Undercover Twin

Heather Woodhaven
Undercover Twin
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Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense
Release Date
September 2019
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Audrey Clark never knew she was a twin—until she stumbled onto a covert operation. Now with her FBI agent sister shot and in critical condition, going undercover with Agent Lee Benson is the only way to protect her newfound twin. And as her pretend husband, Lee must keep Audrey safe…or pay twice the deadly price.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Oct 19, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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While UNDERCOVER TWIN leads the readers on an exciting adventure into the inner workings of the mob/exclusive club of villains, the writing is somewhat amateurish. Audrey, the heroine, is described to be a brilliant scientist, and she is at that with ideas on how to get out of jams they found themselves in, but sometimes, her actions and the words she said are so stupid you just want to bash her over the head. Not sure if I want to categorize that as inconsistency in characterization or real life, as we do get stupid when we're placed in situations where we're out of our depth. However, despite her agreement to pose as a couple with Lee, the hero, in their undercover work, she just couldn't seem to remember that she's "undercover" from the moment they're on their way to their destination. Even if she weren't briefed properly, years of watching spy shows should've made her know that and thus should act accordingly. Oh, unless being the stereotypical scientist, she'd rather work in her lab during her downtime.

About Lee, I felt he's too repressed with his feelings/intentions. This being "Love Inspired" category, I don't expect anything more than kisses, but still, he could've, I don't know, be more assertive, especially with regards to the heroine.
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