The Right Words

Becky Moore
The Right Words
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XOXO Publishing
Release Date
May 2010
Contemporary Romance

Jane Porter's life is all about fiction, but when it comes to dealing with her inconsiderate upstairs tenant, she's all business. The cuffs are off when her noisy neighbor jolts her out of a sound sleep with a cacophony of banging thuds and her erstwhile favorite workout musicians, the Ramones. Imagine her surprise to find the offending party is not her flighty neighbor, Amber … but a sizzling, melt-your-panties Adonis, Lucas Moore. Discouraged when a recurrent nightmare drives Lucas from another sleepless night, he figures a hard run is the perfect physical distraction to help him get back to sleep. But half an hour into his groove, pounding on the door stops him in his tracks. Who knew opening it would change the course of his life. Yet, one look at the breath-taking woman demanding entrance put his whole body on alert—and a serious strain on his self-imposed celibacy. Can a dangerous, ex-government agent and a friendly, outgoing writer have anything in common other than combustible physical attraction? And when the flames of passion are banked, can Lucas and Jane trust the tentative bond they're building beyond the bedroom? Sometimes, the right words can make all the difference in the world.

Book Review by Mia (reviewer)
Jul 14, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE RIGHT WORDS is a funny, sexy and light-hearted book that was a joy to read.

Jane Porter is finally staying in one place. Years of traveling and writing for huge publishing companies got old real quick. Her new adventure is staying at her new home with her cat and dog…and a roommate. If Jane had known that hell was wrapped up in an innocent looking package, she would've run at first sight. That woman is a nightmare. Jane is determined to kick her out once and for all, but she wasn't prepared for someone else to be occupying the apartment upstairs.

Lucas Moore is trying to heal from his past. Staying at his new sister-in-law's place, he tries to drive away the demons. Running hard on the treadmill, Lucas doesn't realize that he is keeping up the landlady, until she comes storming up and pounding at the door. When Lucas sees the vision before him, he realizes that he is more afraid of losing his heart that confronting his nightmares.

Jane is a great heroine and I liked her from the first moment. She is a funny, honest and caring person and pursues her dreams even though her family doesn't understand her motives. At first I was a bit skeptical about Lucas, but that changed within a few pages. He may appear to be tough but that persona is hiding a very troubled soul. You can feel his pain and just hope that his life will get better.

Jane and Lucas are a great, sexy and lovely pair and the sexual tension between them was nice and hot. The character development was done very well too. I loved the use of words to describe many of the characters. This definitely is a book that keeps you hooked.

What worked for me -- The writing was smart, funny and realistic overall. I liked the rhythm of the story. I liked the level of background detail. The focus of THE RIGHT WORDS was more on the emotional development of both Jane and Lucas; it was just the right blend of personal growth and sexy romance.
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