Fit to be Tied

Kate Willoughby
Fit to be Tied
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
September 2010
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Ten years ago, Sadie thought Max was a scrawny, hopeless nerd. She even said so to his face in front of the student body.

Today, Max is still a little nerdy but in a "My, Clark Kent, what broad shoulders you have!" way. And when she ends up as his temporary house guest, she discovers a lot more about the new him. He's amusingly fastidious, independently wealthy, and most importantly, able to make her wet with little more than a commanding stare.

There's just one thing she still needs to find out: what the heck is behind that black door—his bedroom door—the one he asked her not to open?

Book Review by Zenith (reviewer)
Oct 18, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A jaw-dropping novella about being tied up ‘correctly' and how one bad experience can turn a person away from the world of BDSM. Well, until that person meets up with an old high school flame (who's incredibly hotter than he was then) and hopes to continue something they started way back when.

Sadie likes to move around, to the point where she has a map of the United States that she keeps with her, marking off the states that she has lived in for more than five days. One such odd job takes her to Los Angeles where her friend employs her help to manicure a garden for a butterfly exhibit at a museum. It is at this museum that she sees Max, a boy she knew in high school whom she never got to close the deal with in the back seat of his car, because she had wanted to fit in with the other girls and therefore snubbed him by calling him names.

Thinking to apologize for calling him a scrawny nerd, she approaches him and notices that he has lost his glasses, he's tall, broad-shouldered, muscled and gorgeous! He's a bug expert, so she enlists his help with a tarantula that she just purchased for a job on a movie set. It's not moving and Max joins her at her friend's house later that night to tell her that the tarantula is molting and she could borrow one of his from his extensive tarantula collection. While they're at Sadie's friend's apartment, the woman's boyfriend comes home from Iraq for four days. Max offers Sadie his house for the time being and off she goes to stay with him.

The attraction was heavy from the moment they met again and being in the same house together doesn't take that away. They hook up almost immediately and living the few days with Max, Sadie learns that he is into BDSM. After a bit of coaxing by Sadie, Max agrees to show her his lifestyle choice and the adventure begins.

This was a truly interesting story. The blurb hooked me, as geeky guys are always interesting, but a geeky man that is manly is even more interesting. The dialogue was fun and sassy. I couldn't stop reading as the interactions between Max and Sadie were so intriguing and fun, and they were truly two great characters for each other. I learned about the world of BDSM, something I had never known about before and this story was very informative in that area. This novella was written very well, I was engaged from the moment I started reading to the very last word.

I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who is sensitive to explicit sexual encounters, BDSM, or a few curse words, but other than that, it was a very enjoyable and fun read and I will definitely be looking forward to more stories by the author.
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