The Chase

Vanessa Fewings
The Chase
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HQN Books
Release Date
June 2017
Book 1 of The ICON Trilogy
Action/Adventure Romance

Will she risk it all for a priceless desire?

A rising star in one of London's top art investigation firms, Zara Leighton's talent for seeing deep into paintings is in her blood. She's chosen to help track down Icon, an enigmatic international art thief whose heists are methodical, daring, baffling. To Zara the case is maddening—bordering on an obsession.

She finds distraction in the chiseled form of top-shelf client Tobias Wilder, a magnetic American billionaire who demands her expertise, her discretion—and her secrecy. Wilder doesn't ask questions. He gives orders. His gaze alone ignites her deepest fantasies. And his touch…

The sudden whirl of exclusive exhibitions and decadent parties that Wilder introduces her to is a potent aphrodisiac. But surrender soon becomes tinged with suspicion. Is Zara's tryst with Wilder the real thing…or just a convincing forgery?

Book Review by Administrator (author,reviewer)
May 30, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Originally posted at Reading Alley:

A very intriguing storyline makes this a truly good read.

Zara is such a unique individual and how she can glean such information from paintings is amazing. Then along comes Tobias and she has more on her plate than paintings. Zara and Tobias embark on a fiery affair while Zara still searches for a painting.

Overall I liked the plot and the pace the author set. My only issue is that it is written as first person (one of my pet peeves) but the story was so interesting that I didn't mind for the most part. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good hot mystery romance.
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Book Review by Administrator (author,reviewer)
Jul 27, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Originally reviewed by jeepwonder at Reading Alley:

It's Romance all right, but so much more!

I just finished reading the story and sat trying to compose my thoughts. When you read a book this good you have a lot of thoughts wandering around as you reconsider different aspects of the plot. This book had that much impact.

First off, while it's a hot steamy romance, it's a lot more. There was mystery, and intrigue, so interwoven that calling it a mere romance is selling it short. The author skillfully combined all the different facets as she developed the plot. I guessed what was going on, but even then the action was so well aimed, and so surgically precise it kept me unable to put the book down for hours at a time.

The action kept happening, what seemed like unconnected tidbits would make sense as necessary events in the larger story. The author was able to put all the facts together to make the suspense work without being dry in the process. It all allowed the characters to come alive and be fleshed out. I didn't see any one-dimensional fill-in characters used to prop up the storyline; they all worked together to move the story along nicely.

There was a bit of adult entertainment mentioned along the way, that was the only reason I might hesitate to gift this book to several people this Christmas. The rest of it was truly a great read that helped me escape reality for hours at a time. I am looking forward to the release of The Game which is coming soon.

For those that like a bit of spice, this book is one I'd recommend in a heartbeat.
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