Color of a Soul

Katherine McIntyre
Color of a Soul
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Self Published
Release Date
June 2019
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Kelsey's running out of time.

The undine spent these past years at Niagara-on-the-Lake searching for a soul mate, but time and time again, her dates disappoint, and she's down to days remaining before she has to return to the Otherworld.

Jason's hit rock bottom.

His fiancée left him, he lost his job, and he arrives in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a non-refundable vacation meant for two. The week is looking to be a nightmare—at least until he meets Kelsey.

The attraction is instant—explosive—but unless the connection between them is the real deal, in mere days Kelsey will be gone from this realm for good.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Mar 28, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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COLOR OF A SOUL is a fast-paced novella about an Undine looking for love. Kelsey has spent the past five years searching for her soulmate, the one who will allow her to stay in this world, rather than return to the Otherworld. Jason is on a holiday that he should be spending with his ex-nearly-fiancee. His world is grey and depressing until he meets Kelsey and she brings a spark of colour into his life.

This was a brilliant story, and I absolutely loved it was about an Undine, rather than a mermaid! The risks for these two are real, and how they sort them out works perfectly for this tale. There were no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed, and the whole story tied in together--no loose ends here. With a fast but smooth pace, this is the perfect lunch-hour book.

Absolutely recommended by me.
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