The Mad Baron

Summer Devon
The Mad Baron
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
March 2011
Historical Romance

Nathaniel, the new Baron Felston, awakes from a fever to discover he's a prisoner on his own estate. At first, certain he's gone insane, Nathaniel learns potent opiates are the cause of his strange vision. But, barricaded in a small room, he can't outwit his mysterious jailer.

Determined to steal back one of her father's swords, Florrie Cadero gets more than she bargained for when she breaks into the baron's mansion. The dashing, drugged man in the locked room soon sweeps her into his story—and his bed. When she discovers they're trapped together, she devises a clever escape. Addicted to his captor's drugs and bent on revenge, Nathaniel seeks out the feisty thief who freed him. Florrie, now a shopgirl, has foresworn her life of adventure. But Nathaniel's offer of employment intrigues her. Together they must break his addiction and expose the villain who would destroy his life.

Book Review by Mia (reviewer)
Jul 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wow! What a nice surprise! THE MAD BARON is a wonderful treasure found. This is no disposable romance. It is an instant classic to be kept "on the shelf" and read over and over.

Florrie Cadero is determined to retrieve all of her father's swords from clients who never paid. The thrill and excitement of the danger she put herself in was the real reason for her escapades. It was the only time when she felt she was superior than any man. No one else could enter a house quieter than she could. She had all the time in the world to be a proper, young lady, but this was her time to experience adventure. Searching for her father's sword, Florrie didn't expect to find a whole new adventure called love.

Nathaniel, the new Baron Felston, was sure than he completely lost his mind. Being a prisoner and drugged daily by servants, he welcomed his own death. Escape was futile. He tried every day, but was never able to leave his jail. Day after day, his drug hallucinations got more elaborate. They turned into spiders, snakes, but until now never a female. She was very believable, she kept telling him that she was real. Hallucinations can't be real. For once, Nathaniel didn't mind the drugs he consumed that day. It was nice to have a conversation for once.

Florrie couldn't let this poor man stay in this situation. She had to free him and help him expose those who tried to destroy his life. She swore never to seek adventure again after helping him. Maybe being a proper young lady wasn't so bad after all? Although what Florrie didn't realize is that when she freed Nathaniel from his prison, she also freed both of their hearts.

Summer Devon has written an excellent story about love and fighting for what you believe in. Florrie is a refreshing character. She has a gentle strength that is both charming and realistic. Even though her demeanor is what I would expect from a woman during that era, she has the sense to take care of herself and her brother. I cheered for her every time she pushed aside the lamb she was and adapted herself into the lioness she had to be to protect those she loves. While sometimes I felt there was too much focus on Nathaniel, he is the main reason that Florrie developed into a self-reliant woman.

Although it's not particularly original in its story line, it's a very fast and enchanting read. Somehow, you manage to go through the book and simply feel good, even though the events are supposed to be sad or tense, there's just something about THE MAD BARON that inspires hope.

The story flows smoothly from start to finish. Great characters and story. The secondary characters are all wonderful and the dynamics seem to work. Although there's so much happening, it doesn't overpower the main plot. Much more depth than the usual romance. Excellent emotional element. Highly recommended!
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