Shield Mate

Shield Mate
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
December 2015
Book 7 of Chronicles of Ylandre
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

The respect of many pales beside the regard of one who matters above all else.

Ranael knew his obligations to family and society. As a scion of Ylandre's most powerful House, he was destined for a life of service, albeit a privileged one. As the son of a wealthy fief-lord, he was supposed to bed or wed as befitted his station. With obedience to authority ingrained in him since childhood, Ranael hewed closely to what was expected of a royal-blooded aristocrat and a military officer. Thus, defiance of the strictures of his position never entered his mind. Until he came to covet Vaeren Henaz.

Vaeren did his duty to king and country despite attempts to put him in his place and keep him there. A survivor of neglect and frightful adversity before and after he fled the orphanage wherein he grew up, Vaeren refused to let his illegitimacy or lack of sufficient lineage stop him from fighting his way up the ranks of Ylandre's hidebound army. Nor did he allow anything or anyone to trample on his dignity or his heart. Until he learned to love Ranael Mesare.

In the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, two warriors of nigh irreconcilably dissimilar backgrounds battle their way through the vagaries of military conventions, social censure, and personal vendettas. All while struggling with an attraction that contravenes the traditions and expectations that shape life and love in the world of Aisen's most powerful nation.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Jan 21, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Whenever I pick of a Chronicles of Ylandre book, I know I'm in for some good romance... with a nice helping of angst.

Ranael was born of privilege and the son of an aristocrat with royal blood. He's expected to wed someone with equal status. Ranael believed he was above prejudice and bigotry.

When Vaeren was matched with Ranael to lead a group of soldiers together, Vaeren instantly fell for Ranael. But Vaeren was an orphan and was illegitimate, which put him too far below Ranael in the status quo for anything to happen.

But Ranael was open-minded, as he believed himself to be, and they began a relationship together. Only it was a secret. Guess Ranael wasn't so open-minded, eh?

As soon as the story starts, they had a great connection and started to see each other. What they had quickly grew into love. It was obvious to everyone around them, except for Ranael and Vaeren. Ranael really struggled with the prejudice that was ingrained into him since he was young. And Vaeren has some secrets of his own that was holding him back from being fully committed.

A good chunk of the story was spent with them apart and they really went through a lot together. I was shocked at Ranael and his treatment of Vaeren in the middle of the story, the drama between them went on for far too long and didn't ring true for me, given the depth of their connection.

What I love about this series is even though it's high fantasy, the romance remains in the forefront. There was a lot going on in their world, but the focus was on Ranael and Vaeren, and that's exactly what I want in my romance.
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