Second Chance Sam

Bren Christopher
Second Chance Sam
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Loose Id, LLC
Release Date
January 2013

Tristan and Cory have been together forever and thought they always would be—until Sam comes into their lives.
In a fit of jealousy, Tristan commits an inexcusable act of anger. Unable to trust his own temper, he leaves Cory although it breaks both of their hearts. Even if Cory can forgive him, Tristan can never forgive himself.
Cory is determined to prove that Tristan has nothing to fear and that, together, they can find a way to put the past behind them—until an old guilt of his own arises to weaken his resolve.
Somehow in this morass of jealousy, remorse and grief, Sam must find a way to reunite the couple he inadvertently tore apart. But the ghosts of Tristan's difficult childhood threaten to keep them separated despite Sam's best efforts.
Now Sam must be more than a friend to the two if he is going to bring them back together. He'll do whatever is necessary, and if his plan happens to lead to a bit of fun for all three of them… surely no one can blame him for enjoying it just a little.
But if Sam succeeds, will it mean the end of his own chance for happiness?

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jul 29, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Nature versus nurture, the cycle of abuse and sacrificing your own happiness for the one you love are some of the issues explored in this sweet and sometimes bittersweet story. Bren Christopher takes you on an emotional journey with highs and lows, making you laugh and cry both for and with these characters. You root and hope with fingers crossed for all of them to find their way back to the person they love the most.

Tristan and Cory have known each other since grade school and have been lovers for years. But Tristan's past abuse at the hand of his father caused him fear; his insecurities and jealousy over Cory push their relationship to a breaking point that starts when Cory meets Sam.

Sam has his own demons and a failed relationship. He lets his love get away. He doesn't want Tristan and Cory to do the same. On his own personal journey, maybe he'll figure out how to get his own love back.

When Tristan's jealousy about the time Cory is spending with Sam comes to a head, Tristan did the one thing he feared the most, hurting his Cory. He decides then it would be better to leave Cory to Sam, because he's seen the interest in Sam's eyes.

On the other hand, Sam thinks he knows whose fault it is--his. And as much as he wants both Cory and Tristan, both separately and together, he feels the need to fix what he's broken. He just doesn't understand why they both keep pushing him towards the other, but he's going to keep pushing them back towards each other.

The secondary characters of Angie, Carlos, the two J's and Kim round out this story's cast, with their warm friendships and caring at its best. This story is well-written, the characters are three-dimensional and realistic, like the people you know in your own life.

SECOND CHANCE SAM is a story I couldn't put down and was sad when it ended, because I felt like I was leaving behind close friends.
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