In the Middle

Sindra van Yssel
In the Middle
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Loose Id
Release Date
March 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Louise has a yen for submission, stoked by her online adventures. Her real-life boyfriend Daniel is more submissive than dominant. When her Internet lover, Randall X, comes to town, she gets a sexy weekend to indulge her submissive fantasies. But what starts out as a weekend starts to turn into something more, and Randall X takes her deeper and deeper into the world of submissive pleasure. Meanwhile, with Daniel, Louise discovers she enjoys being on top as well, and being treated like a Goddess.

Caught in the middle between two men who want her for themselves, Louise is having the time of her life, but knows it can't last. With two lovers to choose from, each offering her something completely different, what's a switch to do?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find
objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements (including/not limited to: flogging), menage (m/f/m).

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jun 04, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ms. van Yssel's smexy BDSM ménage writing is BACK! This latest book, IN THE MIDDLE, flat out did it for me. It could be due to the main character, Louise, who is a switch and didn't know it. Louise is conflicted. Her boyfriend, Daniel, is perfect for her in every way. He's handsome, strong, gainfully employed and quite the dominating presence in court. Hoping for some kinky fun time, she approached him to Dom her. The couple of times ended up in disasters. Why? Daniel is no Dom; he's a sub. What to do when a couple is almost perfectly compatible yet both are subs?

To Louise's shock, she takes the reins and enjoys Domming Daniel. She's new to it and it shows in her trial and errors. She still misses that little something in their sex life. Since Daniel loves her, he allows her the freedom to explore a submissive lifestyle with an online Dom. Rob Randall is a Dom in every sense of the word. I love this character Ms. van Yssel created. I'd sub to Rob any day. He's fiendishly clever with his simple sexual devices. Rob fills the need which Daniel cannot fulfill for Louise.

When Rob shows up in real life, this is where the push and pull begins. Louise is a greedy little glut; she wants it all. I recently read a non-fiction book which describes switches as greedy play pigs. Why, yes I am! Well, so is Louise; she just didn't realize there was a term for a person who can Top or bottom. Of the two men, not surprisingly, Daniel is the more flexible of the two. Both Rob and Daniel want to claim Louise's heart and body. Who wins?

This story is well written in the conflict Louise experiences. Her suppression of her submissive side is something I know well and feel her pain. Her need to submit to a strong Dom yet unable to find one is a constant yearning which at times flares to acute sorrow and longing. For Louise, she is fortunate with Daniel and his negotiating skills. Daniel is able to find a way to help Louise, most likely because he understands her deepest desire to submit.

The submission in this story is lovely. The scenes were well placed and smoking hot. I enjoyed Louise's Domming scenes as much as her subbing scenes. When she's forced into public play in a private party, I think I became as wet as she did. I won't spoil the delightful ménage scenes. I can share that I would be over the moon to be Louise, sandwiched between two sexy men. I recommend this book to those who are looking for a good switch story that covers the good and the bad.
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