Worth Fighting For

Sondrae Bennett
Worth Fighting For
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Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Release Date
May 2012
Book 4 of Alpine Woods Shifter Series
Paranormal Romance

All's fair in love and war.

As leader of a fox skulk, Cody is used to feeling protective. But when his best friend, Misty, gets attacked, his panic has nothing to do with duty. Suddenly, he's noticing Misty as a woman instead of the girl he grew up with. But pursuing those feelings would risk their friendship, something he's unwilling to do.

Misty's tried everything, without success, to convince Cody she's not "one of the guys". Yet now that he's looking at her like she always dreamed, he pulls away every time she gets close.

Danger lurks in the background, waiting to pounce. Someone plots against the foxes, leaving them all in jeopardy…especially Misty. Will Cody overcome his fears in time to save the woman he loves?

Book Review by Krishna (reviewer)
Apr 21, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WORTH FIGHTING FOR is a thrilling story of a love that waits, perseveres and prevails.

Misty has always been close to Cody, the leader of the Fox skulk she belongs to. She's always been in love with him and she tried everything to make him notice her, she even tried to make him drunk one night, and they shared a very passionate kiss but to her dismay, Cody didn't even remember it happening. And then something happened! She was attacked and suddenly Cody looks at her as if he wants her and not just as the best friend, but she could see that he's fighting the attraction so hard to the point of pushing her away. So, what's girl in love to do? Will she fight for a man who's not fighting for her?

I really liked this book. It was a really fun read. The pacing of the story is quite ok. This is the fourth book of the Alpine Woods Shifter Series and although I haven't read the first three books of the series, I still understood most of it because the author made it easier to read. There is enough back story to make it understandable, though it would've been better to read the first three books to have better understanding of the other characters who are also in this book.

I loved the characters! Misty is a fine woman who loves dearly. She fights for her man even though she's hurting because her love was not given back. And Cody is one interesting hero. He's extremely protective of Misty and he knows he feels something for her, but he's scared to make changes that have the possibility to ruin his friendship with Misty.

I loved how the author wrote about the turmoil of emotions that the main two characters goes through. Sondrae Bennett wrote the different feelings perfectly. Cody's fear, confusion, love and Misty's hurt, exhaustion, elation and love...all of these feelings are written well and it was really fascinating. The only thing that I think was slightly lacking in this book is in the paranormal issues. I think it could have been more exciting and more fun if the author added more about the paranormal stuff.

Overall, I think that WORTH FIGHTING FOR is a great read. If you want to read a book that can touch your heart and make you giddy then, this book is definitely for you.
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Book Review by Rebecca
Jun 20, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WORTH FIGHTING FOR is another quick, good read from the Alpine Woods Shifters series. It has action, humor, sex in abundance and, as with Sondrae Bennett's other books, it also has a quirk to it. She draws readers into the Alpine Woods world.

This book is devoted to Cody and Misty who we have met before in the other books. As leader of a fox skulk, Cody is protective of his people but this goes double with his best friend Misty when she is attacked. He realizes his panic has nothing to do with duty and he begins to see Misty as more than a friend. This insight couldn't make Misty any happier since she has secretly loved Cody for years. Now that he is looking at her like she'd fantasized about, things keep happening that pull him away. While focused on these budding feelings, neither sees the danger coming as a force is plotting against the skulk.

Ms Bennett packs into this short novella all the necessary elements of a shifter romance. The action – with a villain out to destroy the skulk – propels the story forward. There is also lot of humor laced throughout the story, particularly in the banter between Cody and Misty. It is a fabulous concept to have the main characters as life-long friends so their relationship is already well established. There were so many tender moments between them; readers will say "aw".
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