In Fair Brighton (Star-Crossed Mafia #1)
by Elena Kincaid | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Star-Crossed Mafia series? How are the books tied together?

I've always loved Romeo and Juliet and when my two main characters popped into my head, the two of them reminded me of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, although my couple does not meet the same tragic end. The series will continue with the star-crossed theme, and the characters will all somehow be connected through these rival mob families from Brooklyn. I've already introduced the readers to my next two leading men in book one.

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Bought by the Boss
by Stacey Kennedy | Interview
Sex Symphony
by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake | Interview
Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview
First Fall
by Zaide Bishop | Interview


A Done Deal Is Live On Amazon
"Way I see it, you and me... we're a done deal." Chance Williams determination is more than Tessa Anderson bargains for when she moves to Hope Junction, Wyoming. Sure, she's attracted to the tall handsome rancher, but she's thinking just some romance and a bit of sexy fun. She isn't looking to fall in love. She's especially not looking to fall in love with a man who has ideas as old fashioned as Chance's. Ideas that include a protective streak a mile long. Not to mention a firm hand he's not afraid to use. And, oh yeah - a ring on her finger. Tessa's firmly fixed on launching her new herb and seed business. The little bungalow she rents from Chance is perfect for her new venture. When an unexplained fire and strange goings on at the property start to threaten her success and maybe even her safety, Tessa has to come to terms with her wayward desires and her hesitant heart. She might just have to accept that Chance is right about them. They're a done deal.
New Release!
Can a 5-minute speed date lead to a lifetime of love? Aviva Shulman has had enough of the dating scene. Her father valued his high-powered career over his wife and family. She wants something more, someone who values her. But her roommates are determined to find her the perfect match. Jacob Black doesn't have time for relationships. A third-year law student, he's focused on studying and getting a high-paying job with a top-notch law firm. But his overbearing mother wants him to find someone and settle down. Their paths cross at a speed dating event and sparks fly. But is five minutes long enough to determine a future together?
Twin Sacrifice
New Psychological Thriller
Deceit And Devotion
"I will pay you to sleep with my wife." Jarrah Miyan, a young half-caste aboriginal man, is supposed to seduce a white woman into an affair so her greed-driven husband can gain full control of her inheritance, including the rare collection of black opals she keeps under lock and key. When he walks into the study to meet the poor chit he's to take advantage of, he expects to find an aging woman who smells of stale perfume and gin. Who he finds though is the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on—the same woman whose pale thighs had been wrapped around him just a few hours earlier as she'd begged him to give her pleasure. After their night of passion together, Emily Holtz doubted she would ever see Jarrah again. To have him standing before her now, asking for employment at her cattle station, was not a situation she had prepared herself for. She agrees to hire him on one condition. He has to spy on her husband and get her the incriminating evidence she needs to apply for a divorce.

Love of Finished Years
| Historical fiction

Coming to America definitely wasn't Elsa's idea nor was being forced to work in a garment sweatshop in lower Manhattan instead of going to school. But there are times that you simply have to work with what you have, doing what you must and not what you...

The Mitus Touch
| Erotic Romance

Brigit Farnay is out for revenge against Colton Mitus in this steamy series opener, THE MITUS TOUCH. Brigit works for an investment firm, and when she sees mega rich Colton Mitus walk through the doors, she wants nothing to do with him. He ruined her...


The author's writing had some poetic quality that make reading RIVEN a sublime experience. It contains some magnificent characters and a connection with music that was mesmerizing. Theo loves music, but that's about everything he loves about the music...

In Fair Brighton (Star-Crossed Mafia #1)
| Contemporary Romance

"Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean." Well, thankfully, in this story, we do get our happily ever after, but on our way...

Hunting for Spring
| Erotic Romance

HUNTING FOR SPRING is the first book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles and we have the world building that will enable us to read the rest of the series, knowing who is who and who does what. Connor is a human Hunter--usually of the Fae--but he understands...

The Lion Tamer

THE LION TAMER is the full length story of Gray and Scottie that we were teased with ever since The Unexpected Santa was released. Scottie has always been a bit of a jerk, and found refuge in alcohol. This time though, he goes too far and ends up in...

Auctioned to the Bad Boy CEO
| Contemporary Romance

Mega hot Brit author Doris O'Connor has done it again with another super-hot and sexy read! AUCTIONED BY THE BAD BOY CEO has an undeniably sexy and alpha billionaire boss who puts Mr. Grey to shame. Logan Bryce is a man who steps in and takes over companies...

Fighting Faete (Beyond The Veil #5)
| Erotic Romance

FIGHTING FAETE is the fifth book in the Beyond The Veil series, and this series shows no signs of slacking. Each story is wonderful as a standalone, but together, they are brilliant. Kat is the Beta, and as such she knows very few men that are more...

Her Best Friend's Husband

What's a naughty menage between friends? When Naomi's best friend gets married, she feels like she's losing a piece of her heart along with him. Yet, something strange happens during the reception that leaves her fantasizing about not only her BFF...

Blood Submission
| Paranormal Romance

BLOOD SUBMISSION by L.E. Wilson is the fifth book in the Deathless Night series. I went into this book believing it could be read as a stand-alone as each book in the series focuses on a different couple. However, as I progressed through the story, I...

Rough Ride (Chaos 5)
| Erotic Romance

4 vigilante stars for ROUGH RIDE. Rosalie Holloway has put everything on the line to get her boyfriend Beck out of a bad MC situation...but going to her friends at rival club Chaos has put her life in jeopardy. Busted, bruised and beaten within an...


Music excites me and everything about the blurb of SYNCOPATION was catnip: a fledgling garage band on the verge of making it big, a new cocky (and talented) drummer taking the place of the old one, an unspoken, straining attraction between 2 people who'd...

Baby Daddy
| Contemporary Romance

5 spermy stars for BABY DADDY! Jenna Porter never thought she'd meet the daddy of her dreams in an elevator. After being trapped with powerful CEO Emmett Smith on her way to the sperm bank, he proposes a plan: nix the anonymous baby daddy plan and...

Mastering Her Fear
| Erotic Romance

BJ Wane has released the third book in her awesome Miami Masters series, MASTERING HER FEAR! And it's just as wonderful as the other books in the series! BJ has been a one click author for me since I discovered her Virginia Bluebloods series. Jackson...

Fade & Fluff

FADE AND FLUFF is a romantic M/M urban fantasy. It is book 3 in a series, but there is enough exposition to read it as standalone. Male Lead 1, Male Lead 2, Villain, Sidekicks, and their various entanglements are all briskly laid out. We learn a few rules...

Wicked Favor
| Contemporary Romance

WICKED FAVOR (The Wicked Horse Vegas #1) by Sawyer Bennett is the start of a new Wicked Horse series set in Las Vegas. This is an erotic contemporary romance series with explicit sex scenes including fetishes and multiple sexual partners. Jerico Jameson...

Arctic Spirit (Arctic Ice #1)
| Erotic Romance

ARCTIC SPIRIT is the first book in a new series by Elena Kincaid. We start off with Charlotte. Her father was in the air force and one of the best moves he made was when he was stationed in Alaska. Why? Because Charlotte meets Drew and Chris, two brothers...

Her Best Friend's Husband

"Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to...". As a wedding planner, Naomi has heard it all before, but why did it have to hurt so much this time? I mean, her best friend, Josh, is marrying the love of his life. She should...

| Contemporary Romance

QUAKE resonated with me in more ways than one. Apart from the devastating quakes that have stolen the headlines in New Zealand over the past few years, that Tracey Alvarez has chosen to set her book in Wellington--a place which I adore--and its familiar...

Marital Duty
| Erotic Romance

A wicked fun romp in the historical hay! Evaline has developed a girl crush on the wife of her husband's best friend. Since her own love life at home with her husband is lackluster, she wonders what it would be like to share passion with a lover. Selina...

Once Upon A Wolf

There was something so beautiful about this book that it got my full attention from the start. I was really surprised when I realized I haven't read any of the author's book yet, since I'm interested in a lot of them. This was an amazing first impression...

| Contemporary Romance

3 thieving, scary stars for HANNAH. After surviving a hostage situation and the shooting of her boyfriend Wes by Chinese corporate terrorist Ni La, Hannah Taylor is done. And when she attacks Hannah's friend Lauren, killing her husband? No more waiting,...

Behind Closed Doors
| Erotic Romance

The third and final installment of Lexie Davis's Roaming Devils MC series shows us what happens after the marriage of club president Ryker and doctor Ella. We pick up right on their wedding day, and Ella pays the price for Ryker not getting rid of his...

Soul to Keep

Finding love and peace when the life seems to be falling apart, is one of the experiences Jamie and Marc will have to learn in SOUL TO KEEP. Jamie is a recovering addict that is trying to put his life together going back to England. Marc is an Ex-Army...

The Last King
| Contemporary Romance

Filthy rich family drama--tuned up several notches--lies at the heart of THE LAST KING as children pay for the bad blood that started decades before their time and work painfully through schisms because of one woman's longstanding, poisonous resentment...

Enslaving Dana
| Erotic Romance

Have you ever felt as though there was something missing in your life? Whether it's the realization that you can't stand what you do for work or the desire for a panty-soaking encounter, life is currently on the...bitter...side and you've no idea what...

Her Best Friend's Husband

HER BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND is an inter-racial, M/M/F short story by super storyteller Doris O'Connor. I'm always on tenterhooks waiting for Doris to come out with a new story, and every time, it's worth the wait! Wedding planner Naomi is stuck in the...

Winter of Ice and Iron
| Fantasy Romance

WINTER OF ICE AND IRON is an amazing fantasy novel from Rachel Neumeier. From the first page, I was transported to a world of magic and powers and deadly politics as captivating as a certain series currently running on TV. The magic system was certainly...

| Erotic Romance

Have you ever loved someone despite knowing you could never have her? Because to have her would mean certain retribution? Have you ever waited for him to come but he never did? What happens when what is thought to be unrequited love, isn't? In Erzabet...

Undone by You

A 12-year-age gap between a closeted player and an openly-gay manager along with the implications of a relationship that's probably forbidden and mostly likely to be massacred by the press and the public? The odds seem unsurmountable. That Cade and Dante...

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Rosemary Goodacre
Kent, England

I have worked in the computer industry and teaching, besides raising a family. I love writing and have had short stories published, besides my novella, A Fortnight is not Enough. I am currently working on a historical novel. My historical novel Pleasure...

Chrys Fey
Florida, USA

Chrys Fey is the author of the Disaster Crimes Series, a unique concept blending romance, crimes, and disasters. She's an administrator for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, running their newsletter and book club. She's also an editor for Dancing Lemur...

N. Christine Samuelson
South Carolina, USA

Christine's novels deal with journeys through life and love, their challenges and relationships; and are influenced by the mystery, magic, and mysticism in everyday life - through love, loss and grief; and exploring how people overcome heartbreak and...

G. P. Gadbois
Morrisburg, ON Canada

G. P. Gadbois is a wife and a mother of three. Born in Ottawa, and raised in Cornwall, ON. In her last year of high school, she caught the 'writing bug' when she wrote a weekly column published in the French newspaper of her hometown. Writing then took...

Tabetha Waite
Midwest, USA

I've always loved books and reading since I was a young girl who spent countless hours at the local library. At nine years old, when my fourth grade teacher said she liked reading my stories, did my dream of becoming a published writer materialize. I...

Casi McLean

Casi created stories before she could write, and fantasized impossible dreams. What if she could change the past? Could she alter her destiny too? Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time captivated her. And in youth, writing became her escape, a solace...


I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV to a large and loud family. I spent my childhood creating worlds in which my younger siblings and I would play. A love of stories grew into a love of words and I eventually earned BA degrees in Journalism and English. I...

Louisiana, USA

I love exploring new worlds and fascinating characters through books, each and every book that I read holds a special place in my heart, a treasure to own, whether it's paranormal, supernatural, mythological, erotic, action, military, or sci-fi/ fantasy...

North Carolina

I am the owner of Vera's Book Reviews and Stuff. I am a reviewer for The Romance Reviews, The Baker Publishing Group, Net Galley, Reading Alley, and for authors who request reviews. I review all genres of books. I read everything from A to Z and...

Nadene R

HI My name is Nadene. I am an avid reader and have been reading since I was a child. I was introduced to the fantastic world of reading when I was gifted a copy of Wuthering Heights by a family friend. Since then there has been no turning back. I love...

December 3 - 31
November 2017 Ezine




Cancun Memories
When heiress and billionaire Savannah Collins walks away from her wedding after catching her fiancé in the act with one of her employees, she thinks she's free of him. He doesn't see it that way, so her father hires a bodyguard—one she never expected to see again. Marek returns from his latest assignment in Mexico eager for his next job. The interlude in Cancun, where a strange woman saved his butt, was merely that, he thinks. Until the next assignment that is.
The Seacroft: A Love Story
After suffering heartbreaking losses, Vivian Wood lands a plum job in a seaside mansion. But she soon discovers that being broke and dealing with her cranky boss are not her only problems. Cody McGraw, The Seacroft's gorgeous gardener, is the bane of her existence—until she starts falling for him. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Cape Cod, The Seacroft is a steamy story of difficult choices, heart-wrenching sacrifice, and the ultimate salvation of love.
Devil's Lake
Bittersweet Hollow, book 1 Two years ago, Portia Lamont disappeared from a small town in Vermont, devastating her parents and sister, who spent every waking hour searching for her. When she suddenly shows up on their horse farm in a stolen truck with a little mutt on her lap, they want to know what happened. Was she taken? Or did she run away? 2015 Finalist Readers' Favorites Awards 2015 Semi-finalist in Kindle Book Review Awards
Heart Of Stone
Slavery, corruption, and murder threaten to separate them. Isabella Miley is trapped. Her brother and protector is dead—murdered on a slave trader's ship—and now Samuel Buchanan, the man she fears most, has papers placing her in servitude to him. When he threatens to make her his wife and offer her out as payment to all the men he owes money to, she runs for her life, and straight into the arms of Ruben Stoneheart. But before she can ask for his help she finds herself dragged back to Samuel and into bondage. Ruben wanted a life far away from the blackbirding slave trade he was once involved in. He watched too many people die on those ships. That wasn't the life he wanted. He wants peace, a wife, family. When the Irish beauty Isabella ran into his arms, she stirred feelings in him unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Never could he have imagined her to be the wife of his once business partner, Samuel Buchanan.
The Rake's Irish Lady
Strong-willed Bridget shared a night of bliss with rakish Colin Warren years ago. Finding herself pressed toward an unwanted marriage, she seeks out Colin once more — hoping he'll acknowledge the daughter he knows nothing about…
Devil's Creek
Grace may have problems, but Anderson Rockwell loves his vibrant, sensual, and slightly unfaithful wife. A recovered drug addict who's now struggling with sex addiction, Grace tries her best to control her inner demons. She's relapsing less often. And when she does, she always calls. Always comes back home. Until this time.
The Seacrest: A Love Story
"The Seacrest is a story of growing up and love and understandings and misunderstandings. Aaron Paul Lazar takes his reader on a ride that moves between wildly intense and slow sensuous scenes. It is a gripping love story that transports readers to a land of sea and lovers and life. " Maria, a reader
Phatt Farm
She's an FBI Forensic Accountant with Attitude, body anxiety, irritating relatives, and her own version of weight control.
Devil's Spring
When Grace, her husband, and her baby girl are forced to move home, it isn't all bad. Along with her sister and her toddler son, Grace soon finds a way to improve her finances by entering riding competitions with her family's gorgeous horses. But the homecoming takes a horrific turn when the babies abducted, sending both new mothers on a frantic search with few leads. Lollie Belvedere didn't know her adopted children would turn out to be kidnapping victims. But something in her snaps when she's forced to return the babies—now she'll do whatever it takes to get them back.
The Seadog: A Love Story
Scout Vanderhorn has lost her mother, her home, and all hope of security. In a desperate bid to escape her abusive stepfather, she travels to a seaside mansion in search of her real father—and finds a secret sister who welcomes her into the family, troubles and all. Set on beautiful Cape Cod, The Seadog is a story of trauma and redemption, of mysteries and revelations -- and above all, the incredible power of love.
Dare To Surrender (the Dare Menage Series, Bk 5)
One woman, two men, a fierce attraction and a danger that could destroy them all... Olivia Holloway's life has never been easy. On her own at sixteen, she's fought to survive ever since. When she finds herself in a dangerous situation that even she can't handle, she has to break down and ask for help. She reluctantly seeks it by showing up at her estranged brother's law firm. However, it's not her brother, Trey, who steps in, it's the firm's private investigator, Elliot Stone and his husband, Grant Lane. They agree to hide her at their home to keep her safe after she witnesses a powerful Senator commit murder. Together for a decade, Eli and Grant's marriage is solid and they're still deeply in love. But when Olivia shows up at the firm they both work at, Eli feels a pull toward the woman he can't deny. Only now he needs to convince his husband that bringing her into their relationship will not destroy what they have but only enhance it. However, will Grant agree? And will the trouble that's following Olivia put them all at risk? Note: This book in the series can be read as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes MMF scenes between all three characters.
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