A Waltz at Midnight

Crista McHugh
A Waltz at Midnight
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Carina Press
Release Date
February 2012
Historical Romance

New York, 1866

When her mistress receives an utterly unromantic letter from a potential suitor, servant Susanna Parkwell is asked to craft an appropriate response. Though hesitant to take part in the deception, Susanna agrees, never dreaming the scorned suitor will write back.

Theodore Blakely abhors being pressured by his family to marry, but he's intrigued by the witty refusal he receives from "Charlotte". After exchanging more letters, Ted believes he's found a soul mate in his thoughtful and understanding correspondent, and asks permission to formally court her.

Though racked with guilt over her lies, Susanna can't resist the opportunity to meet Ted in person. So she poses as Charlotte at a holiday ball, where she vows to tell him the truth. But when the clock strikes midnight, will Susanna have the courage to reveal her identity and risk losing the man she loves?

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Feb 14, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A WALTZ AT MIDNIGHT enthralls with its refreshing take on a familiar storyline.

Rendered poor by circumstance, Susanna Parkwell considered herself lucky to find work as a servant at her aunt's boardinghouse. She hoped for better times by saving every coin she could earn to help give her brother, who'd lost his leg in the war, the chance to study to become a lawyer. So, by chance, when one of the students at the boardinghouse asked for help to write a rejection letter to a suitor, Susanna seized the chance to earn a coin, never dreaming that the suitor would write back.

Ted Blakely didn't want to court the woman his family had selected for him, but he was surprised to find a witty reply to his letter that intrigued him so much he couldn't help but send a response. As they corresponded and the contents of her letters touched his heart, he realized he may have found his soul mate and thus, initiates a meeting. Would their face-to-face meeting hold up to his expectations?

I love this story! I didn't expect it to be so entrancing and captivating. The highlight would be the letters the main characters exchanged a good portion of the novella. I loved the witty banter/conversation they had going on, and like Susana and Ted, I would eagerly flip the pages so I could get to the next letter. From the letters, you can see the progression of their relationship as their souls opened up more with each correspondence.

A WALTZ AT MIDNIGHT is a great romantic story with engaging characters that I didn't wish to end. The novella length was perfect and just right for the conflict, though an epilogue wouldn't go amiss. Susanna and Ted have burrowed their way into my hearts that I wanted to know more about what life for them was like, now that the masks have been taken away. A must read for romance lovers!
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