Unravel Me

Kendall Ryan
Unravel Me
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September 2012
Book 1 of Unravel Me Book 1
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Psychology student Ashlyn Drake's neat, orderly life takes a turn for the crazy when she finds the perfect subject for her amnesia thesis – a young man without any memory of his previous life, including the murder he's accused of committing.

Against all common sense, Ashlyn's drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Perhaps it's that he's so incredibly male, and even handcuffed to his hospital bed he could pass for a cologne ad – Scent de Insanity. Or perhaps it's because she's spent too many lonely nights studying. Either way, she's determined to help him solve the mystery of his past. She begins to unravel who he was before, using his cryptic tattoos, and his paintings that scream of a dark past as her only clues. When she finally learns his secret there's no telling which one is the real him, the gentle lover she's fallen for or the troubled man with a dark past.

UNRAVEL ME is a contemporary erotic romance

Book Review by drm2115
Dec 11, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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UNRAVEL ME is an original story that will quickly pull you in. Ms. Ryan succeeded in creating an intriguing atmosphere with suspense, sexual chemistry and a storyline that the author unravels for the reader. This is not a predictable cookie cutter story where you know the ending before you get half way through the book. I truly enjoyed the story this author created.

The book is told in the voice of Psychology student Ashlyn Drake, where we learn that her thesis is focused on amnesia and her adviser has located an ideal subject for research—Logan. Logan is a mystery, as he is being held by the police as a murder suspect.

The reader witnesses Ashley develop a relationship with Logan that is beyond patient/doctor; you can feel the strong sexual chemistry between these two.

After Logan is released from the hospital, the story gets hot and heartwarming as Ashlyn works to help Logan uncover his past and heart wrenching as you watch Logan struggle with his lack of memory. At this point in the story, this book becomes something you can not put down.

Logan's attraction to Ashlyn is tangible as is his desire to not hurt her as he does not know what his past holds. Is Logan a good guy or is he dark and dangerous? I will NOT ruin this for the reader; go read UNRAVEL ME to find out! You will be drawn into the story of Ashlyn and Logan.

UNRAVEL ME is a promising debut by Kendall Ryan and I look forward to reading Make Me Yours, a book about Ashlyn's best friend, Liz.
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