It's Complicated
by Nikki Prince | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Undeniable series? How are the books tied together?

The idea came to me while watching friends chat about sex. I thought how easy it was that they talked about it and that it would be fun to do a friends to lovers story with the heroine being the one to initiate talking about a friends with benefits relationship.

Q: Which came to you first for IT'S COMPLICATED: Plot or Character?

The plot came first. Again, I was eavesdropping...

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Bought by the Boss
by Stacey Kennedy | Interview
Sex Symphony
by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake | Interview
Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview


Mexican Heat: Crimes & Cocktails Series #1
Tough, street-smart SFPD Detective Gabriel Sandalini is willing to do whatever it takes to bring down West Coast crime boss Ricco Botelli -- including a dangerous, deep undercover gig as one of Botelli's hired guns. But Gabriel's best laid plans may come crashing down around him when he falls hard for the sexy, suave lieutenant of a rival Mexican drug lord. Turns out his new love interest may have a few secrets of his own: secrets that could destroy both men and the fragile bond between them.
Manlove is a single author collection of some of my short stories pulled together from other out-of-print anthologies. Jackson & Nick - Fireman Jackson Kain and ER physician Dr. Nick Kirby would both like nothing better than to leave behind their high-pressure NY City lives for a just a few days in the peaceful wilds of Northern Ca. Two ordinary men exploring their growing relationship in glorious, undisturbed beauty of nature. Before this trip is over, both men will need all their specialized abilities and training to survive their romantic interlude turned WILD FIRE.
Genetic Snare
Think a young Jack Sparrow meets Alien 'The Rock'! Bounty hunter Talos bows to pressure to bring his lifemate home for the completion of his strict warrior culture's bonding ritual. Aidan, displaced 18th century Earth pirate -- light- fingered, sly, charming, and understandably naive about the new world he's been thrust into -- can't wait. Even if it turns out someone wants him dead. The 26th century looks different, but it turns out to be a lot like his old life!
Lady Of The Flames
Even the tools express their opinions in Regency-with-magic LADY OF THE FLAMES! Fen knew his father for a ruthless man—a necessity, when one worked for the Home Office in wartime—but incredibly, he was suggesting that Fen agree to the murder of his closest friend. The awl quivered, and his whittling knife thrashed, ready to exact retribution for this vile suggestion. *Cease*, Fen ordered his tools. A perfect lady, a disgraced lord, a traitor, spies, magic with blades, magic with fire, and love (of course).

Her Keeper
| Erotic Romance

This one is something of a mixed bag of tropes in the romance genre. We have a bit of an enemies to lovers story with Rick and Sara going toe to toe over a grudge, which leads to the romantic comedy elements with the witty banter and chuckle-worthy situations....

Chosen by the Senator
| Erotic Romance

I've really been enjoying this series and was happy to see that a new book is being released. In it, Paige accepts Vendu Senator, Jamen Hosta's offer to come work for him as his assistant (hanjin) but it's more than a working relationship (rubs hands...

Wonderfully Wicked
| Paranormal Romance

WONDERFULLY WICKED is the first book in The Dreamcaster series, and we start off with Kalila. She is a 'normal' woman plagued with un-normal nightmares. These nightmares can come to life and hurt both Kalila and those around her if she allows them. Lydon...

| Contemporary Romance

Tara Wyatt's newest law enforcement series sounded like the kind of romantic suspense I wanted to dig my heels into and STRIPPED--in more ways than one--is the introduction to a trio of detectives seeking to avenge the death of their friend, while finding...

Hot Daddy
| Contemporary Romance

HOT DADDY is a fun and sexy contemporary romance. Cal McAdams is not an alpha ass* although he is a billionaire (does a hero have to be a billionaire to come across as cool and sexy and unattainable?). He needs a fiancée to gain custody of his god-children...

One Last Heist

ONE LAST HEIST has a host of new characters, and our main couple are already married, which made for a lovely change. They both have jobs by day, but are thieves by night. Mack has a list of rules that he works to, helping to ensure he only robs from...

How Saeter Robbed The Underworld

A bittersweet and unusual story, entertaining, charming, with a lot of emotions and beautiful characters. After having a fight with his best friend, Eirik is not in the mood to listen to the story his father is telling. But getting to know about the...

Night of the Zandians
| Erotic Romance

A human gets an alien mate. Then another. Oh, and another one too. Riya has a problem. More like three of them, all handsome and coming right for her now that their king has declared open season on the women. As a newly freed slave, she won't ever...

Mia's Men
| Erotic Romance

3 stars for four of MIA'S MEN. Mia Harrington was devastated by the loss of her father, but the stipulation that she marry a "suitable" man AND have the dude take HER name within one year before she can collect her inheritance? Mind numbing. But if...

Offered to the Cyborg
| Erotic Romance

OFFERED TO THE CYBORG is the second book in the Cy-Con series, but can be read as a standalone. Shaylee was kidnapped from Earth, and has been used and passed around as a slave since then. Although she has had children, she has never found pleasure in...

Prodigal Slave
| Erotic Romance

Familiar with the parable of the "Prodigal Son," seeing the title of Roxy Harte's PRODIGAL SLAVE, I was instantly intrigued and knew I wanted to read it. Add in that this story takes place twenty years later, and there's a much younger man involved, and...

HEAT (a gargoyle shifter romance)
| Erotic Romance

HEAT (Underground Encounters Book 5) by Lisa Carlisle is a fast-paced novella that returns the reader to the hot and steamy paranormal romance world of VAMPS. All types of paranormal creatures are drawn to VAMPS and this novella features a gorgeous gargoyle...

| Fantasy Romance

In Anna Hackett's Gladiator universe, it feels as though anything is possible. And that much frees the narrative to range from far-flung sand-dune adventures to ancient Rome-type fighting for sport and commerce. With a stoic, near-emotionless cybernetically-enhanced...

Girl in the Mist
| Contemporary Romance

GIRL IN THE MIST is an exceptional book that tells the story of Rory and Nina/Lena/Thyra/Octavia/Joey. Nina was a child soldier and has ended up being locked away in a very dodgy mental institution where she is subjected to 'treatment' including drugging...

The Wonder of You
| Fantasy Romance

5 stars falling down the rabbit hole for THE WONDER OF YOU! When Alice moves to New York City, it's a whole other Wonderland she's encountering. Alice Leighton is working on her PhD in sexual studies at NYU, but she's in a bit of a pickle. The intense...

The Lieutenants' Online Love
| Contemporary Romance

THE LIEUTENANTS' ONLINE LOVE by Caro Carson is a sweet contemporary military romance with no sex, romantic relationship build-up, misunderstandings and realistic dialogue both online and face-to-face. Lieutenant Chloe Michaels is ready for her first...

Consorting with Dragons

CONSORTING WITH DRAGONS is beautiful fairytale-like story full of conspiracies, dragons and a sweet love story hidden behind the plots and rivalries of Court. Lord Jasen of Grumhul is going to the Draelands in the hopes of finding a rich husband who...

The Sebastian Chronicles

I finished THE COMPLETE SEBASTIAN CHRONICLES with mixed feelings. I found Sebastian likable and his life as he travels through the centuries was interesting. He is a sexy as sin vampire with an insatiable sexual appetite, and the only thing he wants is...

Nobody Does It Better
| Erotic Romance

5 double crossed stars for NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! Kayla Summers spent years as a double agent, impersonating her twin sister in China. Now she's out, and while she's looking forward to her new role with McKay-Taggart, her new job posing as bodyguard...

Making Up
| Contemporary Romance

I don't have much experience with reading Lucy Parker's books, but MAKING UP's enemies-to-lovers blurb drew me right in. I loved the chaotic opening that was full of sensory delights mixed with the drama that happens both onstage and offstage--that's...

Deserving It
| Contemporary Romance

5 big burly and Irish loving stars for DESERVING IT! Claire Hitchins has been crushing on Conor McDaid since she met him a few years ago. As captains of the Sarasota women's and men's hurling teams, respectively, the two are around each other a lot....

The Rules of Persuasion
| Young Adult Romance

THE RULES OF PERSUASION gave me a lot of feels. I feel for Meg, for losing her sister, for the family troubles she's experiencing at home. When the adults fail, it's usually the children who bear the brunt of that failure, when it's not even their fault....


Poignant, heartbreaking and intense, this tale takes a reader into the speculative fiction of a future society. In this future, there are registered slaves who can be measured for their ability to handle pain and enjoy submission. Their collars are a...

Star Brides: Procured
| Erotic Romance

A woman gets a lot more than she bargained for... Anis wants to research alien lifeforms. She's excited to have been chosen to participate in a program which will allow her to continue her studies. But when she thinks her dream is finally coming true,...

Squared Away (Out of Uniform #5)

SQUARED AWAY is the fifth book in the Out of Uniform series, but can be read as a standalone, as I did. However, I must say that now I have found out what an exceptional writer Annabeth Albert is, it won't be the last book of hers I read! Isaiah is...

Kitten Around
| Erotic Romance

When the paddles come out, the cats will play... Paige's job is love. As a partner at a dating agency, which caters to shifter clients, she helps people find their mates. And she has a good track record. Her own love life, though, is more complicated....

Murder Takes the High Road

Mystery, intrigue and a little bit of romance is waiting for Carter in this trip to the Scottish Highlands. Carter has been waiting a long time to enjoy the tour created for fans of his favorite mystery author. His ex and his new boyfriend presence...


The author's writing had some poetic quality that make reading RIVEN a sublime experience. It contains some magnificent characters and a connection with music that was mesmerizing. Theo loves music, but that's about everything he loves about the music...

The Lion Tamer

THE LION TAMER is the full length story of Gray and Scottie that we were teased with ever since The Unexpected Santa was released. Scottie has always been a bit of a jerk, and found refuge in alcohol. This time though, he goes too far and ends up in...

Her Best Friend's Husband

What's a naughty menage between friends? When Naomi's best friend gets married, she feels like she's losing a piece of her heart along with him. Yet, something strange happens during the reception that leaves her fantasizing about not only her BFF...

Paige Warren

Paige Warren spends her days weaving tales about alpha male cowboys and the women who love them. There's nothing hotter than a man in tight Wranglers and a pair of well-worn boots. You have to admit, there's something sexy about a man who knows how to...

Mary Manners
Seymour, TN

Mary Manners is a country girl at heart who has spent a lifetime sharing her joy of writing. She has two sons, a daughter, and three beautiful grandchildren. She lives in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee with her husband Tim and...

Robin Leigh Morgan
New York City Metropolitan Area

I'm a retired NYCity employee who's been married for 24 years sans children. While "I Kissed a Ghost", a YA [Young Adult] Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance. I've also written an anthology of 100 Flash Fictions, where the vast majority of the...

Cheryl Phipps
New Zealand

Cheryl Phipps is a USA Today Best Selling New Zealand author of contemporary romance and women's fiction. Married for forty plus years (a teenage bride, no less) to her own 'the one', and at the beck and call of a handful (or two) of grandchildren, she...

Dani Harper
Washington, USA

LEGEND. LORE. LOVE. MAGIC. These are the hallmarks of Dani Harper's transformational tales of faeries, shapeshifters, ghosts, and more, for a mature audience. A former newspaper editor, Dani's passion for all things supernatural led her to a second...

Kris Pearson
Wellington, New Zealand

Hi - I'm way down in New Zealand, and most of my books are set in this gorgeous country. I write sizzling hot romances - the 'Wicked in Wellington' series, set mostly in my home city, and the 'Heartlands Heroines' series about the girls who live out in...


I work in the mental health area and that makes me feel attracted to books that address such subjects. I like to read angsty stories. Complex character are my favourite and i've always felt attracted to dark theme books. Right now i'm almost exclusively...

Pittsburgh, PA

Hey fellow romance junkies! I'm a 30-something wife & mother who has been reading & reviewing erotic romance novels for a few years now. I absolutely adore MMF menage stories and can often be found with my kindle in one hand and an iPhone in the other...

Pat Henshaw
Northern California

Retired English composition instructor and librarian, I've lived and worked in Falls Church, VA; Ft. Collins, CO; Houston, TX; Sacramento, CA; Lincoln, NE; and North Springfield, VA. I've traveled to Europe, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, and Egypt....


I've been conducting a love affair with books since the age of seven. I graduated to romance when I was eleven and it's been a blissful relationship to the present.





4.5 Stars For The Music Box
Find out why readers are calling The Music Box a beautiful, emotional read. A victim of obligation, Gabrielle spends her days slogging away in a dead-end job, fending off the unwanted advances of her manager. At night, she spoon-feeds memories to her mother, a resident at an assisted-living facility, which specializes in dementia. The only high-point in her life is Luciano, the grandson of another patient. When his grandmother passes away, Luciano bequeaths Gabrielle an antique music box, which plays a hauntingly familiar tune, her mother's favorite song. However, the music box hides a dark secret, one which could rip apart the budding relationship. Once the truth is revealed, Gabrielle must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for love.
A Bit Of Rough
Architect James Justin impulsively lets himself be picked up in a biker bar by seductive hunk Bram Lord for a one nightstand that turns into something bigger. The physically impressive, forceful stranger meets, matches and exceeds James' sexual fantasies, but can shy, uncertain James be everything the strongly committed Bram wants?
Sin & Salvation
A selfish act of greed or a self-less act of love eternal? Ian Flynn, a vampire finds his perfect love in 1823 Victorian England in the form of Trevor Sheffield, a young stage actor. He keeps his true nature a secret from his lover until one Christmas Eve when Trevor is brought to the edge of death by a street gang mugging. Rather than lose the man who helped him discover he still had a soul (and a heart to break), Ian turns Trevor. Afterwards, he spends every Christmas Eve alone, wondering if he committed a selfish act of greed or a self-less act of love eternal.
Love For All Seasons Charity Anthology
Love stories for all seasons. RJ Scott brings authors together in an MM anthology that reveals true love always deserves a happy ending, whatever the season. With characters who find love in a New York park, or on a college campus, in the middle of a snowstorm or in the heat of summer, ‘Love for all Seasons' delivers romance for everyone. Including stories from three authors, new to the world of writing MM romance. It is a charity anthology with all proceeds going to The Albert Kennedy and The Matthew Shepard
Ex-cia Agent Rescues Kidnapped Millionaire And Finds Love!
Kidnap victim Alex Throne literally drops into the arms of security specialist Reese Holt, pulling Holt into a battle against a ruthless drug cartel, personal betrayal, and a specter from Holt's CIA past. Holt agrees to put his team of specialists on the trail of Alex's assailants while he takes on the personal job of protecting the life he inadvertently saved, motivated, in part, by a romantic attraction. Keeping his mind on protecting Alex could prove difficult, especially when he can't keep his mind off Alex's body.
Available For Free On Kindle Unlimited
UNREQUITED After years of secret longing for his brother's wife, Tyler rejoices when she is set free and ripe for new love—though it may take a prolonged seduction to convince wary Trista to open herself up to pleasure once more.
Sophie - The Soiled Doves Series
FREE for short time only. Book 1. Because of her bigamous husband, Sophie is now considered a soiled dove and is forced to leave town. Captured by a group of desperadoes, she escapes and is found by Gabe Benton, a man whose life is tainted by the thirst for revenge. They fall in love, but what will happen when Gabe discovers Sophie is implicated in his wife's death?
Mystic Realms - 20 Paranormal Titles Collection
What goes bump in the night? What causes you a fright? While the answers for each may vary, I promise that these stories will not leave you wary. From vampires and demons to shifters and creatures that you'd never suspect, this set will leave you breathless in the best possible ways. So, don't be afraid. Come, step into our realm. Allow the mysticism of romance in many shapes and forms fall over you like a veil of sweet, soothing, spine-tingling comfort. We promise… you won't be sorry. Featuring DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by Laura Baumbach.
Only Ever You
Olivia Night has dropped the first book in her new series! Cooper and Emma are childhood sweethearts whose lives change irrevocably after a tragic car accident. The emotional fallout finds both of them distant and grieving, though no less in love with one another. In a perfect world they would have had the ability to work through this awful time in their lives together. But, instead, they go their separate ways. Neither expecting to find happiness without the other. Four years later they find themselves thrown back together. Emma, a middle school English teacher is witness to a murder. Cooper, now detective with the Asheville PD, steps in to work on the case. When the man, who committed the murder, sets Emma in his sights Cooper and Emma embark on a deeply emotional and difficult journey as they try to find their way back to each other. But the murder is only the first wave of the coming storm. The man after Emma is part of an illegal organization, The Ridgeliners. The powerful group has swept through the South. Each city buckling under its pressure. With the Liners comes drugs, guns and prostitution. Now, they want Asheville. Cooper must protect Emma, race against time to hold the Liners's back from taking over his city and together they must face down their past and the demons that came in their wake. Only Ever You is an exciting, devastating and emotional read (yes, with an HEA).
Managing Blake ~ Available Now!
Opposites attract, but do they last? Former all-star player, Blake Anderson manages the Idaho Outlaws. He has one goal-win the league championship by the time he's forty. A wife and kids? He can wait. He's lived his life under the motto, 'one night is enough'. Then the woman who he's been lusting after from afar is available and one kiss is not going to be enough. What happens when the right person shows up at the wrong time? Caris Sloane needs to have a baby-now. Her well laid plans of career, marriage, and baby become flipped. Her ex, who she thought was finally Mr. Right turned into Mr. Wrong-six months ago. A lab failure destroys her frozen eggs-six days ago. She crashes a bachelor party and kisses Blake-six hours ago. Definitely wrong time. She needs a vacation and a new plan.
Thorne: Rose's Dark Contract (book 1)
ON SALE! 99 cents ONLY! I was a monster, a sadistic prick really. I was sure it had something to do with the fact that my mother was a drunk, a liar, a greedy manipulator who had made me tell lies that changed my life forever. I'd tried to fix my past. I had in many areas. I had little to no contact with my mother. I'd devoted much of my life to worthy causes, to the underdog. And I'd built a bond with a friend whom I would trust with my life. In fact, I do. But at thirty-three years old, I still hadn't been able to trust women in the romantic sense. I didn't even want to try. I certainly didn't want to fall in love; and I had pretty much worked out my life so that I was fulfilled both sexually and professionally without any attachment. It had been working out pretty fucking well my entire adult life. But I should have known from the beginning that she would be different. I should have listened to my instincts. Just how different, I would have never been able to guess.
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