Stolen Lives (Blood Brothers #1)

Manda Mellett
Stolen Lives (Blood Brothers #1)
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Trish Haill Associates
Release Date
June 2016
Book 1 of Blood Brothers
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, New Adult

Blood Brothers - Wealthy sheikhs from Amahad and the men from Grade A Security who provide their protection, bound by ties closer than family.

Nijad - I'm a Sheikh, third son of the emir of Amahad, a small but powerful Arab state. After bringing shame on my country and acquiring the well-earned title of the Savage Sheikh, the emir banished me to the desert, where for three years I have led the primitive tribes; my job to prevent jihadists from crossing the border. Do I want a wife? Heck, no. I can't risk letting another woman get close to me. What if I lost control again? But it seems I must marry, and my bride is to be an Englishwoman, kidnapped and forced into this arrangement as retribution for the crimes of a father she didn't even know.

Cara - I don't need a mirror; I know what I am. Preferring to avoid pitying looks, I live as a recluse, working from home. Professionally I'm a forensic accountant, but on the side, I'm an adept computer hacker. What I am most definitely not is someone who'd be kidnapped, stolen from their home, and forced to marry a desert sheikh. Coerced into an intimate relationship with a man who has a frightening reputation and who's a complete stranger to me.

Set amongst the backdrop of a multi-cultural Arab state struggling to keep out jihadists who threaten the freedoms of its peoples Stolen Lives follows the story of two people, pushed into a relationship neither of them wants, forcing both to deal with the hand the past has dealt them. Stolen Lives is the first book in the Blood Brothers series but can be read as a complete standalone.

Book Review by Angeli (reviewer)
Jul 22, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wow what a rush! Love a good erotic story? It is within these 400 pages. Like a little bit of drama and mystery? STOLEN LIVES offers this as well. Appreciate a good fairytale romance? Yep that's here too. A great fable, absolutely. To offer all of these wrapped up in a sweet package is exactly what Manda Mellett gives you.

There are a few issues with editing though and I found some parts to be a tad bit rushed. Rushed at 400 pages, you ask? Well again there is so much Ms. Mellet offers in these pages, this is a wild ride for the start of a series. I hope Ms. Mellett offers more descriptive details within the setting of places she takes us to in her next book. Oh, you caught that, I hope, next book... Yes, definitely sign me up!
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