Beneath the Blood Moon

Amanda Jayde
Beneath the Blood Moon
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
May 2012
Book 2 of Dark Wolf Series
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Celtic history professor, Rhiannon Connelly is on a mission to find her missing friend. When she finds a strange note tucked away in a newspaper that promises answers, she packs her bags and heads off to Scotland. Once there, she encounters a secluded village and a strangely secretive group of people lead by a tall, dark and handsome stranger.

Cameron Tapaire is the Alpha of a secret pack of werewolves. Wary of Rhiannon and unsure of what her connection is to the attacks on his people, he has her brought to his home, but things get complicated when the human turns out to be more than just an innocent visitor.

Locked away with the Benandanti, Rhiannon must learn to accept there is a section of the world she knew nothing about, but the more she learns, the more she understands the clan and its overbearing Alpha while Cameron is faced with the challenges of another Alpha in his home, a human woman who cannot protect herself and the threat that can destroy them all.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Apr 26, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She is determined to find her missing friend. It brings her to an isolated village in Scotland. While asking questions of the residents, she comes to the attention of the local alpha. He is more interested in her body than her quest. The connection is stronger than she realizes. Soon she is thrust into a dangerous new world where she discovers the answers to her questions may bring deadly results or bring her the happiness she never expected.

Rhiannon is a professor of Celtic history who enjoys her life in the United States. She doesn't have much family and values her friendships. When a strange note sends her to Scotland in search of a missing friend, she starts a journey that changes her life. Rhiannon is directed to a odd little village where she hooks up with a gorgeous man. She feels she has earned a little fun. The fun changes when he begins to suspect she is on a different mission and is connected to some deadly attacks in the area. It doesn't take her long to realize that Cameron has a lot of secrets and she has stumbled into a very dangerous situation.

Cameron is an alpha wolf shifter with a lot of responsibilities. As alpha of his clan, it is up to him to keep everyone safe and make the right decisions. His people have been under attack recently. When the women he hooks up with ends up having an unexpected connection to their clan, he has to decide on the best course of action. It is not easy to make a decision when he feels such a strong connection to Rhiannon. She is a human and not supposed to be part of their world. He decides to bring her to the clan but is not sure who he is really protecting.

This is the second book in the Dark Wolf series. While it does reference many instances from the first book, the author does an excellent job of presenting enough information for someone new to the series to follow along without any issues. I had not read the first book and had no problem jumping into the storyline. After reading the book and enjoying the story, I am now interested in going back and reading the first book.

The author pays a lot of attention to developing the mythology regarding the Benandanti. You learn all about their origins as shifters and the issues that have separated the clans over the years. There is a new danger that is pushing them to unite against their common enemy to protect their clans. There are many surprises you learn about the characters and their pasts. It is a really interesting storyline which allows for a lot of action and suspense and plenty of mysteries still to uncover in the books to follow.

One of the strengths of this book is the character development. Not only are the main characters well developed but many supporting characters also lend strength to the story. The story is told from multiple points of view which gives you a more intimate connection to the characters and a strong understanding of their feelings and motivations. Even with the intense danger, there is a lot of humor and romance. Rhiannon and Cameron have a very intense relationship with plenty of sex and lots of fights too. I really liked Cameron's sister who goes from a foe to friend to Rhiannon and supports her in her new surroundings. You have gods and goddesses who direct a lot of the action as well and have their own distinct personalities. Members of the Italian pack were featured in the first book and join the action in this book as well. It gives me hope that the characters I have enjoyed so far will continue to be featured in the storyline and I will get to spend more time with them.

BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON is a paranormal romance with a great mix of action and adventure that keeps you in suspense. While it is the second book in the Dark Wolf series, it is easy for someone new to jump into the series. It features an interesting storyline about the development of wolf shifters that draws you into the book. The characters are well developed and you get to know them intimately with the multiple points of view to the story. The series continues and offers the reader the opportunity to spend more time with the characters they have grown close to in the book. There is still much work to do to stop their enemies and many mysteries to solve. I look forward to reading the next book.
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