Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Hearts Touched by Fire series? How are the books tied together?

I have my BA & MA and 1/2 of my PhD in History, specialty is the American Civil War. I've worked as a museum educator and curator in Missouri, doing programs, events and exhibits on the War Between the States and am a Civil War reenactor so my interest in that period is big. These books are tied together as the tale of two families - the Silvers and the Fontaines and how they lived during the war. Book 1 is on Jack & Emma; book 2 is on Emma's...

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First Fall
by Zaide Bishop | Interview
Edge of Truth
by Brynn Kelly | Interview
That Monroe Girl
by Ilona Fridl | Interview

Deadly Premonitions
| Contemporary Romance

4 serial killer stars for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Shailyn Doyle has been through hell at the hands of a brilliant but insane serial killer, and Townes Calvert blames himself for letting her get taken in the first place. Townes has been searching for Shepard...

Master Me, Please
| Erotic Romance

I've been curious about BJ Wane's MASTER ME, PLEASE since I started reading teasers online. Likes: It can be difficult to master the use of flashbacks effectively but Ms. Wane pulls it off juxtaposing the past and the present in such a way that she...

The Forest of Dark Delights
| Erotic Romance

Happily ever afters only happen when the author stops a story at the right place. Beauty and the Beast ended with the curse broken. But what if it was not? What if, Gaston never died? In a fairy-tale reinterpretation, Mr. Cox poses this alternate ending....

The Bed Mate: A Room Mate Novella 3.5
| Contemporary Romance

4 hot toddy and hot tub stats for THE BED MATE! Maggie and Sam have been BFF's since they met in college. Now, several years and significant others later, they both find themselves single and together at a cozy ski lodge in Colorado. Sam had been in...

The Eighth House
| Erotic Romance

This book is one of those books that goes way outside my wheelhouse. Okay, there's some pretty hot kinky sex with a bad boy and a sassy, outspoken heroine, so maybe not so far outside my wheelhouse. However, the bad boy in question is the baddest of all...

Unknown Desires
| Erotic Romance

A newly trained submissive is matched up to a dominant, and to his surprise, the dominant is a man, not a woman. Michael is a nineteen year old who has lost his way. Raised by an aunt and grandmother, Michael missed a male role model. It seems the Domme...

Wolf Hunger
| Contemporary Romance

When I first began Paige Tyler's SWAT series some time ago, I did not expect it to take several turns which just didn't resonate enough with me from book 3 onwards as SWAT members one after another, fell for their one and only mate in a blazing fashion...

Prince Roman: King of Code 1.5
| Erotic Romance

4 dirty and delicious stars for PRINCE ROMAN! Raven Crosby is determined to stay away from sex with coworkers at her new job, but the damn attorney Roman Bianchi is seriously testing her resolve. Eventually the man's charisma and sensuality win her...

| Erotic Romance

Izumi is adorable and so cuddly. It is no wonder Nathan wanted him for a pet since he was 5 years old. Returning to this cute Neko world, I wonder why I haven't read the books between this and the first one. I will need to go back and read books two through...

At Your Service
| Contemporary Romance

4 chopped and sautéed stars for AT YOUR SERVICE! Chef Javier Leones' life changed the instant his former sister-in-law dropped his wheelchair bound, double amputee brother off at his house, drunk and pissed at the world. His neighbor and coworker...

Chance of a Lifetime
| Erotic Romance

"I shivered as Jenna fixed her gaze upon me. This was the first time I'd witnessed people having sex... to witness this disturbing mix of pain and raw pleasure set my heart racing with both fear and excitement." Dian Cinta is a beautiful and intelligent...

Sex Symphony
| Erotic Romance

SEX SYMPHONY is Book 3 in the No Holds Barred series by Sienna Matthews and Madison Blake, and it was wow. A glowing, breathing violin? Did that catch your attention? It should. It really should. This story does have a bit of a paranormal edge -- fated...

A Cold Dark Promise
| Contemporary Romance

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect of A COLD DARK PROMISE--the wedding novella of Alex Parker and Mal Rooney--except for the fact that it was a long time in coming, circling back to the original couple that sparked off the whole Cold Justice series....

Standing at the River's Edge
| Erotic Romance

STANDING AT THE RIVER'S EDGE is the prequel to Piper Stone's new series about a group of smokejumpers called the Jackals. This first prequel to the exciting seven book series concentrates on three of the men who will be highlighted in the series. Stoker...

Talk Bunny To Me
| Erotic Romance

How have I missed this author? A.R. Barley delivers another hilarious fun erotica. In the second book in this series, a werewolf and a bunny cross paths. Benjamin is a hunter who finds rogue shifters and brings them back into the fold, so to speak. He...

A Love To Remember
| Historical Romance

A couple can't stay together...but can they withstand being apart? Rose has almost everything she could ever hope for. Her widowhood gives her freedom, her son brings her joy, and her current beau is the one man she's always wanted. She'd love nothing...

Master Me, Please
| Erotic Romance

MASTER ME, PLEASE is the second book in incredible author BJ Wane's Miami Masters series. This series has been full of hot sexy scenes and dashing doms. Not to mention some very sassy subs. BJ Wane has been one of my favorite BDSM writers for quite a...

Lust on Camera
| Erotic Romance

LUST ON CAMERA is Book 2 in the No Holds Barred series by Sienna Matthews and Madison Blake, and they definitely don't hold back. The story begins on a sexy note and rapidly escalates when Brent tells his wife, Lindsey, that he's agreed to bring a third...

War Games
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

WAR GAMES closes Jess Anastasi's Valiant Knox series and I've obviously been waiting a while to get my paws on it, ever since I sniffed out the tension between Cameron McAllister and Theresa Brennan in the last book. In a nutshell, mutual dislike best...

Alpha's Prize
| Erotic Romance

This is the third book in Renee Rose and Lee Savino's Bad Boy Alphas series. I'm a big fan of both of these authors, which is why I chose this book to read. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of books about breeding, I guess I'm an old-fashioned "baby after...

Echoes of Deviance
| Erotic Romance

Kavon and Darren are back in another harrowing case of violent magical kills. I thought for sure the third book in this series would be the end. Happily there is this one and another. This story starts up closely after the last book ends. For the best...

Chasing Red
| Contemporary Romance

3.5 obsessive stars for CHASING RED. When Caleb Lockhart spots the sexy woman in a sinful red dress dancing, he knows he wants her in his bed. And before the end of the night, she most definitely is, but certainly not in the way he had hoped. Veronica...

Three Rivers Run Deep
| Erotic Romance

Piper Stone's new smokejumper series Fire Devils is finally here! The elite group known as the Jackals starts with Stoker Hanson and rocker Jessica Dunn. Here we also get introduced to the rest of the Jackals team whose motto is Prevent. Protect. And...

The Unexpected Santa

THE UNEXPECTED SANTA is the fifth book in The Sin Bin series, and this story focuses on a particular holiday, which you can guess by the title. Scottie is one of the Sin Bin members that I have always had trouble warming up. He is brash, obnoxious, and...

The Other Brother
| Contemporary Romance

5 first love flashback stars for THE OTHER BROTHER! When Aaron Walters broke things off with the love of his life, Amelia Santos, he thought he was doing the right thing for her. But now Amelia's back in Binghamton to care for her ill father, living...

Bachelor Games
| Erotic Romance

BACHELOR GAMES is a fun and sexy romp. I thought I knew how the story's gonna go (based on the blurb), but I'm glad to see the author prove me wrong. I love the unpredictable twists and turns (and it took me awhile to guess at the secret about Grace),...

Finder's Keeper

Cuddly and adorable, Kit is a housemate I would love to keep. I want to "kiss him and love him and squeeze him and hug him and call him George. He can be my very own bunny rabbit." Kidding aside, aptly named Kit is a half red fox spirit. He guards an...

| Paranormal Romance

IGNITE is the third book in the Underground Encounters series. This time we focus on Lily, a hard-working and driven woman, who goes to Vamps for a celebration. Whilst there, she sees and hears the singer of the band, and instantaneous attraction ignites!...

| Erotic Romance

5 brutally cold and sinfully hot stars for FIELD-TRIPPED!! Eli St. James is freaking out about having to return to Colorado with his agency to try and win a big client. People die there, relationships die there. And when he realizes that the head...

The Sorceress's Pet
| Erotic Romance

Lesbian kinky sex mixed with magic, what could be more alluring? Full disclosure, I have a soft spot for ff erotica. Throwing in kinky scenes and I'm a wet puddle of goo. New to me author Ms. Xireau pens an erotic delight that has me craving for more....


Golden Angel

Two of my favorite eBook romance-erotica writers are Cherise Sinclair and Lexi Blake. My favorite historical romance writer is probably Stephanie Laurens. I read a LOT, so the list of my favorite writers would be waaaay too long to include in my bio. While...

Penny Brandon

Penny is a complete romantic who believes everyone can fall in love if only they'll open their heart to the possibility, which is why she writes those hot, erotic stories that will always have a happily ever after. However, it doesn't mean she'll necessarily...

Sara Claridge
SW France

Born in West London, Sara Claridge grew up on a rich diet of romantic suspense authors such as Phyllis A. Whitney, Mary Stewart and Daphne du Maurier. Their characterizations, descriptions and vivid story telling filled many a happy afternoon. After...

Bonnie Phelps

People are endlessly fascinating and stories are everywhere. I love exploring, rearranging and weaving my narratives throughout my characters' lives.

Joyce Palmer
Florida, USA

A native Floridian and Christian conservative, Joyce Palmer is an avid reader who loves stories of romance. She has no problem writing in her favored genre, sensual/erotic romance with wide-open bedroom doors. She finds the open honesty of the matter...

Pia Manning
Wisconsin, USA

Hi, and thanks for checking out my page. I'm a very new author-Star Brides: Procured, is my first writing venture. Many thanks to Siren Publishing for taking a chance on me. I'm proud to say that Star Brides was on Siren's top 100 bestsellers list. It...

Ohio, USA

Kathryn, here. I've been hooked on romance books since the early 80s when I was given a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Ashes in the Wind." I devoured it, then immediately searched for "more of the same, only different" books. Prior to romance I read...

Boston, Massachusetts

An historian by training, I've been reading for as long as I can remember. My first real introduction to romance novels came while I was studying in England and the Library Imps stole all the books I was "supposed" to be reading and replaced them with...

Lara Lee Sweety

Lara Lee Sweety is a farm raised, Show-Me State native. The Erotic Romance author is a wild wordsmith, with a down-home, Mid-Western flair. She loves the beauty of male-female interaction, the intrigue of fantasy, fun and an occasional kink.

Rain Hart

I'm in love with romance books - historical, contemporary, suspense. Love the smutty stuff. The smuttier the better, actually. BDSM, m/m, dark... Paranormal works too, as long as there are shifters in the story. Not a great fan of those vampires, to tell...

"A nail-biter…danger mounts in this steamy romantic thriller!"- Chanticleer Book Reviews



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