The Candy Box

Kojo Black
The Candy Box
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Sweetmeats Press
Release Date
January 2009
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Sweetmeats Press proudly presents TWO delicious novellas in one sumptuous collection!

First, we open the doors to the Candy Cottage, where anything goes… long as you're naked! The generous and lascivious Madame makes it her wicked business to ensure that every eager guest shudders and judders their way to absolute orgasmic rapture!

Then, The Harward Girls welcome you to a very special music school. Mistress Samantha Harward commands musical perfection from her girls, and she knows just how to get it! Toys, tongues, and nimble fingers are all part of the Mistress's curriculum, and her dutiful students lap up every lesson!

With lewd and luscious illustrations by Lara Addams, The Candy Box is an erotic treat for the senses. So open up, and have a little taste!

Book Review by Erinne (author)
Nov 12, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE CANDY BOX is divided into several different stories and I have reviewed them individually. I will warn you, gentle reader, that these stories are erotica, not romance. The heroine doesn't end up with a soulmate, she ends up with an orgasm! Some of these stories take place in the Candy Cottage, a wicked little getaway spot hidden in plain sight! The other takes place in the Harward Academy of Music. Each of these love nips also contain illustrations and they are beautifully drawn!

I do believe these stories are more suited for men, but ladies, if you're feeling dirty and raunchy, then by all means treat yourself to the Candy Box!

The Candy Cottage:

The first thing that came to mind was, OMG, there are illustrations! I haven't seen illustrations in my novels since I was ten...I miss them. And let me tell you, these aren't illustrations for the under 18 set! That being said, the story was verra hawt for F/F eroticism. I suppose anyone who enters a whorehouse named the Candy Cottage will always leave well satisfied! Especially an exploratory lady eager to learn the ways of the same sex!

The Candy Girl:

"The Candy Girl" made me laugh out loud on several occasions because the author was fully aware of the reality of a F/M/F menage! There is a constant need to work harder and better than the other woman and it's almost like tug-of-war with the man being the knot in the middle! Again, the writing was great but if you, gentle reader, are looking for a plot, you might need a microscope! This is sex escapism, pure and simple!

Lunch Break:

This delightful piece of eroticism begins in the shower, as all well-formed plans do! Our heroine, after all, had to prepare herself for the two men that she would be sandwiched between! Cav and Marco are the two man-whores who know exactly what they are doing! And they do it well! Our heroine, like the others in these sexy romps, leaves fully satisfied!

Short and Sweet:

Oh, poor and sweet Sean--he was so completely shy that I almost felt protective of him until he managed to pick up a rhythm all his own! This was just M/F in all its glory! Again, no story, but does there need to be when a good time is all you seek?

Favorite Friends:

These four were definitely friends! After years of coming to the Candy Cottage, Claire and her husband Tom had found a friend in Marco and our tour guide. This was as sultry as M/M/F/F can get! There wasn't any position left out!

After these shorts, there was a Director's Commentary, which tells us that these stories were turned into films with the same name. It also gave some background on the journey to making these stories into films. It was actually quite interesting. I had no idea the amount of work that went into making adult films. According to the director, "I think my films are about the promotion of pleasure for men and women, and I take great delight in creating an environment where that pleasure is fostered and amplified". I couldn't agree more. Although these stories were strictly for titillation, they were well-done and well described.

To put the final touches on this anthology, "The Harward Girls" was included for the reader's pleasure. "The Harward Girls" live in a fictional conservatory that is actually based on a real place so the effect of reality on these fantasies is very enticing! These are individual stories even though they are labeled as chapters. They also seamlessly go from one to the other. I have divided them accordingly.

Chapter 1:
Enter Lydia, a head-strong and yet, timid girl who was very talented in the realm of music-making, among other things! Although she is shy at first, she soon discovers and learns her very first lesson--that another woman always has secrets to teach!

Chapter 2: Jackie's Duet
This is the classic tale of student and teacher. There is always a professor and there is always a student eager to learn something different! Jackie's lesson was discovering just how much she missed being with a man! The Professor, Mr. Tannenbaum, was more than happy to remind her!

Chapter 3: Water Music
Or as I like to call it, the return of Jackie! Immediately after she was done with the Professor, Jackie was inclined to teach her fellow roommate, Hillary, exactly what it was like to caress, touch, kiss and do all sorts of explicit positions! Who would have thought that two competitors, each gifted with the cello, would put aside their jealousy for one another and come together under the name of love?

Chapter 4: Sweet Harmony
Katie, Nicole, and the Ms. Harward are the stars of this intriguing number! Ms. Harward has a unique teaching method when it comes to music--one must feel it in their soul and completely succumb to it just as one would sexually do with two other ladies!

Chapter 5: An Exquisite Quartet
This is just what the title implies--an exquisite quartet of F/F/F/F. I suppose there is nothing better to do than play music and with fellow classmates!

There is also a Director's Commentary which tells of the making of the film with the same name and to the real-life people who inspired the stories.

All in all, this is erotic in its finest, most pure form. I feel like I'm describing some addicting drug and perhaps I am. These stories, after all, kept my attention and I even went so far as to visit the website! If you're feeling adventurous, gentle reader, don't pass on this!
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