Falling for Rain

Susan Laine
Falling for Rain
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
October 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Matt Wetherton is just an average-looking tax attorney until he breaks up a gay bashing and unwittingly becomes a hero. He isn't looking for a date, but when he meets the man he rescued, he finds himself longing for one anyway. Rain Deveraux is a beautiful, effeminate lounge singer—and utterly unwilling to be Matt's damsel in distress, even if he does wear women's clothing for his performances. When common courtesy prompts Rain to pay Matt a thank-you call, it's the beginning of the romance of their lives.

Before long, Matt and Rain fall for each other hard and fast, but both men are stubborn: Rain clings to his right to express himself even though Matt worries for his safety. Despite their occasional clashes, the passion between them is undeniable.

When an accident compromises Rain's independence as well as his singing voice, it tests the strength of their newfound relationship. It is up to Matt to help Rain find his music again before depression sullies the brightness in Rain's soul.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Jul 10, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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And once again Susan Laine works her magic with men falling in love…

When Matt Wetherton is walking near to a gay nightclub, V-Sin-ity, late at night to catch a taxi, he hears the sounds of a man being beaten. Two against one is really not cricket. Matt runs towards the men, having no illusions in his ability to take them on himself, but he has a trusty Taser in his pocket.

Soon one man is down, the other is running away and Matt is helping the fallen and beaten man to his feet. Only this is not just any man. This is Rain Deveraux, show queen and doyen of the nightclub, emerald-eyed siren of the night, and Matt is hopelessly smitten with this flamboyant, feminine individual.

Rain makes Matt laugh. He makes Matt smile and for the first time in his life, Matt finds someone he really wants to hold onto. Rain's voice is as perfect as he is--in Matt's words, ‘beautiful, and radiant, and lovely,' and his voice takes Matt's breath away.

FALLING FOR RAIN was a beautifully written story, tender, amusing, telling the account of two very different men and their struggle to make a relationship for themselves despite the prejudices and challenges faced by family, outsiders and people in general. There were plenty of characters to make the book memorable and add depth: Tiny, Norma, Matt's supportive brother, Mitchell and even Momsy, Rain's mother.

The storyline held my attention, made me feel with the characters and want to turn the next page to find out what happens.

And when tragedy sets in and Rain finds himself struggling to decide what he wants and needs, these two men draw together like moths to a flame and face it together. There is conflict, heartbreak and most of all, real love is this truly romantic and sexy tale of a tax attorney clad in shades of gray and a lounge singer whose brilliance would outshine even the most vivid flower.

A definitely recommended read and one I think any true romantic will enjoy.
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