The Case of the Wicked Wolf

Amber Kell; RJ Scott
The Case of the Wicked Wolf
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Release Date
April 2013
Book 2 of End Street Detective Agency
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Naiads, humans, sirens and a challenge for Alpha make up the intricate story in the race to rescue the missing children.

Sam and Bob have more than just the case of one lost child to handle. Not only is Shelby Hartman missing, but other paranormal children have disappeared. The race to rescue the children is hampered by naiads, humans, sirens and a challenge for Alpha.

Hartman Hunter is desperate to find his daughter. He turns to the demon Danjal Naamah for help. The problem is that Danjal is the only person Hartman has ever loved—the man he let go for the sake of the pack…

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jul 04, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The wild and wacky world of the End Street Detective Agency continues, adding more to the cast of quirky characters. In this second book of the series, we get a Troll, a Naiad, Sirens and a Demon.

Sam is still swearing that he's going to only deal with humans and leave the paranormal cases to someone else. But he still has the case of the Alpha's missing child to take care of. While he's waiting for Hartman Hunter to get the spell he needs, he looks up to find a Troll in his office. And off he and his vampire lover Bob go to take care of whatever the Troll's problem is, and they find a crying Naiad. And one magical being leads to the next and Sam unwillingly finds himself detective to the paranormal world as each being he helps owes him a boon or favor.

Hartman Hunter will do whatever it takes to get his daughter Shelby back. Even go see his ex-demon lover. The lover he gave up for the good of his pack. The lover he hasn't forgotten and still loves. If only he could have a do-over, because now he know that there's more to life than just his pack. With the hurt he caused Danjal, will he be willing to help? Hartman hopes so, because he's maybe the only hope left. And if he does, then maybe there's hope for the two of them also.

Once again, the two authors have done an amazing job of blending their writing. The world created by these two is a very easily imagined; the paranormal characters are so varied and different from other books and from the first book in this series. I'm wondering who or what is going to show up next. I can't wait.
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