Scandalous in a Kilt

Anna Durand
Scandalous in a Kilt
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Jacobsville Books
Release Date
April 2018
Book 3 of Hot Scots
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Lawyer/FBI Romance, Romantic Comedy

A free-spirited American. An uptight hot Scot. When passion ignites, no rules can survive the heat.

An office drudge by day, a free spirit by night... For Emery Granger, getting laid off from her job as a computer programmer liberated her from imprisonment in an office cubicle. The problem? She has no career and almost no money. Desperate to forget her quandary for one weekend, she takes off on a spontaneous trip to New Orleans -- where the unconventional American collides with a sizzling-hot Scot.

Uptight lawyer by day, steamy seducer by night… After surviving three disastrous failed marriages, Rory MacTaggart has no desire to get entangled in another relationship. But with his two brothers now living in wedded bliss, he's enduring the well-meaning pestering of his entire family. Rory's solution? Get himself a trophy wife.

A one-night stand leads to a marriage of convenience, and a culture clash when Emery must adjust to a new life in Scotland and her new husband's need for rules. When Rory's ordered life explodes, the reluctant husband may just have met his match in the passionate, adventurous wife he swears he will never love.

Scandalous in a Kilt is the third book in the award-winning, bestselling Hot Scots series of contemporary romances. Catch up with the MacTaggarts in the first two books, Dangerous in a Kilt and Wicked in a Kilt.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Apr 26, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SCANDALOUS IN A KILT (Hot Scots #3) by Anna Durand is the third book in this contemporary romance series that had my emotions all over the place and that is what I always hope for when reading a romance. I was happy, sad, understanding, mad, frustrated and completely satisfied right along with each main character. Ms. Durand made Rory and Emery come to life!

Emery Granger has been downsized. As a last hoorah before she has to make decisions regarding her future, she takes off to New Orleans to forget her problems for a weekend. Sitting at the hotel bar, fresh off the plane, Emery is approached by a gorgeous, hot Scot in a kilt with a proposition.

Rory MacTaggart is in New Orleans on business. A successful Scottish solicitor by day, he has had no luck at love. After surviving three failed marriages, he no longer believes in love. Seeing his brothers' wedded bliss with their American wives, he decides after his night with Emery to offer her a contracted marriage with many rules, but no emotions.

As free-spirited Emery adjusts to her new life in Scotland, her new husband and all of his rules, she begins to discover the true Rory hidden behind the hardened shell of hurt around his heart. Their relationship is passionate, but can she break through and help Rory to love again?

The premise of this romance is not new, but Emery and Rory make it exceptional. I love how Emery knows herself and what is truly of value in life. Even as she takes some emotional knocks at she tries to get through to Rory, she is not a doormat. Rory is successful, hot and so lonely. I believe Ms. Durand very successfully portrayed a man hurt to the extreme, but who is willing to slowly learn to love and trust again with the right person.

As in all of this series, the sex is explicit and smokin' hot, but I did not feel it was gratuitous. The relationship rules and breakdown of those rules fit into their growing relationship realistically. This book can be read as a standalone, but I feel you will want to read about the other two brothers and their American wives, too. I have enjoyed this whole series, but Emery and Rory have stolen my heart and are now my favorites!
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Interview by Laura

Hi Anna, welcome to The Romance Reviews, and let's talk about your SCANDALOUS IN A KILT, the 3rd book in the Hot Scots Series.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Hot Scots series? What connects all the books together?

My late father was always very proud of our Scottish heritage and loved everything about Scotland. I inherited that fascination from him. When I decided I'd like to branch out into historical romance, I started researching medieval Scotland, but I couldn't wait to create my first Highlander hero so I changed tack and wrote a contemporary romance. Dangerous in a Kilt was born and became the first book in the Hot Scots series.

The stories are connected by the heroes, who all belong to same extended family, the MacTaggarts. The first three books center on three brothers, while book four tells the story of their baby sister and book five features their older cousin. The Hot Scots have become my bestselling series, but I still plan to write that historical Scottish romance too. Maybe that will feature an ancestor of the MacTaggarts...

Q: SCANDALOUS IN A KILT is book 3 in the series. What draws you to write erotic contemporary romance?

I've always loved reading steamy romance -- the steamier the better! My first few books were not erotic, but when I saw a submissions call for an erotic romance anthology, I took the plunge and wrote Tempted by a Kiss, my first erotic romance. I realized I love writing these super-steamy stories and weaving the love scenes into the fabric of the relationship. That anthology got cancelled, but I found my niche with erotic contemporary romance.

Q: Please tell us more about heroine Emery Granger. She sounds delightful.

I created the character of Rory MacTaggart in the first book, so I already knew what kind of man he was when I started writing Scandalous. An uptight lawyer three times burned by love needed a special kind of woman, someone who could serve as the perfect foil for his rules and hang-ups. Emery is free spirited, adventurous, and unafraid of expressing her feelings — the polar opposite of Rory, and just what he needs to loosen him up! Most importantly, though, Emery is fiercely determined to stick it out and break through to her new husband.

Q: What about Rory MacTaggart? How is he a swoonworthy hero?

Rory is repressed but also has a heart-stopping seductiveness that initially attracts Emery. She also comes to see his vulnerable side, his devotion to his family, his generosity with strangers and loved ones, and his iron resolve. If you had to go to court, you'd want Rory as your lawyer. If you wanted a night of powerfully sensual pleasure, you'd want him in your bed. And hey, the guy lives in a castle!

Q: What is their first meeting like?

They meet in a bar in New Orleans, intending to have a one-night stand. Here's a snippet of their interplay.


He slanted forward a touch, and the light gleamed on his short, light-brown hair, setting off golden highlights. "College graduate, eh? I found an intellectual woman to bide my time with. What was your field of study?"

Ech. This was where I lost a lot of guys. Supposed I could've lied, but I preferred to tell the truth, even to a gorgeous stranger from another country. Besides, I wasn't embarrassed. I didn't want to scare off a hot prospect, though.

I sat up straight, hands on my thighs. "Computer programming."

"Ah," he said, drawing out the single syllable as if he relished the taste of it. "You expect me to be less than impressed."

"My occupation isn't the stuff of men's wet dreams, now is it?"

His throaty chuckle shivered along my skin like a physical touch. "I prefer professional women. And anyway--" He bent toward me, so close his breaths whispered over my lips. "You'll be featured in all my dreams tonight."

My throat went thick, my skin tightened. I'd come to New Orleans for excitement and adventure, an escape from my boring life, to shed my corporate skin and let my wild side out to play. Why not flirt with a stranger? Naughty flirting, no less.

Excitement zinged through me, an electric current like nothing I'd experienced in a long, long time. You're overdue, girl, go for it.

"Tell me," he said, "what is a beautiful, intelligent woman doing all alone in a bar? You should have a horde of men slavering to do your bidding."

"I got into town this evening. Haven't had a chance to drum up a horde." I wiggled on my seat to angle toward him. Our faces hovered deliciously close, and I pulled in a deep draft of Scot-scented air. Crossing my legs, I lay an arm on the bar while my other hand rested on my thigh. "Would you do my bidding?"

The part of me that conformed to expected behavior winced. The other part of me, the one I kept quiet most of the time out of necessity, thrilled at the prospect of… whatever I was doing with this man.

"Ah, lass," he purred, fingering a lock of my pale, ash-blonde hair. The lighting had imbued it with an almost ethereal glow. "For you, I'd go down on my knees and do whatever is necessary to make certain you feel nothing but satisfaction."

Q: What makes them perfect for each other?

They're opposites, but they also share things in common. They both love their families and are very loyal. They're both dissatisfied with their lives and seek something more. Emery has dated the wrong men and needs someone who will fight for her, while Rory married the wrong women and needs someone who will fight for him too. In the end, they both want the same thing--fulfillment.

Q: What for you is a romantic moment between them?

There are many touching moments between them, but one of my favorites takes place on a beach on the Isle of Skye. Rory shares some very painful memories with Emery, and for the first time, she feels like she's breaking through his shell to find the man underneath. Though the scene has a heartbreaking tone, it ends with the two of them sharing a new and stronger intimacy. The melancholy mood is reflected in their surroundings--the dark waters of the loch, the shore littered with jagged stones that thrust up from the ground, and the desolate house he bought on the island.

Q: Which character in the series is the hardest to write? Why?

Rory is the most complicated character so far and the most challenging to write. He suffered so much hurt and disappointment in his past, and I didn't want to rush his transformation. I spent a lot of time considering what he should share with Emery and at what point in the story, to make sure his awakening didn't seem forced. That's why this book is the longest one so far in the series. I also took care in how I portrayed his defensiveness. He needed to sometimes cause Emery pain, but I never wanted him to take it too far. I dislike stories where the hero acts like a total creep until the end when he suddenly becomes a nice guy. Rory needed to be complex and damaged but still a good man who cares for his wife, however grudgingly at first.

Q: What kind of research did you have to do to write this book? Please share an interesting fact or unique behind the scenes experience.

I needed to learn about UK immigration and divorce rules. Rory tells Emery from the start their marriage will last one year only, then they'll divorce and she will receive a generous settlement. But my favorite part of the research was learning about historic Scottish castles, so I could use real ones as inspiration for Rory's home. I based his castle mostly on a genuine one called Earlshall--and discovered it was for sale. Yep, if you've got a million bucks or so you can buy your own castle in Scotland!

Q: What's up next for you?

More hot Scots! The MacTaggart Brothers Trilogy, which contains bonus scenes, released on June 29. The fourth book, Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt, will be released in November and is a holiday-themed story about Jamie MacTaggart, youngest sister of the three brothers, and her American love interest, Gavin Douglas (brother of Calli from Wicked in a Kilt). I'm also writing the fifth book, Notorious in a Kilt, about Iain MacTaggart (older cousin of the three brothers) and his lost-and-found love, the American Rae Everhart. Iain is my oldest hero to date at fifty, and Rae is my first heroine to have had a child before the story begins. I also have more paranormal romances in the works and lots of other stuff.

Sounds great! *grin* Thank you for your time, Anna!

Bio of author, Anna Durand:

Anna Durand is an award-winning author of sizzling romances, including the bestseller Dangerous in a Kilt, recipient of a 2016 National Readers' Choice Award and an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Readers' Favorite Book Awards, and the #1 bestsellers Wicked in a Kilt and Fired Up. Anna loves writing about spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm. Making use of her master's in library science, she owns a cataloging services company that caters to indie authors and publishers. In her free time, you'll find her binge-listening to audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting jewelry.



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