A Token of Time

Ethan Day
A Token of Time
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MLR Press, LLC
Release Date
May 2012
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Time Travel

On the run from his family, Zachary Hamilton was cursed with a gift he neither wanted nor asked for. The recent murder of his lover unleashed a chain of events revealing Zachary's connection to the recently deceased legendary matinee idol, Marc Castle. Attempting to unravel the mystery behind the movie star, Zachary encountered an ancient relic shrouded in history and folklore, leading to a discovery so shocking it altered his very existence -- challenging everything Zachary knew to be true -- to believe that the impossible, was possible.

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Jun 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Love transcends time is the theme of this book. Mr. Day never ceases to wow me with his breathtaking and moving romance novels.

In A TOKEN OF TIME, I'm moved to tears several times. At first, the story starts out slow and sluggish. The reader is treated to a freaked out young man, Zachary Hamilton. He's from a family of great wealth, yet he's on the run, hiding from them. As the story unfolds and his past comes to light, it's both strange and disturbing. The pace of the book speeds up and becomes a page-turner.

Zach possesses a psychic ability to see an object's "memories". Basically, he can hold a pocket watch or picture frame and see what happened in a moment in time from the perspective of someone who is close to the object. Essentially, he slips on someone else's memories and is able to feel the emotion while seeing a past event.

This ability is tied to the firstborn daughter in his family. For a male to receive this gift is unheard of and his sister is not happy. Zach's sister wants all the abilities, even if it means Zach's death.

The genre for this tale is hard to define. With psychic abilities and time travel, it is a bit paranormal. Yet it also contains a bit of murder mystery suspense. This story contains it all. The world building, as well as the character development, is excellent. Watching the personal growth of a young cowering Zachary to a self-assured confident Zachary is a pleasure. Through magic, Zachary is transported back into time which allows him to come into his own. With the love of Marc Castle, Zachary is able to find his strength and determination. The love connection between Zach and Marc is what really makes this story so good.

Mr. Day excels at showing how true love can really be. To find that special someone where sacrifice is not just a noble concept but a state of existence is splendid. Mr. Day lovingly details little acts of kindness and grand gestures of affection to build a rich romance. His characters are realistic with their all too human flaws. Yet they still overcome misunderstandings, unintentional slights and grievous mistakes to do the right thing. The hardships he puts his characters through to achieve their loving bond is extreme at times.

This story fully shows love is patient, kind and above all, willing to take a chance. The way love and relationships are portrayed in this tale speaks of the author's idea of companionship as well as a yearning for that perfect fit. Mr. Day also illustrates how much work is put into creating a strong relationship. This subtle and elegant demonstration is fabulous.

This m/m romance is highly recommended to those who cherish the "love will conquer all" theme.
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