The Destroyer

Jianne Carlo
The Destroyer
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Etopia Press
Release Date
September 2011
Book 4 of Viking Warriors
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical Romance

To Viking warrior Magnus, marriage is naught but a contract, a bargain between men for land and title. Lust, love—he scorns such notions as weak and unmanly. But three days before he's to wed a highland princess, he falls into the maelstrom of a maid's startled eyes. Their passionate tryst has him rethinking his notions, and he struggles to find a way to keep the beguiling Deidra while honoring the marriage contract he's arranged with the father of his betrothed.

Deidra cannot take a walk in the forest without finding a wounded dove. Devoted to her menagerie of injured bears, peacocks, and wolves, she vows to disobey her Da when he betroths her to the Norse warrior known as the Destroyer. Until, disguised as a maid, she's rescued from a would-be rapist by the Destroyer himself. How can any call him ugly or cruel? For he treats her as if she is made of spun glass, and teaches her the magikal pleasures of the flesh.

But Magnus is furious when he learns the woman he's fallen so deeply for is none other than his betrothed. For there's nothing he despises more than a deceitful female...except, perhaps, two of them...

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
May 26, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE DESTROYER by Jianne Carlo features one of my most favorite things: a totally alpha male who is wrapped around the little finger of the woman he loves. There's nothing more swoon-worthy than a tough guy who'll do anything for his woman. So, I was more than a little enamored with Magnus, our hero. He and his interaction with our heroine, Deidra were the highlight of this novella.

Magnus, the Destroyer, was not happy about the fact that he only gets his land on the condition that he's to marry a highland princess. On his way to meet his betrothed, he stops a rape in progress. The woman who was being attacked is a maid that Magnus falls instantly in lust with. He struggles with the strength of his feelings and scrambles to find a way to keep her while still getting married.

The young maid is actually Magnus's intended, but she fears telling him the truth. She's become enamored with him because of how well he treated her--a young woman who he thought was just a lowly maid. When Magnus finds out the truth, he has to decide to keep the woman who betrayed him or to move on.

Magnus and Deidra were so awesome together. I loved how innocent and daring Deidra was. It was a very intriguing combination. But, what I loved most was how she was able to fell the huge warrior Magnus. It was very amusing.

While I loved Deidra's combination of innocence and bravery and Magnus's rough exterior with the marshmallow inside, I think the author lost me with the extent of Deidra's talent with animals. I won't give it away here, but it just seemed toO far-fetched for me and took me out of the story.

Although THE DESTROYER wasn't my favorite in the series, I still loved reading about the next Viking warrior to fall for his woman. I can't wait to continue on to the next book.
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