The Ravaged Fairy

Anna Keraleigh
The Ravaged Fairy
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
May 2011
Book 2 of A Fairy Novel
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

A Fairy Novel

What would happen to a fairy without wings?

Thame is a warrior, a golden fairy who is loyal to the King and new Queen. They are on the verge of war with the Trolls. It's an ongoing battle that he fought with success...until now. The enemy captures him, cuts off his wings and strands him on the remote Aran Islands. His escape is a miracle, but the night is still young.

Breena never expects to find a half-naked man with a mutilated back in her home. Now she finds herself in the middle of a war she didn't even know existed on top of discovering she's only part human.

Can Breena heal Thame's ravaged heart?

Be Warned: anal sex, masturbation

Book Review by Nikki Prince (author,reviewer)
Jul 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is actually my first fairy erotica. There were several things going on in this story, several small plots; some of the things I think could have been used for another book. The main characters were human woman Breena and Thame, a beautiful male fairy who is rescued by Breena.

Thame has strange wounds to his back, which is basically the reason the book is entitled "The Ravaged Fairy." His wings have been cut off of him and when Breena stumbles upon him, she has to heal him. Thame is a warrior of the fairies and so not having the use of his wings makes him feel week and unable to protect his King and new Queen who is human.

The world building was beautiful. I could imagine the fairies, I could see Ireland and I could definitely see the hidden world of the fairy Kingdom. I thought that Anna Keraleigh did a beautiful job in making one feel as if they could see every little blade of grass, flowers, clouds within her world. It was exceptionally done.

The only issue I had with this story was that there were too many little sub plots going on, which caused me at one point to have to go back and reread something because I thought I had missed something. Another thing, with this being an erotica romance, the sexual tension was really, really high and when she did get around to the characters touching one another, she described those scenes very well. But there were a few times, I was right there ready for the climax (yes, pardon the pun) and then felt a bit left out of it.

But within the pages the redeeming qualities would have to be the fact that there were a few scenes that made me laugh and endeared the myriad of characters that graced its pages to me. I am hoping that the author will write a sequel, so that some of the loose ends (the smaller plots I spoke of) will be addressed.

One thing I will suggest is that before you read this one, you should read the first book of the series called "Fairy Flavor." I didn't, and I am sure if I had, a lot of questions would have been answered within those pages.

THE RAVAGED FAIRY gets 3 stars from me for creativity in world building, sexual tension and the laughter.
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