Roan Parrish
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Release Date
November 2018
Book 2 of Riven
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

After a whirlwind romance, a man with a painful past learns to trust the musician who makes him believe in happy endings.

Matt Argento knows what it feels like to be alone. After a childhood of abandonment, he never imagined someone might love him—much less someone like Rhys Nyland, who has the voice of an angel, the looks of a god, and the worship of his fans.

Matt and Rhys come from different worlds, but when they meet, their chemistry is incendiary. Their romance is unexpected, intense, and forever—at least, that's what their vows promise. Suddenly, Matt finds himself living a life he never thought possible: safe and secure in the arms of a man who feels like home. But when Rhys leaves to go on tour for his new album, Matt finds himself haunted by the ghosts of his past.

When Rhys returns, he finds Matt twisted by doubt. But Rhys loves Matt fiercely, and he'll go to hell and back to triumph over Matt's fears. After secrets are revealed and desires are confessed, Rhys and Matt must learn to trust each other if they're going to make it. That means they have to fall in love all over again—and this time, it really will be forever.

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Nov 07, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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REND is a touching and flawless second instalment of the Riven series. Beautifully written and delivering some remarkable characters. It was a fascinating experience.

Matt and Rhys are in love. They are perfect together and with so much love that it's easy to believe they will stay that way forever. But when Rhys' career needs him to go on tour, Matt has to face being alone. After feeling safe and at home at Rhys' side, this new situation brings Matt's fears to the surface and risk to damage what, so far, was a perfect relationship.

It was a beautiful and bittersweet book. Exactly the kind of book I love to read. There were so much sweet and tender moments that alternate perfectly with the raw and heartbreaking ones. It was interesting to see how the book would work, since we get very few moments of Rhys and Matt falling in love, which is generally the main focus on romances, and more time of them as an already in love couple, trying to deal with the everyday struggles of their relationship.

One of the things that I loved the most about it was the characters. Most of all Matt, whose internal struggle to cope with his emotions was brilliant. It was so clear there was so much love between Rhys and Matt that made the story so hopeful. They had problems, they fight, they hesitate, but there was always this big love between them that make me believe they would be able to conquer any problem they were facing.

The book is flawlessly written. It has a steady paced and had a plot that was able to keep my attention. Its strength is in the writer's ability to make us connect emotions with the characters. It deals with a lot of angst, but there was always hope. It had some nice supporting characters, some already known to anyone who has read Riven, the first book in the series. But even being a part of a series, this would work fine as a stand-alone. Recommend it to any reader who enjoys M/M pairing.
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