Shift Work

J.C. McKenzie
Shift Work
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Wild Rose Press
Release Date
February 2016
Book 4 of Carus
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Badass Shifter Andy McNeilly is running on empty. The death of a prominent supernatural being has her reeling. The advent of a new street drug has the police knocking on her door for assistance. And a friend needs her unique skills to help investigate a messy murder.

In the interest of paying the bills, paying it forward, and keeping the Supernatural Regulatory Division off her back, Andy once again slips through the dark streets of Vancouver's seedy underworld. In the process, she uncovers secrets that threaten to derail her love life and her investigation.

Can Andy capture a murderer, solve a mystery, and forgive her lover's past? Or will the grime of the criminal world swallow her whole?

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Mar 25, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Andy is running on empty but a new street drug has the police knocking on her door for assistance and a friend needs help to investigate a messy murder in this exciting Carus novel.

With bills to pay, Andy is once again slipping through the dark streets of Vancouver's seedy underworld and the readers can't help but get pulled in the intrigue and excitement as Andy uncovers secrets that threaten to derail her love life and her investigation. Speaking of Andy's love life, the choice she had to make in the previous book wasn't easy and of course has leftover emotional fallout but her relationship with her wereleopard is growing stronger and has plenty of sizzling chemistry flowing from the pages. But there's an unexpected monkey wrench thrown in that could destroy that growing relationship and these strong compelling characters demand that readers stick like glue to the pages of this fast paced and smooth flowing plot full of suspense, excitement and romance.

Spine tingling expectation and tension builds throughout the story as the investigation progresses with some unexpected twists, throwing everyone for a loop and bringing bad guys to her doorstep which has the excitement level increasing as the danger escalates. The well written scenes are full of vivid details that make it easy for the reader to picture each and every scene of the intriguing events as they hold readers hostage.

Andy's life is one fascinating mishmash of mayhem and passion and the more secrets she reveals about herself the more fascinated I become. In regards to this story, I wasn't as enamored of it as I was with the previous one. I think it's probably because this one ended leaving me with a few questions in regards to the events that took place, although it is obvious that it will continue into the next book, so I am looking forward it.
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
May 08, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Jobless and free of Master Vampire Lucien, Andy is left adrift. At least she has her feras to keep her company. Oh wait, right, she dispelled one of the main animals in her triad. She is also on the Supernatural Regulatory Division (SRD) shit list. At least Tristan is in her life. He could theoretically support her since he owns a company. He could even possibly find her a job. Oddly though, when they should be drawing closer to each other without the distractions of a master vampire or an alpha wolf, distance is growing between them.

I just want to know, when will Andy ever get a break? It seems like things are looking up when she snags a job with the police department to help with the supernatural cases. When Stan, the cop she's befriended offers her a possible position, she thinks she may be set. And then Ms. McKenzie throws her a curve ball.

This fourth book continues at a fast pace with mystery, heartbreak and Andy's past coming to light. There is more conflict with no win situations. Andy's choice to pick Tristan was because Wick committed acts under duress which she couldn't stomach. When Tristan's actions from the past come to light, what can Andy do? Is she just going to dispel her powerful mountain lion and use one of her new feras? I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed in Andy. She is fearless when it comes to defending the innocent. She is fearless when solving a mystery or fighting crime. When it comes to her own personal life, she is a coward. Yes, I'm calling her a coward. She runs from the conflict instead of working it through. She does not see how badly she hurts others with her inaction.

This book concludes in a satisfactory ending, unless one takes a look at Andy's personal life. Whilst the plot of this story is captivating, what really pulls me in is Andy's complicated love life. I want to know what will happen. I have no idea how this will resolve in a happily ever.

There is only one book left in this series. How can all of this be resolved? Whilst there are gods and goddesses running around, a deus ex machina resolution would be disheartening. Perhaps Ms. McKenzie will reconsider and extend this series to seven. There is still so much to explore in this world. What about the demon world? How are the gods and goddesses going to be involved? What about the witches? How does the SRD corruption play into all of this? Will Andy find her family? Will Andy finally control her beast? Will there be more feras? So many questions and threads that need to be answered.

Recommended to urban fantasy lovers who enjoy mystery, sorrow and vengeance.
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