avoidable mistake has her participating in a "mandatory vacation." Livid that a pasty faced IT geek has revoked her network access during her restricted hours, she storms into Eli Grant's office spitting nails. She doesn't expect him to be so tall. Or so hot. After a chance meeting between the two, several shots of liquor and and a dirty game of Truth or Dare, the two wind up tearing up the sheets together.

But it doesn't end with a one night stand. The pair is nearly inseparable after giving in to their lust. Eli likes the ball-busting bitch from the office just as much as the woman who helps him sand his crown moulding, just as Caitlin is starting to fall for Eli's humor, gorgeous looks and very VERY dirty mouth. But with only a few weeks left before she moves to LA to open a branch office, Caitlin is wondering just what she's doing starting something she doesn't want to end.

Ay yae yae! IN HER DEFENSE is one fabulous and seriously sexy book! The chemistry between Caitlin and Eli is beyond delectable; I wanted to jump into my Kindle and lick them both from head to toe! I loved every single aspect of this read, from Eli's sense of humor and ability to bring the stick out of Caitlin's ass with a few wicked words and even wickeder promises. Caitlin was such a bitch in heels in the beginning it's a wonder Eli ever even gave her the time of day, but good looks were a pretty strong motivator. My heart broke for Caitlin when Eli started being a serious douchenozzle. Actually, I wasn't at all comfortable w/ the way the HEA played out as I don't think Eli managed to grovel enough!!!

On the surface, they seem like the odd couple, the slacker geek in the flannel and the high powered Prada Princess attorney, but their story is one of the sexiest I've ever read (and let's face it, I've read A LOT of smut in the 5 or so years I've been reviewing). Their chemistry was phenomenal, their banter one that you'll fall in love with almost immediately. This is one of my favorites of 2015 so far!

Bottom Line: WINNER! Get this one ASAP before it spontaneously combusts!!
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