Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous

Danica Avet
Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
May 2011
Book 3 of The Veil
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

It isn't every day a fairy gets an assignment with only one outcome: her death. As an assassin with the Eturian army, Noelani "Shade" Fayard has killed more than her share of traitors, but for the first time in centuries, she hesitates to take out her target. The Halfling marked for death makes her wonder what life would be like if it weren't for the blood staining her hands and soul. He makes her feel for the first time in centuries.

Malachi Cromwell, a former Eturian general, wants to reclaim his place in The Veil, not fall in lust or love. He knows better than to let his heart take the lead, especially when he discovers Lani was sent to kill him, just like she'd killed the very people who held his fate in their hands.

Can they overcome their distrust and bitter pasts to forge a future together?

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Book Review by Renee Rearden (author,reviewer)
Jun 14, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Every once in a while, the first line of a book blurb grabs your attention and doesn't let go. Check this out. "It isn't every day a fairy gets an assignment with only one outcome: her death." (See what I mean? You're asking questions already!)

Raised as a noble fey and then sold into the Assassins Guild, Noelani "Shade" Fayard has become the most feared killer throughout the veil. This kind of success could go to a girl's head. Unfortunately, she's encountered a career-ending assignment. If she kills her target, she'll serve the brutal overlord demon personally. (Trust me. Nobody wants that kind of attention.) If she fails, she'll be tortured and never released. Talk about a Hobson's choice!

Shade follows her target, Malachi Cromwell, in order to study him and discover his weakness. While watching him, she realizes he's not what she expected. His behavior toward others, relationship with his family, and goal to make up for previous mistakes forces her to question her own beliefs. Could she change things? Make a difference by opening herself to love?

Danica Avet has created a fantastic new world filled with political intrigue, interesting fey, demons and halfling characters, smokin' hot sex, and enough complications to keep readers guessing just how many bad guys are there?

I read a lot of books I like, but I loved LIFESTYLES OF THE FEY AND DANGEROUS. Shade is a heroine that glides along the razor-edged lip of danger and carves her way into a reader's heart. Who wouldn't adore a character that fights her way out of hell and conquers every obstacle standing between her and true love?

And then there's Malachi. A hunky, angry, bad boy turned sexy repentant alpha male. He's ALL man, and he knows what he wants: redemption, a life filled with purpose and love, and a mate and family of his own. Once he realizes Noelani is his perfect partner, nothing stops him from making her his.

I can't wait until the next book in Danica Avet's The Veil series comes out. After you read LIFESTYLES OF THE FEY AND DANGEROUS, I bet you'll agree with me!
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Interview by Renee and Laura

Danica, the title of your book alone brings up all sorts of intriguing scenarios! So, let's not wait a moment longer!

Q: What is the inspiration for The Veil series?

I've always been a "what if" person. What if there were supernatural beings living and working right beside us (being humans for all of you supernatural beings) and we never knew? That's where the idea came from and I sort of just ran with it. Of course, I'm still not convinced that this is fictional. I'm almost positive my neighbor is a werewolf.

Q: What can you tell us about the heroine, Noelani "Shade" Fayard? How did you come up with such an interesting name for her?

Noelani is a Hawaiian name that means "heavenly mist". When I discover my characters, I spend a lot of time choosing the perfect name for them, something that has to do with their personality, their abilities, their looks, or their profession. Noelani's name has a lot to do with her abilities as I'll explain next.

Q: In a genre dominated by tough, butt-kicking heroines, how did you come up with the idea for Noelani's profession and interesting "gift"?

I'll admit, coming up with something "different" is next to impossible. There are so many awesome heroines out there with amazing abilities that it feels like you're just imitating your favorite authors. Noelani had to be the best assassin ever and the only way I could think to make her nearly impossible to find and catch would be to give her the ability to dissolve into shadows, to become shadows. And yeah, I kind of wish I could do that myself. Of course I'd use my powers for good. *cough*

Q: Ahem, going on…How difficult was it to create a lethal, hard-edged heroine you wanted everyone to root for and love?

I think it's always difficult to make a "hard" heroine, someone readers can connect with, but Noelani isn't hard because she wants to be, she's hard because she's had to be. I think that'll resonate with readers who've been in an impossible situation and had to adapt to it. When I write tough heroines, I always think girl power because my fellow women are amazing beings who can do anything they put their minds to. And yes, I'm now singing "I Am Woman"!

Q: Yay! We celebrate International Women's Day everyday! Even so, we love to hear about our heroes. Who is Malachi Cromwell? What makes him a swoon worthy hero and perfect for Noelani?

Besides being smexy beyond belief? *drool* My sister is seriously in love with him, just saying. Anyway, like Noelani, Malachi has done things he seriously regrets so he would more easily understand her pain and insecurities. He's a great guy and I'm a little in love with him myself! Did I mention he's sexy and charming? Noelani needs that in her life.

Q: Sounds like quite a guy! He definitely falls into the "alpha" category. Was it difficult to find a balance between your dangerous, independent heroine and your deadly, I'll-get-things-done hero?

I like to give my heroes their own insecurities because, let's face it: men have insecurities just like women do. Just because a man is an Alpha doesn't mean he fears nothing. Malachi fears he won't be accepted into the Veil again, like he's messed up too badly to ever be forgiven. So he feels like he has to do something to prove to the people who once shunned him. He's confident in all other aspects of his life, but he remains vulnerable until he realizes the opinions of others really don't matter.

Q: Aw, what is it about vulnerable men that make women turn into mush? Anyway, what's the most romantic thing that Malachi did for Noelani?

He killed her tormentor. I know, that's not very romantic for most women, but for Noelani? That's equal to a spontaneous trip to Paris for a romantic weekend!

Q: I'm with Noelani! Now, what's your favourite scene? Why?

Here's a short paragraph:

Malachi tucked his head into Lani's neck, listening to her screams. She shrieked and howled like the demon he was, her body so tense he feared she'd break something. He didn't know what she was seeing in her head, but he instinctively knew he'd triggered something in her. His heart broke for her. He'd caused this somehow, and he didn't know how to fix it.

This is a pretty dark scene, but I like it because it's a turning point for Malachi. Before this moment, his entire focus is still "me, me, me". He truly doesn't believe anyone else could ever understand what he's gone through in his life, but when he sees Lani (Noelani) like this, his whole outlook starts to change. It's a pretty powerful scene, I think.

Q: Indeed, it is. Family is an important theme, your story showing where the characters came from and what they want in the future. What experiences did you draw on to give a realistic portrayal for readers to connect with?

I adore my family. They've given me so much inspiration through the years that I constantly draw on little things they've done or said in my stories. In fact, it's gotten to the point that when someone does something goofy or humiliating, they turn to me and say, "You should put that in a book!" and I sometimes do ;)

Q: That's invaluable for an author – unlimited fodder for her books! If Noelani and Malachi had to find jobs in our present-day world, what would you see them doing?

In the mundane world, I think Malachi would make a great diplomat. He's charming and despite his former bad reputation, he's a good man who would make changes for the better for everyone.

Noelani, I think, would own a nursery. She adores plants, especially flowers, and would have wanted to become a horticulturist if she hadn't become an assassin.

Q: I have to ask, because all of your readers want to know, what's next for your fabulous series The Veil?

Funny you should mention that! The 4th book in the Veil series, AIN'T NO BULL, is coming out this summer! Yes! I had so much fun writing that book. Did I mention it's about Izzy? If you've read the other books, you'll know Izzy is um...well, she's a bit insane, but everyone loves her because of it. Honest! Anyway, she ends up exiled from the Blood Maidens (her Amazon tribe) and has to live quietly for a year. Of course, this is Izzy we're talking about, which means there'll be nothing quiet about her story.

Q: I can't wait to pick it up! What's up for you in the coming months?

I'll be heading to RWA Nationals in June and can hardly wait :) I'm also working on two books I hope to wrap up this summer. One is in a new series and the other is a Christmas novella. Other than that, I'll be sweltering in the unforgiving south Louisiana heat, searching out gorgeous fantasy men for my Fantasy Man Fridays, and dreaming up more gorgeous Alpha males to fall in love with.

Thanks, Danica. I hope everyone picks up your amazing series for a seriously fun read!

Danica Avet was born and raised in the wilds of South Louisiana (that would be somewhere around Houma) where mosquitoes are big enough to carry off small children and there are only two seasons: hot and hotter. With a BA in History, she figured there were enough fry cooks in the world and decided to try her hand at writing. For eight years she played at writing, but in 2008, she decided to get serious and began down the rocky road to publication.

Unmarried with no children, Danica is the lucky pet of a compulsively needy dog and two cats. The pitter-patter of little feet has been known to make her break out into a cold sweat.

Writing is how she gives the voices in her head a way out. They speak to her constantly wanting their stories told and she does her best to accommodate them. She writes paranormal romance and may eventually branch out to contemporaries. When she isn't writing, working, or contemplating the complexities of the universe, she spends time gathering inspiration from her insane family, reads far more than any sane person would want to, and watches hot burly men chase an oblong ball all over a field.

Twitter: danicaavet


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