Splendid Isolation

Tymber Dalton
Splendid Isolation
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2017
Book 45 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Following a humiliating breakup with his abusive ex and business partner, Wylie sells his software company and moves to Florida. He's determined to be self-sufficient and turn his rundown homestead around.

One slight problem—he has absolutely no clue what he's doing. He's in way over his head.

Everett's a skilled artisan metalworker exploring his kinky side. He never went to college, but he's good at what he does, even if he doesn't earn much working ren fair circuits. Enter a job offer from Leo, which solves one of his problems.

When the Viking blacksmith and the computer geek meet over a welding job, sparks fly. Literally. Egos clash between the two fish out of water while their intense chemistry draws them together. With love and sex as hot as Everett's forge, the two men fall hard.

Then Wylie's ex tries to blackmail him back to California. Is Wylie's spine tempered steel? Or will Everett lose his first true love?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Aug 14, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A popular trend is to get back to nature. Organically grown food and self-sustaining homesteads are all the range, until a city slicker tries their hand at it. Then said city slicker is wondering what on earth he got himself into. Wylie is a guy who radically changes his direction after an asshat ex-lover does a hostile takeover of his company and forces him out. Wylie is the nice guy who believes in working hard and letting others take his accolades. He also seems to believe the best in people. How does this person even exist in life? He needs a protector and this is where Everett comes in.

Wylie and Everett start off on the wrong foot. Both have baggage which causes them to have a communication failure. It is cringe worthy watching the two of them put their foot in their mouth. Their second impression of each other is completely different because of an erotic power exchange which helps Wylie communicate better with Everett. Then the chemistry takes off and it is so hawt. I loved how they first didn't like each other and then they were able to clear the air and change their minds. As they learn more about each other, it is obvious the two men are complementary in their skills and attitudes. Everett is a protective bear and Wylie is selfless serving submissive. Another win tally for the lady matchmakers in this kinky group.

The BDSM between the two men is especially arousing as it spends more time on a D/s exchange. Since my preference is D/s, I am in reader subspace heaven. Getting kinky isn't easy because Wylie's submissive nature has been abused by his ex and there are some bad triggers. Luckily, Everett is understanding and takes it easy. Everett's dom style is slow and steady. This isn't to say he is boring. He is just right for Wylie's skittishness. It is as if Wylie is a frightened colt that Everett is trying to coax for a ride. When they finally scene together, it is delicious. If this was the end of the story, it would not be a Ms. Dalton one. Because whilst the relationship and new life is looking up for Wylie, his ex comes back to cause trouble.

Sometimes in this series, an ex to reference and maybe makes a small appearance. Whilst Wylie's ex does not make many appearances, each one is intense and filled with malice. It is clear Wylie's suffered emotional, mental and physical abuse from this jerk. When Everett takes charge, it makes me melty to see this protective stance. And it really is more protection first and then support. Because Wylie ultimately handles it all when he finds out about threats from his ex towards the ones he loves. This erotic tale is recommended for kinky readers who like m/m fresh start themes with a dash of vengeance.
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