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Breathless Press
Release Date
March 2011
Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Unlikely allies in a strange new world, Tallon and Shayla must work together to rediscover the bonds that once tied Witches and Warlocks as one.

On the world of Arroway, Witches have been persecuted for a thousand years. Now, Tallon, Enforcer for The Order of Warlocks has been sent to hunt and destroy Shayla, a powerful, young Witch.

But when he sees her, she awakens something inside him—some connection forgotten in the years of persecution. And when he starts his spell, she counters with magic so strong it rips them from their own world and into a new one—Earth.

Drawn together as unlikely allies in this strange new world, Tallon and Shayla must work as partners to find a way home. They relearn the bond that once tied Witches and Warlocks as one, and in doing so discover not only their futures at stake, but the future of their whole world.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Jun 03, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This story, to me, is what paranormal romance should be—high-stakes adventure, passion, imagination, danger and a snappy writing style that kept me busy turning pages and falling headfirst into the intrigue and romance of this splendid novella.

For nine years, Tallon has served as an Enforcer to The Order, the ruling body of Arroway. Evil man flee when he approaches, for it is his job as warlock to enforce The Order's Laws and to destroy the witches who still populate Arroway as punishment after one witch went mad with grief and attempted to destroy their whole world. But when Tallon sees one young witch by the river, casting a simple spell to keep herself warm, he experiences a powerful moment of doubt.

For the first time in his life, he can't bring himself to kill—every instinct he has tells him to protect the young woman before him. As if this turn of events alone isn't strange enough, it would appear that she knows him. That she isn't afraid. And even when Tallon begins the spell that will annihilate her, the young witch fights back, casting a spell that drags them both from Arroway to a strange new world.

Shayla has no idea what her magic has been able to accomplish. One moment she was finally eye-to-eye with Tallon, the man who has captivated her since she was twelve years old, the man who she knows is so much more—so much better—than people say. The next, she is sprawled beneath him on a foreign world, and being taken captive by a group of angry women who claim that this is earth and that they are escaped witches from Arroway who are devoted to torturing and slaying the warlocks that have terrorized them for so long.

And while grateful that these women can at last teach her about the powers she wields, Shayla knows that they are wrong—hiding from Arroway is no way to save it, and Tallon is not the man they assume him to be. But can Shayla manage to keep her faith in him, even when she learns all that he and his fellow warlocks have done to her family and her home? Can she trust him enough to defy the women who offer her protection and join forces with the man who is supposed to be her enemy?

I was so surprised to watch this book take everything I consider to be a weakness of a lot of paranormal stories and turn them into strengths. First, the worldbuilding in this book was impeccable. I love the imagination of paranormal books, but there is always this risk that the story will be bogged down by explanations and descriptions. In this story, however, everything the characters believed about their world and the powers that lived on it was a lie. So they learned the truth along with the reader in a way that I found fascinating.

To add to that, I'm never a huge fan of ‘predestined mates'—it over-simplifies what could be a really high-tension, interesting relationship. This story, however, managed to bring the two main characters together in spite of, or as much as because of their destinies. Watching Tallon and Shayla push and pull at each other, fighting each other and their own instincts, made the entire book for me. The resolution of the story did seem a wee bit rushed, but the plot twist that accompanied it was clever enough to help me forget any misgivings I might have had.

All in all, this was a terrific read, with sharp plotting, two beautifully drawn and expertly matched characters and an adventure that you won't soon forget. I have my fingers crossed that the end of this story is only the beginning for Shayla and Tallon, as I know I would be first in line to read the sequel!
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