My Hometown

SJD Peterson
My Hometown
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
December 2015
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Jimmy Brink and Eric Halter grew up together in a small country town. While Eric has always been content with life as a rancher, Jimmy wanted more and moved to Chicago early on to pursue a medical career.

Life has a way of coming back around. When Jimmy's parents decide to retire in Florida, Jimmy returns to his hometown to finish his residency at a local hospital. Flamboyant boyfriend Oliver in tow, Jimmy bumps into his old friend. Eric quickly takes a disliking to Oliver though, and for good reason. Oliver proves he's not only self-centered but also a cheater.

When Jimmy finds out, he sends Oliver packing, not knowing Oliver is vengeful and maybe even teetering toward insane. Soon Jimmy and Eric are fighting to take back their hometown, while Eric finds it more and more difficult to hide his attraction to his best friend.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Jan 04, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I admit it. I only picked this up because of the cover. But did you see it? Dayyyyuuuummmm.

Jimmy and his boyfriend, Oliver, moved to Jimmy's hometown to take care of the ranch since his father was retiring. Oliver had a flamboyant personality and Jimmy knew he'd have a hard time fitting in there. When Jimmy met up with his best friend, Eric, and spends more and more time with him, things between Jimmy and Oliver got a bit rocky.

A good chunk of this book is spent with Jimmy and Oliver, when we know from the blurb the relationship doesn't last due to Oliver's cheating. So everyone can agree that Oliver was not the greatest guy. BUT. I did not like the way Jimmy treated Oliver after they broke up. Yes, Oliver was wrong, but Jimmy was mean and spiteful and childish in return. Ugh. Other than this harsh treatment, I really liked the guy. After Oliver finally went away, I was happy to see Jimmy get his HEA with the one person he's always been in love with.

Eric was Jimmy's best friend and he's straight. Except for the erotic fantasies he had about his best friend. When Jimmy finally came home, Eric was not happy to see Oliver come with. He instantly judged Oliver for his animated personality and was really rude to him because of it. I know this is unfortunately a realistic reaction, but I don't feel like Eric ever acknowledged that it was wrong to dislike Oliver simply because he wasn't "manly" enough. He was very concerned with "manliness" in general and was a walking stereotype. He was a little hard for me to like.

The tension between Eric and Jimmy was very well done. Friends to lovers always gives good sexual tension and they definitely had that going for them. There was a delicious slow build between them and I was anticipating when it would finally come crashing down.

Like I said, once Oliver was gone and that situation was resolved, I enjoyed their story. But the whole Oliver thing rubbed me the wrong way. I should have hated Oliver, but instead I felt sorry for him because everyone was so judgmental and mean to him.

I've really enjoyed SJD Peterson in the past, so while MY HOMETOWN wasn't quite for me, I'll be looking forward to more from this author.
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