The Cowboy and the Hellcat

Sherry James
The Cowboy and the Hellcat
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Wild Rose Press
Release Date
November 2010
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

Tomboy Ellie Merrick is determined to one day run her family's spread and be a respected rancher. When her father announces he's arranged for Ellie to marry Adam, she's determined to show the handsome and rugged cowboy her hellcat ways, hoping he'll bug off the marriage. But when her father reveals a tragic truth, she sets aside her dreams and agrees to the marriage of convenience.

Can the magic of Christmas help the Cowboy and the Hellcat admit the love growing for each other inside their hearts?

Book Review by Michelle R
Nov 05, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This sixty page short story is a well written journey to marriage. Set in 1876, Adam Ford mourns the loss of his beloved father. As funeral proceedings come to a close, Adam learns that his father and his father's best friend, Benjamin Merrick, had arranged a marriage for Adam. In order to collect his third of the ranch, Adam must marry Ellie Merrick.

Ellie, still the tomboy hellcat Adam remembers, has zero desire to wed. Her goal is to prove to her father that she can run their ranch on her own. Shocking revelations as to why the fathers went as far as to have had a legal document drawn up forcing the two into marriage provides a catalyst to her considering the proposal. The two quickly find that the physical attraction is there. If only they can overcome their individual willfulness.

This is a cute story with a great sex scene and a clever plot. However, the length of the story provided an uphill battle in developing characters and plot tension. In order to move things along quickly, resolutions seemed to play out instantaneously. I personally need reasons why two people can announce they are in love with each other. In paranormal romances, creatures with fated mates can understandably fall into lifelong love in an instant. It is a much harder sell for an author of human romance. And although well-written with some wonderful scenes, the lack of that sell is what left me feeling needy.

If you are sitting in a doctor's office wanting a way to pass the time in the waiting room, this is a fun way to spend those few minutes. Give it a go and… Enjoy!
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