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Strings Attached
Author: Anne Holly
Publisher: Wild Horse Press

Release Date: May 2011
ISBN: 9781458101310

Book Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Strings Attached

275 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Jenn Shanks Pray

[ Review Posted: Aug 30, 2011 ] - See all my reviews
Who knew the wilds of the Canadian North would be such a romantic setting? Anne Holly apparently! Bringing a quirky love story to life in her latest novel, Anne Holly's STRINGS ATTACHED will capture readers' "hopeful" romantic soul.

Josie Sergeant defines independent woman. Having taken over the family sheep ranch, she not only survives but thrives in the wilderness. Kept company by her dog and cat seems to suffice until she examines her life a little too closely after receiving a call from her brother, Richard, with news of his engagement to his girlfriend, Julie Sabich. And as distressed as she is about her brother's upcoming Christmas wedding, her reservations don't even touch those espoused by Julie's brother. Their initial meeting in Winnipeg goes badly, despite their instant attraction to one another, but Josie adores her brother and agrees to "entertain" the surly Theo at her ranch while the lovebirds plan their nuptials.

STRINGS ATTACHED snags the readers' attention from the start. Well written with beautifully descriptive scenes and witty dialogue, Ms. Holly spins a tale of hope, redemption and love. While the plot was relatively simple in nature, the characters themselves were strong and relatable. Occasionally, point of view shifts distracted from the story line but overall the story moved quickly and was very enjoyable. Ms Holly's skillful unveiling of the deeper emotional motivations of her main characters had this reader in tears - the good kind that promises hope and happy endings.

A classic contemporary romance, STRINGS ATTACHED delivers a solid story. Josie and Theo's romance is well worth the read. This reader highly recommends this slightly sappy, but nevertheless sweet story of two souls who fall in love despite their best efforts not to. Theirs is the kind of romance that makes you want to know what happens after "The End"!
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249 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Rho (reviewer)

[ Review Posted: Jan 19, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
An unlikely couple finds love across the world in STRINGS ATTACHED. This sweet romance boasts great writing, and deep and complex characters all along the backdrops of the Canadian North and Australian Outback.

Josie knows how to survive. As a rancher in some extremely harsh conditions, she's able to persevere. She knows loss too, but she chooses to see the good in life instead of letting the bad things bring her down. So when her impetuous brother announces he's engaged to another woman before he's even gotten divorced from his current wife, she tries to be supportive. She didn't realize that being supportive would mean that she had to house the surly brother of her future sister-in-law, Theo.

Theo is out to stop his sister from making a mistake that will ruin her life, so he leaves his Australian home to go to Canada in order to stop her wedding. He doesn't plan on meeting Josie though and they begin to forge a reluctant relationship.

Eventually they admit their attraction to each other, but neither is willing to risk their hearts. But what they don't know is that they already have.

I really loved this. The writing was top notch with the eloquent descriptions that literally drew you right inside the story. I've never been to either location but I felt like I could see them both so clearly in my mind.

Theo is probably one of my favorite Heroes of the year. The tragedy that he suffered left him so cold, but getting to the root of it, and learning about the devastation he endured literally made me ache for him. I really felt like the other characters paled in comparison because I was so drawn to him. The transformation that he made during his both physical and spiritual journeys was phenomenal.

The attraction between Josie and Theo was inevitable, but I liked watching it develop. Both of them were very strong in their own way, but they complemented each other well. Josie really balanced Theo's surliness and softened him, which he sorely needed.

Overall, I thought this was a wonderfully written romance. STRINGS ATTACHED is my first Anne Holly book, but I've already added several to my ever-growing "to be read list".
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Carole [admin] (author)


You will receive email from TRR.

Happy reading!
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

Anne Holly (author)
Thanks, TRR, for the nomination! Much appreciated. Congrats to all my fellow nominees - it's great to see so many good contemporary romances coming out!
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

Anne, you're a new author for me but not for long. I enjoyed the interview and look forward in reading your works.
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

Anne, this sounds like a really Romantic Read. Thanks for sharing.
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

  Anne Holly (author)
Thanks, Tracey! :D
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

I think your new bbok that is in the works sounds awesome
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

  Anne Holly (author)
Thanks! I'm pleased that Pink Petal Books liked it enough to publish it, and I hope readers enjoy it when it comes out.
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

Anne Holly (author)
Thanks to Jenn and Rho for reading Strings Attached, and I am thrilled you both enjoyed it.
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

I am very intrigued by the cover of "Strings Attached" with the buffalo and the Northern lights which are all part of this region. Such a rugged area brimming with lots of history. I'm looking forward to reading this interesting novel!
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

  Anne Holly (author)
A picture of the couple would have been more in keeping with the genre, but I am fairly fond of my bison, as well. Thanks!
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

As a Floridian, I cannot even imagine a harsh Canadian winter. However, I love to read about them. I am always amazed at how tough people are and able to handle it. This book sounds wonderful! Northern lights too! Yummy!
Connie Fischer
[ Posted: 6 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

  Anne Holly (author)
Yeah, today is one of those days up here that rather screams Canada. Cold and snowy - but nice in its own way... especially while inside. :)
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

Having grown up in Minnesota, I CAN imagine a Canadian winter, although I have no desire to live in that climate again! But, having been in Florida in the summer, I don't want that humidity either. So I guess I have to stay in my rather middle-of-the-road area. Anyway, the book sounds interesting.
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

Great interview and your book sounds great! To be needed is a wonderful thing. I love your title Strings Attached. christina_92 at
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]
Please sign in to comment

  Anne Holly (author)
The title was much more original when I originally wrote the book. When I went to publish it, I considered changing it - but was already attached to it, myself!
[ Posted: 5 years ago ]

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