Anya Wylde
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Release Date
January 2013
Historical Romance

Leaving behind the rural charms of Finnshire, Miss Penelope Fairweather arrives in London with hope in her heart and a dream in her eye. The dowager, no less, has invited her for a season in London, where she will attempt to catch a husband.

Thus begins our heroine's tale as she attempts to tackle the London season with all her rustic finesse. Unfortunately, her rustic finesse turns out to be as delicate as a fat bear trying to rip apart a honeycomb infested with buzzing bees.

What follows is a series of misadventures, love affairs, moonlit balls, fancy clothes, fake moustaches, highwaymen, sneering beauties, pickpockets, and the wrath of a devilishly handsome duke.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
May 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Anya Wylde again makes me laugh, curse, and swoon continuously while reading her newest book, PENELOPE.

Penelope's country life has not been easy since her mother died and her father remarried. Her stepmother sees her as nothing more than a financial burden and sends her out to either get married or find a job. Luckily for Penelope a longtime friend of her mother, the Dowager Duchess of Blackthorne, has offered to sponsor her for a season in London.

However, Penelope quickly realizes she may not be quite as lucky as she thought, and she may not be cut out for proper London society. Charles, the Duke of Blackthorne, has made it clear he dislikes Penelope. Sir Henry, Charles' grandfather, has strict house rules that Penelope finds herself breaking left and right. And Penelope's first few endeavors at attending balls and dinner parties end with her quick departure after horrible embarrassments.

Penelope's quest to find a husband is filled with mischievous plans (that all go awry), hysterical misadventures, and heartwarming moments of clarity. The characters are so genuine and enjoyable that I wanted to read more about all of them. All of the characters grow and change with the introduction of Penelope into their lives; it was fun to read. Of course, the changes in Charles were the most significant and the interactions between him and Penelope were priceless.

The plot was well-written and believable. A poor country girl is going to experience many blunders while trying to acclimate to wealthy, city expectations. And even though there isn't complete acclimation, Penelope finds a place for herself at Blackthorne and in London.

Another great book by Ms. Wylde about fighting for love, despite the missteps, embarrassments, and a little bit of heartache.
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