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We know that money is very important to you. That is why we want you to know that your money is well spent when you advertise with us. We will maximize your ad's exposure by spreading your ad to our fans, followers and viewers. We will be displaying it in our website and we will be actively promoting it in our facebook and twitter pages. We will also include your ad in the newsletters that we send out. For the analyticals, here are some stats for you:

For the Month of August 2018 (Snapshot taken Sept 4 2018)

  • 13,874 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 62,894 Pageviews last Quarter
  • 60,0000 Facebook Fans
  • 40,000 Twitter Fans
  • 17,000 Ezine Subscribers

Pageviews are measured when a visitor visits a page while Hits are measured by the number of times the page hits the web server for information. For instance, if one page contains 20 images, that will be 20 hits to the web server to fetch the 20 images; while it would only be counted as 1 pageview.



"Dorchester likely would participate in a similar event again. The exposure was valuable and affordable." - Hannah Wolfson, publicist at Dorchester Publishing


"I began advertising with The Romance Reviews about two years ago. After comparing pricing, ease of use, reader response, and resulting sales, I have found TRR the best value for my advertising dollars. The staff is always responsive and friendly, and I've always had a great experience with the services I've purchased. When I consistently advertise, I get consistently great results from TRR!" - Tibby Armstrong, author of No Apologies and Hard Target

"I have been advertising on The Romance Review site for two years now. They are affordable and easy to work with. The few months I didnít advertise on TRR, I noticed a slight downward dip in sales. TRR offers many advertising opportunities: videos, banners, interviews, small and large ads--you name it, they have it!" ~ Theresa Ragan, New York Times Bestselling Author of Abducted

"TRR has been a great resource for me in advertising and promoting my work. The user friendly website ensures your ad gets a great placement, no matter the size. The prices are reasonable and TRR staff are fun to work with!" ~ Sharon Buchbinder, author of Some other Child

"The Romance Reviews goes above and beyond in helping authors get exposure on their website! If you're not taking full advantage of all they offer, you're not reaching all of your potential readers!" ~ Tonya Kinzer, author of The Boss's Pet series

"I am forever grateful to TRR for the exposure their site and their 'parties' have given me and my books. I get an uptick in 'first-time' visits and 'return visits' to my website and book pages directly traceable back to my ads or other promotions on TRR every time I promote with them. Their prices are affordable, their interface is very user friendly, and Carole is a gem to work with! Not only that, I've found some great reads there, too!" ~ K.E. Saxon, Author of Hot Highlander and Steamy Contemporary Romances

"I love visiting The Romance Reviews as both an author and a reader. TRR's interface for advertising and review requests is easy to use. There are multiple ways to buy ads and increase visibility for your books. I get several hits on my website every day from TRR via my ads. As a reader, the reviews are easy to find and honest. I love the way TRR is separated into Romance, Erotic, and GLBT: I always know what I'm looking for and can easily find a book to read whenever I'm in the mood for something new." ~ Erin M. Leaf, author of Shaneís Submission

"The best place to find your next favorite book." ~ Lorie O'Clare, author of With Her Craving

"In addition to the well-written reviews and the honor of an award nomination (TRR nominee Best Erotic Historical Romance 2012), The Romance Reviews has provided me with a number of invaluable opportunities to connect with readers. I particularly enjoyed the chance to contribute to the new E-Zine and will definitely continue to advertise my future releases with TRR." ~ Victoria Vane, author of The Devil Devere series

"Whenever I am involved in one of the events or when I put up some kind of ad on TRR, my website visits take a huge jump. Definitely one of the best promo sites for my books." ~ Blair McDowell, author of Sonata

"The Romance Reviews has helped me inform my readers about new releases. TRR's Featured Author interviews provide my readers with in-depth insight into my characters and their story." ~ Karen Rose Smith, author of Wanted: A Real Family

"The hits on my site went almost to 300 more days than not in March and I know a lot of that was your event. My sales escalated in March also. In fact I sold a book to a publisher in March that will be released in October, so I want to continue advertising with you as you have room..." - Sable Hunter, author of Hot on Her Trail

"My sales almost tripled last month, and I'm sure my participation in the Grand Opening helped. Being nominated for 'Best Romantic Comedy' for Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) probably gave me the biggest boost." - Suzanne Tyrpak, author of Vestal Virgin

"Let me know if you have another event like that. It seemed to be good exposure. If I had a Q&A hunt on my own web site, I think I'd get very few entries, but it seems as if people were excited to come to The Romance Reviews to do that... In fact I had 197 visits to my web site from The Romance Reviews - which makes it the 7th top referrer in the past year!" - Stacy Juba, author of Sink or Swim

"I would participate again. I think it was an excellent way for writers and readers to interact... my hits went up a LOT." - Amy Corwin, author of Vampire Protector

"I'd love to participate in such an event again... the hits to my Web site went way, way up on both days that Love Turns the Tide was streaming." - Gail Pallotta, author of Love Turns the Tide

"This was BY FAR the most successful promotion I've participated in. Traffic to my website was up 25-fold on my day! I don't know if it will result in many sales, but name recognition is the first step. Definitely money well spent. Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to future promotions." - Alison Henderson, author of Harvest of Dreams


"I loved it! I loved that there were weekly prizes throughout the contest, and lots of them, so there were good chances of winning things to keep our interest up... I loved that the links to look at sponsor websites led me to other contest entries on author websites... I loved that there were little things to do every day to earn points..." - Robin D

"I liked that it was the type of contest I could talk about with other participants. The questions were nice, because I had to do something to win, but it was something that I also could really do. . . Because of this I learned about great books I maybe wouldn't have bought without this contest... I also liked that it wasn't just one day. A contest over such a period of time made it a lot more fun for me." - Lucia

"I thought it was wonderful! A great way to learn about new authors (to me and also new ones just starting out) and new books coming out. It really expanded my reading! Plus my wish list on books that I personally wanted to read doubled up! I thought the games were so much fun for I got to learn about authors from around the world! The Q&A was also very interesting for I got to connect with other people who shared my interests." - Amy

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