Demon Seed

Jianne Carlo
Demon Seed
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Hartwood Publising
Release Date
March 2015
Book 4 of Hades Squad
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Demon rescues Jacinta, a curvy, luscious female whose virginity he takes in front of four armed men, from certain gang rape, being shot, and who knows what else?

Talk about the best laid plans backfiring.

Demon's carefully plotted scheme to capture the man who abused him, Pedro Nunez, aka, The Smiling Killer, is not off to a good start.

Jacinta claims to have lived her whole life in a cloistered convent. Claims she's an orphan. Claims she's only lived in the outside world for fifty-seven days. Yet she's the mirror image of Pedro's sister, Rosa.

The sister Pedro murdered fifty-seven days ago.

There are no coincidences in life. Not for a retired SEAL.

Is Jacinta Pedro's ultimate revenge on Demon?

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Feb 04, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DEMON SEED, the latest installment of the Hades Squad Series, is so good that I went to work, bleary-eyed and tired because I had to stay up and finish this book. Once I started, there was no way I could put it down. Gripping from word one, I fell into the story and didn't look up from reading until it was done.

Demon has exacted a plot for revenge against the man who tortured him when he was too young to fight back. Pedro Nunez, also known as the "Smiling Killer", has haunted him since childhood, and now he's in place to bring him down. So why has his carefully laid out plan gone all to hell in such a short period of time? He's suddenly having sex with a woman he just met on the beach in front of an audience and she just happens to be Pedro Nunez's niece, Jacinta, who's been in a convent for the last 20 years--or so she says. Demon doesn't think this is a mere coincidence, but he's just not sure whose side Jacinta is on. The problem is, he also can't seem to get her off his mind.

Wow, this was freakin' great! I absolutely flew through this. This book just had everything I loved. The plot was amazing. Demon has a lot of back story that we haven't been privy to in the previous books of the series, and the way that worked into the story just made the plot that much more intriguing. He's been a bit of a mystery in the previous books, so it was good to finally get some more background on him. Plus there was a lot of conspiracy and mystery that kept me guessing throughout the entire book.

Demon and Jacinta are just a fantastic couple. I think they are my favorite so far. They both have had such deep losses in their lives but it hasn't stopped their capacity to love or be loyal to those who have become their families. Their beginning wasn't exactly ideal, but they were obviously made for each other from the start. I loved how they just couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other no matter how hard they tried.

DEMON SEED is the fourth book in the Hades Squad series, and I think that this could be read as a standalone. However, I think you get more of an idea of how close the squad is and how they interact with each other from reading all of the books.

With the intense action, totally erotic love story, fantastic characters, and intricate and suspenseful plot, DEMON SEED is just one of those stories that takes hold from beginning to end. Jianne Carlo has become a favorite of mine with this series, and I am hoping that we haven't seen the last of the Hades Squad because I love these guys!
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