Love and Lattes

Heather Thurmeier
Love and Lattes
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
September 2011
Contemporary Romance

Chase has given up hope of ever finding a woman who wants something more than just his family name. Julia is funny, incredibly sexy, and finally, after two years of playing the field, Chase gets a chance to date a girl who's interested in him, not his status.

Julia can't forget the night of passion she spent with Chase after dancing at the club. When she runs into him on her first day at a new job, she's thrilled to see him again--until she learns he's her new boss.

Julia doesn't know what to think when she's threatened to stay away from Chase and then overhears gossips painting him as a player and Julia as his new toy. Should Julia heed the threats and gossip or is a chance to fall in love worth the risk?

Book Review by I ♥ Bookie Nookie (reviewer)
Sep 03, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOVE AND LATTES was a story I really loved, from the club thumping beginning to the very romantic ending!

After a fun filled night of dancing and passion, Julia is completely oblivious to the identity of the sexy stranger she spent this incredible night with...that is, until she literally runs into him at her new job. What happens when her "party world" collides with her professional world? How could this man ever believe that this truly is the only one-night-stand she has ever had?

Chase longs to find a woman who is in love with him and not his money or family name. Is it possible that Julia could be this woman, maybe the only woman in a city of thousands who actually like him for who he is and not his status in society? Although Chase's body longs to experience the intense pleasure he shared while in Julia's bed, his mind knows that anonymity is almost impossible - she is likely just playing him as so many other women have attempted to in the past.

As their personal and professional lives intertwine, it becomes painfully obvious how the story of LOVE AND LATTES must play out.

LOVE AND LATTES is a great reminder that what happens in private doesn't always stay private and that love ultimately conquers all. At least, it does in all great romances. Julia and Chase are warm and lovable characters. Their story had me sucked in from the beginning and I was rooting for them all the way. I hope you will too!
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