Fallen Hearts

Angela Colsin
Fallen Hearts
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Angela Colsin
Release Date
October 2015
Book 4 of The Crucible Series
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Most humans live in blissful ignorance of the supernatural, unable to see what they don't believe exists. Such used to be the lot of Stephan Forrester, a normal mortal leading a regular life, at least until the day vampires abducted him. With his family murdered in the attack, Stephan finds himself alone and dying of an obscure, incurable illness contracted in the vampires' lair.

Using what time he has left to seek justice, Stephan sets out to eliminate the offenders until only one remains. However, locating this final target means doing something he doesn't think possible—actually working with a vampire.

Entombed against her will and forced to hibernate for seventy years, Maddox only awakens when a mortal with a vendetta frees her from the grave. He needs help locating the same vampire who buried her alive, and ironically, she senses a connection to her human savior in the form of a blood link. But Stephan's intense hatred for vampires makes honoring that link impossible.

Even so, Maddox is unlike any vampire Stephan's ever encountered. As charming and intelligent as she is beautiful, she reminds him of what it means to actually live, mending his wounded heart. In turn, Maddox finds it hard to separate from Stephan, or resist the passionate responses he elicits, and their unexpected bond strengthens as time goes on.

But time is the one luxury Stephan doesn't have, and saving him from his illness could prove fatal to them both.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Nov 18, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He has a major grudge against vampires. They killed his little sister and used him as a blood slave. He is dying due to a disease they exposed him to and determined to take down as many as he can. He never expected to have to work with a vampire. He definitely never expected to develop feelings and an attraction for one. As they fight for justice and vengeance, will he be able to fight the developing connection?

Stephan is a human that was violently introduced to the supernatural world when he and his young sister were taken from their home and attacked. She died and he almost did too. It left him with a condition that is slowly killing him and his time is almost up. He has done a lot of damage to those who harm others but doesn't want to go out without punishing the one vampire that took his sister's life. When he is asked to work with a vampire to continue the mission, it goes against all his beliefs. Maddox is so unlike the other vampires he has met and he can't help being attracted to her.

Maddox is a vampire who has been entombed against her will for decades. She made an enemy of the wrong vampire when she learned some secrets they did not want revealed. She is just as determined as Stephan to get justice and they both want the same vamp to pay. Maddox realizes she and Stephan have a rare connection. If he can get over his contempt for vampires, she just might be able to offer him a new life.

My favorite parts of the series are the well developed characters, the strong females, and the time the author takes to develop the relationships. These three elements are present throughout the series. Maddox is not like most of the other vampires introduced in the series. She loves humans and has great respect for them. She embraces learning about the things she has missed and making friends. She is a strong woman who is not afraid to take on whoever she needs to in order to keep the people she loves safe and happy. Unlike the other books in the series, Maddox and Stephan have big obstacle to overcome if they are to mate. Stephan has a very strong hatred of vampires. As they work together to get justice, they really develop a strong bond. They also learn more about the true origin of vampires.

I highly recommend The Crucible series to those who love their paranormal romances with a good balance of action and adventure. This is the fourth book in The Crucible series. It is a series that previously has featured an interesting mix of magic users including demons, shifters, draconians, werewolves, vampires and fairies. This book features mostly the vampires and has a very interesting origin story for them. Each book in the series introduces you to characters that are featured in later books so it is great if you can read them in order. This book ties in strongly with the storyline from the second book. The author has truly built a great series that offers a fun adventure for those who love the paranormal.
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Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Nov 20, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When you fall in love with your worst enemy...

Stephan hates vampires. And for good reason. Years ago, the bloodsucking beasts kidnapped and killed his sister before turning their wicked sights on him. Broken and near death, Stephan wanted to give up, especially after learning that he had been infected with a rare and incurable disease. Yet, a visit from a mysterious man changes everything.

Well, almost everything. Despite finding a new way to survive, Stephan still carries a tremendous amount of guilt over the loss of his sister. A healthy dose of revenge on the vamps who killed her is just the cure. For that ailment, anyway...

Along his journey, Stephan discovers that the only way to find the ones he seeks is by freeing a trapped vampire and working alongside her. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task for Stephan. He could never trust this woman, no matter how attracted he is to her. A vampire is a vampire. They're all the same, right?

Not Maddox. She's different and Stephan knows it. Yet, his quest for vengeance will be over soon and his disease will kill him shortly after. Letting himself develop feelings for Maddox, vampire or not, just doesn't seem possible. No matter how hard he's falling for her.

This story was probably my least favorite of the series, thus far, even though it was still a good read. But that is entirely because of my preference for other supernatural creatures. I usually gravitate more to warmblooded shifter types, witches, and the like. Vampires are one of the few that I can give or take, really.

Yet, I am still happy to give this a four star review. The characters were fantastically flawed and real. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Stephan's walls crumble as he realized that there are exceptions to every rule. The love scenes take a while longer to occur in this story, but once they do, it's just as steamy as the other books of the series. And it was really nice to read about a male being inexperienced in carnal pleasures, when so often it's the woman who fills that role.

In closing...
This series has continued to surprise and captivate me. I can't wait to read the next one! Four stars!
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