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He's riding the bench. She's living a lie. The game of love is won in extra innings.

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat!

Treachery, murder, and passion encompass this tale set in the Scottish Highlands

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Jump right in and enjoy this quick, fun, sexy, and emotional ride.

Now available in audiobook! Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

A little night magic. "Enchanted from the very first page. I couldn't put it down!"

Her Viking Dom (The Doms of Club Mystique 7) by Mardi Maxwell (Erotic - Top Pick)

Tempting Little Tease by Kendall Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)

Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts (Romance - Top Pick)

Embracing Her Heart - The Bradens and Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls) by Melissa Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

For You, I Will (A Fallen Guardian Novella #3.5) by Georgia Lyn Hunter (Romance - Top Pick)

Prodigal Slave by Roxy Harte (Erotic - Top Pick)

O/s by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow (GLBT - Top Pick)

Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)

Rising for Autumn by Katherine McIntyre (Erotic - Top Pick)

Her Best Friend's Husband by Doris O'Connor (GLBT - Top Pick)

Mornings on Main by Jodi Thomas (Romance - Top Pick)

Immortal Reckoning by Tara Fox Hall (Romance - Top Pick)

Rescuing Sadie: A Delta Forces Heroes/Masters and Mercenaries Novella by Susan Stoker (Romance - Top Pick)

Bound To Submit by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)

Girl in the Mist by S.T. Young (Romance - Top Pick)

The Loving Touch by Stoni Alexander (Erotic - Top Pick)

Squared Away (Out of Uniform #5) by Annabeth Albert (GLBT - Top Pick)

Unraveled by Lauren Dane (Romance - Top Pick)

In an Army Ranger's Arms by Donna Michaels (Romance - Top Pick)

Hawkyn by Larissa Ione (Romance - Top Pick)

Debra Parmley (author)
Since you are in Ohio, I thought you might be interested in reviewing Isabella, Bride of Ohio. It is book 17 in the American Mail Order Bride series. Each book can be read as a stand alone though. I felt honored to be invited to write the Ohio book as I was born and raised there. :-)
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]
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  Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
To: CD Bradley
Yes. I would love to read the others in the trilogy. Thanks very much!
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]

  CD Bradley (author)
Dear Avonna,
You previously reviewed my first book Stark September. Would you like to review Stark Shadows and Stark Resolution as well. These two books conclude the series. Many thanks
CD Bradley
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]

  Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
You are welcome, Debra. I really enjoyed it.
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]

  Debra Parmley (author)
Avonna, thank you so much for the lovely review. Isabella, Bride of Ohio, is near and dear to my heart. My grandmother Isabella Ragnhild Milner was the daughter of Swedish immigrants. I tried to write a story she would have enjoyed. Yellow Springs, where I set the story, is just fifteen minutes from my parents house. I was honored to be invited to write the Ohio book in this fifty book series and to be able to pay homage to the state I was born and raised in. So your wonderful review more than warms my heart. With much gratitude, Debra Parmley
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]

  Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Hi, Debra! Sounds interesting. I'll email Carole about it. Thanks for considering me!
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]

Gary Starta
Hi Avonna, I hope you can review my romance thriller I Bought the Sun for a Dollar. Timothy Ray's home is first invaded by burglars and then by a spy in a lover's guise in I BOUGHT THE SUN FOR A DOLLAR, a romantic suspense novel.
Can anyone actually buy peace or happiness? Perplexed by the loss of job and fiancé, Timothy Ray makes a symbolic purchase of the sun for a dollar to try to right things in his slightly off course career trajectory. When he stumbles upon a brilliant, cascading sunrise and then a chance meeting with a statuesque blonde he feels his life is about to change for the better but his new girlfriend is a spy, working for a contracted data mining firm.
Undaunted and unaware that Lou Ann is actually Kate, Timothy continues to encourage people via social media to experience how energy is shared between us and the cosmos. Please advise how
& where to send. Gary Starta
[ Posted: 1 year ago ]

Rising for Autumn by Katherine McIntyre (Erotic - Top Pick)

Hawkyn by Larissa Ione (Romance - Top Pick)

Burn by Lisa Carlisle (Romance - Top Pick)

Her Guardian Angel: A Demonica Underworld/Masters and Mercenaries Novella by Larissa Ione (Romance - Top Pick)

Two Wedding Crashers by Meghan Quinn (Romance - Top Pick)

Bound To Submit by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)

Tempting Little Tease by Kendall Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)

Soulmate by Erin M. Leaf (GLBT - Top Pick)

Dangerously Dark by C.J. Burright (Romance - Top Pick)