Blood Diamond

Riley Quinn
Blood Diamond
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2010
Book 1 of Jewel of the Night
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance

Dodging an angry warlord and running through the rain forest in Congo Brazzaville was not what Jillian St. James expected when she signed up with Doctors Without Borders. Yet that's exactly what she gets after a mysterious visit from her brother.

Mercenary Mack Nichols doesn't have much faith in humanity these days. When the beautiful young doctor denies being part of the theft of a blue diamond from his client, he doesn't put much stock in her story.

Neither have reason to trust the other and their mutual attraction is an inconvenience to both. A betrayal and the reveal of an evil plan pit these two against an army. Can they put aside their doubts and work together to bring down a corrupt, power-hungry overlord or will their chance at love be over before it ever starts?

(Pages 94) Spicy

Book Review by Arkali (reviewer)
Dec 08, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In this new action adventure from The Wild Rose Press, the Amazon Jungle isn't the only thing that's hot! Riley Quinn's contribution to the Jewel of the Night series is a page-turner filled with danger and romance.

Jillian St. James is a doctor in a remote village that is in the territory of a brutal warlord. For the most part, she's managed to stay off of General Mutambe's radar. Or so she thought. When the General's men storm the village one afternoon, Jillian flees for her life through the rugged rain forest.

Just as she thinks she's gotten away, she is captured by a mercenary who's working for Mutambe. Mack Nichols vowed when he left Iraq that he would never again stand still for brutality. When his partner Derek tells him about General Mutambe, he presents the General in a glowing light, portraying the man as someone who wants to help the remote villagers in his area and set up agricultural centers. When a diamond is stolen and the blame points to Jillian and her brother Cody, Mack and Derek are sent in to retrieve the gem. Jaded from past experiences, Mack believes Jillian's "fear" is an attempt to manipulate him. Will it be too late when he finally realizes the truth?

The adventure in Blood Diamond is top-notch. It's fast-paced and Ms. Quinn does an excellent job of keeping the tension high. I think the main shortcoming of the story is the quickness of it. I don't know how she could have done it any differently considering the story, but I have a hard time believing that love found in one week is going to last.

I did like both Jillian and Mack. Mack is honorable and a great hero. Jillian, though selfless in many respects, is still her own person and nobody's pushover. Seeing these two learn to trust each other was charming and they definitely had a connection.

Blood Diamond reads much like an action movie. A sense of danger, a true villain, even some explosions add to that perspective. Top it off with a couple of hot scenes between the leading couple and you've got all the ingredients for a "blockbuster".
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