Free to Run

BA Tortuga
Free to Run
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Changeling Press
Release Date
June 2017
Book 3 of Reclaimation
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Western Romance

When forest ranger Gil gets the call that a rabid wolf is roaming his territory, he figures it's just another stray coyote. Instead, he finds Rafe, a skinny, worn wolf shifter who also happens to be Gil's lost mate. Gil thought Rafe was dead, killed by hunters years ago, so finding Rafe alive, if not well, comes as quite a shock.

Rafe never thought he would escape the compound where the crazy bastards who were trying to reform shifters held him. With a little luck and a lot of help, he's made his way back to Gil, who he never forgot, no matter what those men did to him. The problem is, he's not sure Gil knows what to do with a beat up former lover.

Gil and Rafe have to work together to recapture what was lost, and maybe find something new.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Sep 08, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When a beloved mate returns from the dead, Gil is filled with joy. Rafe has been gone for years. Gil lost Rafe to what he thought was illegal poaching in the woods. When Rafe returns to him, he finds out it is more nefarious than he thought. There is a group of humans capturing shifters, caging them, experimenting on them and breaking them. Rafe is strong enough to break free when he was given a chance to run. One would think this story would delve into the evil men. Not so. This book is the third in the series and should not be read as a standalone.

This story focuses on Gil and Rafe's reunion. One would have thought they would take up right where they left off. In some ways they do. Rafe had issues with Gil prior to his capture. This disagreement comes to a head a few days after Rafe returns. When the real reason of Rafe's capture is revealed. This is heartbreaking for Gil and it allows for the two men to start on the path of healing.

Some of the healing comes in the manner of sexual healing. The sexy scenes between these two hawt men is delicious. Ms. Tortuga is explicit and lovingly arouses the readers with her sex scenes. Her man on man love is erotic and tender, even when it is a little rough. This erotic romance does feel a bit lacking in the plot. Specifically it feels like a small filler story for the next book. There is not as much world building and movement forward with the secret group kidnapping shifters. I would like to read more about the secret group and to learn how a Sister becomes involved with this kind of heinous crime. This paranormal erotica is recommended to m/m readers who enjoy lovers reunite themes.
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