It's Complicated
by Nikki Prince | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Undeniable series? How are the books tied together?

The idea came to me while watching friends chat about sex. I thought how easy it was that they talked about it and that it would be fun to do a friends to lovers story with the heroine being the one to initiate talking about a friends with benefits relationship.

Q: Which came to you first for IT'S COMPLICATED: Plot or Character?

The plot came first. Again, I was eavesdropping...

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Bought by the Boss
by Stacey Kennedy | Interview
Sex Symphony
by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake | Interview
Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview
First Fall
by Zaide Bishop | Interview


Love On Laird Avenue
Who said it would be easy for Tatum to leave her over-protective father, buy a 1911 bungalow, and start her own business at the same time? When things fall apart, literally, she hires a hunky home restoration specialist named Ryan to come to her rescue. She never dreamed he'd have his own ideas about protecting her...namely sabotaging her dates. "Love on Laird Avenue is a fine and much recommended read, not to be missed." Midwest Book Review
Heart Of Stone By Faye Hall
Slavery, corruption, and murder threaten to separate them. Isabella Miley is trapped. Her brother and protector is dead—murdered on a slave trader's ship—and now Samuel Buchanan, the man she fears most, has papers placing her in servitude to him. When he threatens to make her his wife and offer her out as payment to all the men he owes money to, she runs for her life, and straight into the arms of Ruben Stoneheart. But before she can ask for his help she finds herself dragged back to Samuel and into bondage. Ruben wanted a life far away from the blackbirding slave trade he was once involved in. He watched too many people die on those ships. That wasn't the life he wanted. He wants peace, a wife, family. When the Irish beauty Isabella ran into his arms, she stirred feelings in him unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Never could he have imagined her to be the wife of his once business partner, Samuel Buchanan. Curious how such a wondrous woman could have ended up entangled with a brute like Samuel, Ruben delves into her past, eager to know more about this woman he's quickly losing his heart to. What he finds is a slave contract with her name on it.
Pre-sale Available Now For June 6th Delivery
Adam Lachlan, a tall drink of scrumptious masculinity, has been exiled from his dragon-shifter clan for the past two hundred years. His bad-boy charm has been harnessed to succeed as a Master Dom in the mortal world. He's spent decades isolating himself emotionally. Willow Greer is beautiful, intelligent and charming. Men have pursued her, but she's flown from them all. Willow has a secret burden. Adopted in infancy, and having no explanation for shifting into a Pegasus at puberty, she's cloistered herself romantically. Without knowing the full truth of her nature, how can she commit to love? When Adam's fire meets Willow's short fuse, flirtation is on! At the onset, secrets are guarded, once their true selves are revealed, the complications begin. Can they overcome the problems of romance between different shifter species? Will they drop their emotional baggage and risk love's bondage?
Lust And Chastity By Faye Hall Sins Of The Virtuous, Book 1
Would you surrender the pleasure of lust to become a lady of chastity? Darien Avery followed Caitlyn Sinclair from England to Australia, memories of their intense love affair fresh in his mind. When they arrive he quickly learns he isn't the only man in this new country who's infatuated with the breathtaking, blonde-haired beauty. Women are turning up dead, victims to the worst kinds of depraved acts—women who fit Caitlyn's description—and every clue to the murderer leads back to Darien's family. Frantic to save Caitlyn's life, he sends her up north to her family, hoping to free her from the murderer's grasp. But she never makes it there. When he receives word that her dead body has been found, his heart breaks and he throws himself into a life of debauchery and sin as punishment for failing to save the woman he loves. When yet another murder occurs, Darien believes he will be accused of the crime, so he flees. He finds himself in Jarvisfield—the same town where Caitlyn's family lives. But he soon learns that the murderer who has been butchering blonde-haired, green-eyed women has followed him there. He's in for even more of a shock when he discovers that his beloved Caitlyn is not dead, and has in fact, been living in Jarvisfield for months. This time he will protect her. However, Caitlyn is having none of it. She believes Darien has betrayed her, and she won't fall for him again.

Forged in Ember
| Contemporary Romance

Driven by hate, Amy Chastain seeks vengeance for her children who have been used as scientific subjects. She's not the only part of the collateral damage when a flight was hijacked months ago, though that critical event has made it obvious that there...

Beautifully Burned
| Paranormal Romance

BEAUTIFULLY BURNED is the second book in The Dreamcaster series, and we reunite with Dax. He still has his bond with Kalila, but is fed up of Black's attempts to kill him, and get rid of the bond. Mel has a vision which sends him to Ella's side, but he...

Mornings on Main
| Contemporary Romance

Reading a nook by author Jodi Thomas is like curling up with a warm cup of coffee, snuggled up in a favorite blanket. With MORNINGS ON MAIN, Ms. Thomas creates a new cast of Texas characters sure to create a lasting impact. What happens when a woman...

Taboo Frequency
| Contemporary Romance

TABOO FREQUENCY took me by surprise in a couple of ways. First, given its length, I was surprised to find that the romance is not insta-love. The story takes place over months and the love blooms little by little. My second surprise came early in the...

Breaking the Rules of Revenge
| Young Adult Romance

BREAKING THE RULES OF REVENGE started out well with the introduction to Mallory and her twin sister, the difference in their personalities as well as how Mallory got sent to Camp Pine Ridge instead of Blake. The book placed us right in the middle of the...

Her Husband's Army Buddy

HER HUSBAND'S ARMY BUDDY is the first book in the McLeod Security series, and we meet the owner of the security business, Zane, and his wife, Sandy. Sandy and Zane have been married for 10 years, and are happy. That is until Sean shows up asking if there...

Her Keeper
| Erotic Romance

This one is something of a mixed bag of tropes in the romance genre. We have a bit of an enemies to lovers story with Rick and Sara going toe to toe over a grudge, which leads to the romantic comedy elements with the witty banter and chuckle-worthy situations....

Chosen by the Senator
| Erotic Romance

I've really been enjoying this series and was happy to see that a new book is being released. In it, Paige accepts Vendu Senator, Jamen Hosta's offer to come work for him as his assistant (hanjin) but it's more than a working relationship (rubs hands...

Wonderfully Wicked
| Paranormal Romance

WONDERFULLY WICKED is the first book in The Dreamcaster series, and we start off with Kalila. She is a 'normal' woman plagued with un-normal nightmares. These nightmares can come to life and hurt both Kalila and those around her if she allows them. Lydon...

| Contemporary Romance

Tara Wyatt's newest law enforcement series sounded like the kind of romantic suspense I wanted to dig my heels into and STRIPPED--in more ways than one--is the introduction to a trio of detectives seeking to avenge the death of their friend, while finding...

Hot Daddy
| Contemporary Romance

HOT DADDY is a fun and sexy contemporary romance. Cal McAdams is not an alpha ass* although he is a billionaire (does a hero have to be a billionaire to come across as cool and sexy and unattainable?). He needs a fiancée to gain custody of his god-children...

One Last Heist

ONE LAST HEIST has a host of new characters, and our main couple are already married, which made for a lovely change. They both have jobs by day, but are thieves by night. Mack has a list of rules that he works to, helping to ensure he only robs from...

How Saeter Robbed The Underworld

A bittersweet and unusual story, entertaining, charming, with a lot of emotions and beautiful characters. After having a fight with his best friend, Eirik is not in the mood to listen to the story his father is telling. But getting to know about the...

Night of the Zandians
| Erotic Romance

A human gets an alien mate. Then another. Oh, and another one too. Riya has a problem. More like three of them, all handsome and coming right for her now that their king has declared open season on the women. As a newly freed slave, she won't ever...

Mia's Men
| Erotic Romance

3 stars for four of MIA'S MEN. Mia Harrington was devastated by the loss of her father, but the stipulation that she marry a "suitable" man AND have the dude take HER name within one year before she can collect her inheritance? Mind numbing. But if...

Offered to the Cyborg
| Erotic Romance

OFFERED TO THE CYBORG is the second book in the Cy-Con series, but can be read as a standalone. Shaylee was kidnapped from Earth, and has been used and passed around as a slave since then. Although she has had children, she has never found pleasure in...

Prodigal Slave
| Erotic Romance

Familiar with the parable of the "Prodigal Son," seeing the title of Roxy Harte's PRODIGAL SLAVE, I was instantly intrigued and knew I wanted to read it. Add in that this story takes place twenty years later, and there's a much younger man involved, and...

HEAT (a gargoyle shifter romance)
| Erotic Romance

HEAT (Underground Encounters Book 5) by Lisa Carlisle is a fast-paced novella that returns the reader to the hot and steamy paranormal romance world of VAMPS. All types of paranormal creatures are drawn to VAMPS and this novella features a gorgeous gargoyle...

| Fantasy Romance

In Anna Hackett's Gladiator universe, it feels as though anything is possible. And that much frees the narrative to range from far-flung sand-dune adventures to ancient Rome-type fighting for sport and commerce. With a stoic, near-emotionless cybernetically-enhanced...

The Lieutenants' Online Love
| Contemporary Romance

THE LIEUTENANTS' ONLINE LOVE by Caro Carson is a sweet contemporary military romance with no sex, romantic relationship build-up, misunderstandings and realistic dialogue both online and face-to-face. Lieutenant Chloe Michaels is ready for her first...

Consorting with Dragons

CONSORTING WITH DRAGONS is beautiful fairytale-like story full of conspiracies, dragons and a sweet love story hidden behind the plots and rivalries of Court. Lord Jasen of Grumhul is going to the Draelands in the hopes of finding a rich husband who...

The Sebastian Chronicles

I finished THE COMPLETE SEBASTIAN CHRONICLES with mixed feelings. I found Sebastian likable and his life as he travels through the centuries was interesting. He is a sexy as sin vampire with an insatiable sexual appetite, and the only thing he wants is...

Nobody Does It Better
| Erotic Romance

5 double crossed stars for NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! Kayla Summers spent years as a double agent, impersonating her twin sister in China. Now she's out, and while she's looking forward to her new role with McKay-Taggart, her new job posing as bodyguard...


Poignant, heartbreaking and intense, this tale takes a reader into the speculative fiction of a future society. In this future, there are registered slaves who can be measured for their ability to handle pain and enjoy submission. Their collars are a...

Star Brides: Procured
| Erotic Romance

A woman gets a lot more than she bargained for... Anis wants to research alien lifeforms. She's excited to have been chosen to participate in a program which will allow her to continue her studies. But when she thinks her dream is finally coming true,...

Squared Away (Out of Uniform #5)

SQUARED AWAY is the fifth book in the Out of Uniform series, but can be read as a standalone, as I did. However, I must say that now I have found out what an exceptional writer Annabeth Albert is, it won't be the last book of hers I read! Isaiah is...

Kitten Around
| Erotic Romance

When the paddles come out, the cats will play... Paige's job is love. As a partner at a dating agency, which caters to shifter clients, she helps people find their mates. And she has a good track record. Her own love life, though, is more complicated....

Murder Takes the High Road

Mystery, intrigue and a little bit of romance is waiting for Carter in this trip to the Scottish Highlands. Carter has been waiting a long time to enjoy the tour created for fans of his favorite mystery author. His ex and his new boyfriend presence...


The author's writing had some poetic quality that make reading RIVEN a sublime experience. It contains some magnificent characters and a connection with music that was mesmerizing. Theo loves music, but that's about everything he loves about the music...

The Lion Tamer

THE LION TAMER is the full length story of Gray and Scottie that we were teased with ever since The Unexpected Santa was released. Scottie has always been a bit of a jerk, and found refuge in alcohol. This time though, he goes too far and ends up in...

M. Lee Prescott
Massachusetts, USA

M. Lee Prescott has just finished her sixteenth published novel, Ruthie's Love. She writes in several genres of fiction--Mystery, Historical, Western Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance Suspense, and books for children and young adults. Among her titles...

Megan Morgan
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Megan Morgan is a paranormal and contemporary romance author from Cleveland, Ohio. A mild-mannered bartender by day and purveyor of things that go bump in the night, she's trying to turn writing into her day job so she can be on the other side of the...

Paige Warren

Paige Warren spends her days weaving tales about alpha male cowboys and the women who love them. There's nothing hotter than a man in tight Wranglers and a pair of well-worn boots. You have to admit, there's something sexy about a man who knows how to...

Jessica Coulter Smith

Award-winning author Jessica Coulter Smith has been in love with the written word since she was a child writing her first stories in crayon. Today she's a multi-published author of over seventy-five novellas and novels. Romance is an integral part of...

Gina Kincade

USA Today Bestselling Author Gina Kincade has been penning romance since she was seventeen years old. She writes to a diverse range of genres where vampires and were-creatures will rip out a villainous heart without thinking twice, or bodyguards and heroic...

Dani Harper
Washington, USA

LEGEND. LORE. LOVE. MAGIC. These are the hallmarks of Dani Harper's transformational tales of faeries, shapeshifters, ghosts, and more, for a mature audience. A former newspaper editor, Dani's passion for all things supernatural led her to a second...

Renee Rearden
Pacific Northwest

My day job: An Official Court Reporter. (Yes, I write on that little machine thingy!) Night job: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author. Can you tell I'm obsessed with the written word? It all started with those little 45 rpm records that read...

Pittsburgh, PA

Hey fellow romance junkies! I'm a 30-something wife & mother who has been reading & reviewing erotic romance novels for a few years now. I absolutely adore MMF menage stories and can often be found with my kindle in one hand and an iPhone in the other...

Shana Rea

I love books

Michigan, USA

I am an avid book reader who can still remember the name of the first romance book I read - "Devil's Desire by Laurie McBain". I snuck off to the used book store and bought it with my pocket changes and hid it under my mattress when I was sneaking a peak...





Indulgence And Temperance By Faye Hall Sins Of The Virtuous, Book 2
Would you abandon the woman you love for your own indulgence? Beth Meridian has returned home, hoping to leave her sordid past behind her and settle into a quiet life. When her childhood friend, Hannah Raeburn, offers her a place to stay, Beth knows it won't be long until she runs into Hannah's brother, Daniel. What she doesn't expect is for him to reignite feelings deep in her heart, reminding her of the kiss they shared before she left town. Daniel Raeburn's past is scandalous, his sinful indulgences allowing him more wealth than he could ever need. Still, he wants more, and his gluttonous appetite for wealth and women leads him to buy into a partnership at the local hellfire club. When Hannah goes missing, Beth and Daniel follow her trail through the Australian outback. Witnessing the womanizer Daniel is, Beth flees on a cattle train headed north. Desperate to explain his actions, Daniel follows her. Arriving in the small town of Jarvisfield, Daniel is shocked to learn that Beth is now the owner of the largest cattle company in the area. He's even more shocked to discover that the preacher controlling the town, and stealing from the townspeople, is his once business partner William Maxon. He's convinced this man is also responsible for his sister's disappearance. When he learns William has Beth picked out as his next victim, Daniel knows he must do whatever it takes to make her listen to the truth. But she has no interest in hearing anything he has to say.
Her Lover's Secret
When twenty-something office worker Rachel spills wine all over herself and a devastatingly handsome older man at her friends' wedding reception, she little realises that it's the beginning of a heart-stopping journey of emotional discovery. Or that the gorgeous hunk she's just dowsed in house red is the owner of the very company she works for! Lawrence Brady is stunned to discover his state of weary ennui shattered by the beautiful woman who upends her glass of wine all over him. Rachel seems bold and eager for a sensual adventure… and he's just the man to show her new horizons, in a thrillingly intense but short-lived no strings affair. But what if their fling becomes more? Will Lawrence's secret sorrow destroy their chance of happiness and a future together? Or will Rachel's troubled past make it impossible for her to give her heart to him?
The Royal Marine
"I told you not to give me your heart yet—I hadn't earned it. Trouble is I'd already laid mine in your hands. "
Promises Renewed
A heartbreaking secret stands between Brianna and Jackson, and she plans to keep it that way… When Brianna Caufield hosts an online auction to raise money for her fledgling youth center, the last thing she expects is to be matched for a date with Jackson Reed. Lured by the fame of an NFL career, the hometown hero and all-star quarterback broke off their engagement without so much as a backward glance. Now, washed-up and wiser, Jack's come home with renewed faith and a changed heart—and he wants Brianna back. No matter how much she still cares for Jackson, Brianna knows the secret she harbors will destroy any chance of a future together. Can Jack find a way to coax the secret to the surface? And if he does, will forgiveness draw them closer together…or will their love be shattered forever?
Medical Romance Collection - 99c New Release
COMING IN HOT 2: RESCUE ME Featuring 16 USA Today, and Internationally Bestselling authors with more sizzling medical romance stories you love ~ doctors, nurses, paramedics and healers turn up the heat in this scorching paranormal & contemporary medical romance collection! 99cents until 4/22! Hurry before the price goes up!
Exception To The Rule
Free on Kindle Unlimited. Or, ebook 99 cents! Delilah Bennet had never fallen in love. As a writer, she had written thousands of scenes depicting it, but love was something that always eluded her. Secure with anonymity behind her laptop as a ghost-writer, Delilah was in total control to freely manipulate the male characters she created. The men in her stories were well scripted, and she was comfortable being the marionette in total control of every move they made. In her relationships with men, Delilah preferred one-night stands to the devious mind games men played while dating. With an unexpected chance meeting, Jake Hastings entered Delilah's life uninvited, yet as fate would have it, seemingly beyond her control. With his lightning blue eyes, sultry deep voice and rugged sexual energy, this heartthrob was more than Delilah could resist. Jake was shattering all the stereotyped notions of men that Delilah had become accustomed to. But, was he merely saying what she wanted to hear, or was he truly sincere? Would Delilah finally be able to find love, or would Jake merely be an additional notch on her bedpost and her first heartbreak?
Tamed By The Alien
Just released! "Adrienne Blake has hit this one out of this world. You'll be swooning, blushing, flushing and panting with the heat between these characters. I love these alien romances because the authors let their imaginations free and the readers are lucky enough to witness it. These types of books have great world-building and the story lines that are so intricately plotted. There's so much going on with the various characters that you get sucked into this world and its politics and the lives of these characters, and you're sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to find out what happens next. As always, there's a central romance that is full of emotion and action and has a wonderful happy end. It's fascinating to see how everything interweaves and connects and how it all unfolds."
Can his touch thaw her icy façade? Dr. Lily Cole might just be as cool as the surrounding ice to others, but awkward and shy Lily chooses to focus on her research than pursuing relationships. Her interests widen somewhat when she's put in charge of showing a handsome philanthropist around the facility in the hopes of acquiring much needed funding. Kieran King is used to having people fawning over him so when he meets surly Dr. Cole, he's intrigued. His research has deemed them a good cause but the main draw is meeting the fascinating researcher. Challenged, he's determined to show that he has knowledge as well as skills he's more than willing to share with her. In and out of bed. But will Lily let him?
Sex For Fun
Sex with a stranger might just be what Olivia needs. But, can she pull off a one-night stand? She had it all…brains, beauty, a rewarding nursing career, a fiancé and devoted friends. Then life happened. With her broken engagement and Olivia nearing the Big Three-O, she needed something. But what? Her best friend, Jude, was convinced a one-night stand was the solution. While contemplating the possibility of sex with a total stranger, Olivia meets Graham, an Adonis, possessing captivating lightning-blue eyes, an amazingly exquisite physique and a delicious smile. This businessman from Pottsville, PA, merely visiting her city, could be the perfect candidate. Her sexual attraction to him was raw and immediate. Should she seduce him and take the risk? Olivia is about to find out what it means to leave her comfort zone and begins an adventure of a lifetime.
Second Chances Historical Romance Novella
FREE for KU subscribers or $.99. "It is a fun, emotional, enjoyable, hot, and so much more story. I highly recommend it." (5-star Goodreads Review)
Only For The Night
She needs a Dom with heart. He sees the lifestyle as heartless. Can a brave submissive show a rock star that accepting his true nature will be nirvana for both of them? Letting go with her may help him put the pieces of himself—and his band—back together again. Struggling with the death of her mother, Sage Lyndsey turned to her Dom for comfort, but his impatience led to a humiliating scene in front of their club. Devastated, she runs to a small town on the Cali coast. Buying into Citrus Pointe's bakery may be her best decision ever—if she can overcome the embarrassment of having her new landlord's dog steal her towel right in front of him. It gets worse when she realizes he's none other than rock bassist Hank Nash, and despite the problems it would cause, she wants nothing more than his talented hands on her, bending her to his will. Hank is an ex-cop who knows all too well what dominance looks like when it turns to abuse—he saw the consequences on another cop's wife. After turning the man in, Hank left that life behind to start a rock band, Weekend Washout. Now he's fighting to keep the band together, and to deny his urge to dominate pretty, spunky Sage. But when Sage's ex-Dom reappears, Hank is forced into a life-changing decision: Accept both their needs and gain more than one night with Sage, or retreat to the safe life he's built so carefully?
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