Hawk's Gift

Mary M. Forbes
Hawk's Gift
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Forbes Publications
Release Date
September 2012
Historical Romance

Happy to roam doing as he pleases, Damien can't understand his fascination with ambitious Roberta Taylor. She reminds him of a cornered wildcat fighting in a game she can't win. Roberta is bewildered by her reaction to Damien's exotic looks and inflated charm. She is a wealthy successful lady. How could she be attracted to an idle drifter?

Set in the year before Canada's Civil War – the Riel Rebellion of 1885.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Sep 06, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Exciting and engaging read.

Roberta (Bobbie) Taylor is caught in a very precarious position. She is being auctioned off as a virgin at a house of ill repute. She seems too naive for words. She doesn't know how this could happen when she went to this place to interview the Madame about her brothel. She's forced onstage and everyone seems drunk.

Damien Larocque is a Métis Indian enjoying his liqueur when he sees the beautiful girl with long blonde hair being auctioned on stage. He decides in his inebriated state that he will bid for her even though he has no money. He will simply fight his way out of the place with the little thing under his arm.

Needless to say he carries her away and gets carried away. She is a high born rich lady and he is a wild heathen. He remains carried away and savage throughout this lovely romance.

The characters have myriad flaws and obstacles to overcome in their war torn world. In a world where the beautiful wilderness of Canada is described and the battles between whites and Aborigines are waging, a miracle happens.

Boy meets girl and love blossoms.

I was amazed at the history and circumstances of the across the border happenings with the US and Canada, too. I love finding out new perspectives and information in my romance novels.

Mary Forbes delights me in all aspects except for some typographical errors and the ending. I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened between the fighting forces. I wanted to know about their friends, Marie and Pierre, her father and brother, and I wanted to see the couple's future a little more. It ended too abruptly for me. It is just such a great novel and not really short but with so much happening...maybe there is a sequel. I do hope so. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, characters, plot and problems.

I thank the author for a wonderful, exciting, engaging read.
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