The Highland Renegade
by Amy Jarecki | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Lords of the Highlands series? How are the books tied together?

I have always been interested in the Jacobite era, and the Lords of the Highlands series centers on and leads up to the 1715 rising led by the Earl of Mar. It is a time of enormous change when the eon's-long way of the Highlanders is crumbling. Misunderstanding is rife as government dragoons are sent into Scotland to effect change. The problem is they created havoc, and I weave this into my stories where rugged Highland men find...

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by Victoria Danann | Interview


Beyond The Last Page
Beyond the Last Page... ...because the end is the beginning of forever. "Beyond the Rain" by R.B. O'Brien Young love is like the first time one sees a shooting star; it's bright and magical. But not all stars can be seen through the rain. When Julietta and Max fall in love one romantic and lustful summer, etching their forever promises into the big oak under a night sky, neither could predict what the stars had in store for their future. Will their love last beyond the rain? "Beyond Forever" by Sebastian Nox Is this life a dream within a dream? For lovers Adam and Abigail, it may be their reality, a universe of two. Or is it a prison? Beyond their love. Beyond Forever. "Beyond The Call of Duty" by Rachel de Vine Fearing death, he learns how to live. But can he forget the girl he left at home for a brief taste of heaven? The call of duty during the First World War tested people and relationships to their limit. "Beyond the Mask" by Mark A Morris In a world where most people hide behind masks, can Kathleen and Sean find truth? "Beyond Mercy" by Summer Layne One night. Three lives forever changed. Mercy never imagined finding love in the arms of two men or how much it would hurt to leave them. Can they find their way back together? "Beyond the Last Breath" by Ashlee Shades While his wife lay in the hospital bed, barely clinging on to life, Thomas reflects on their years together and the happy memories they created. When they pledged, ''Till death do you part," no one ever explained the pain of loving beyond the last breath.
Smuggler's Bounty
Curiosity can land a girl into...the arms of a smuggler
Read Angel Mine Before Angel Fierce Comes Out Next Month
If you like scifi-romance with strong heroines and brave heroes. "... fast-paced space adventure/romance with lots of twists, turns, and enough action to satisfy sci-fi enthusiasts... story telling is imaginative and action scenes vivid... pleasing happily ever after that sets up a sequel." Ind'Tale Magazine.
Love It Or Hate It -- The Libra Affair
#1 Amazon bestseller is caught in the balance of love and hate. You'll either love the story or hate it. Most recent review on Goodreads by Terra gives the book a 5-star, which sits in direct contrast to Tiffany's 1-star. Unsure whether to chance a read? Check out the 57 reviews on Amazon or the 71 on Goodreads. In this harrowing tale, double-agent Jordan Jakes, must launch a missile in the remote desert of the Middle East. Why? Strangely enough to ensure world peace. So when Jakes gets the call that it's time to go to work, she's tells her asset, NASA scientist Ben Johnson, that their love affair is over. The nerdy scientist refuses to throw their love away and, against all odds, follows Jakes into, of all countries, Iran. Misstep after misstep spirals the mission toward utter disaster. The clock is ticking to get the job done, but it's going to take more than the strength and wits of Jordan Jakes alone, and love may just be the key. #AlfaHeroine #BetaHero Here's what the critics have to say about The Libra Affair: "A complex spy game, rather like a Jason Bourne movie!" RT Book Reviews "Daco's romantic thriller debut intrigues with fast-paced, high-stakes action that forces the take-charge heroine to balance her clandestine mission with obligations to her heart." Publishers Weekly The Libra Affair "wrestle[s] with questions as basic as sex and as big as geopolitics." ~ Times

At War With A Broken Heart

All the feels and then some! Poly relationships in books can be tricky to pull off under the best of circumstances without having an odd man out--someone who doesn't quite fit or isn't a necessary part in the relationship. Despite that, Dahlia Donovan...

Through With Love

Minor characters from previous books in this series magically appear and feature in their own story. Usually in a series, the focus is on a set group of characters. In this long running Suncoast Society series, it is different because readers get to learn...

Taste Me
| Erotic Romance

Cali Caliente's TASTE ME is a hot erotic love story that is alternately sweet and, surprisingly, quite funny--a Hallmark Channel romcom with an insatiable sexual appetite. Summary Aurora Daring, an aspiring pastry chef, writes a newspaper culinary...

Wicked Truth
| Erotic Romance

Lily Archer is in an appalling position. Fallen prey to a scandal, she's being forced to marry an abusive drunk, all because she was caught unaware. Myrddin, the Duke of Denforth, steps forward and makes her his duchess, saving her and introducing her...

How To Seduce A Bad Boy
| Contemporary Romance

HOW TO SEDUCE A BAD BOY by Traci Douglas is a contemporary romance with an entertaining heroine who wants major life changes by her 25th birthday and a bad boy hero home from the service. Melody Bryant loves being a librarian in her hometown, but...

The Haunting of Hillwood Farm
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

THE HAUNTING OF HILLWOOD FARM is a fast-paced Paranormal Romance with a strong sense of suspense! Callie has the ability to hear, and sometimes see, ghosts. This ability came about in tragic circumstances, and as such, she has not permitted herself to...

Cash: A Power Players Novel
| Contemporary Romance

Raised by a card-counting father, Kara is probably one of the best blackjack dealers out there but thanks to dad, none of the more reputable casinos will hire her and she needs money now. Lots of it. An opportunity to interview for a position at the Billionaire...

Whiskey and Moonshine

In WHISKEY AND MOONSHINE, we meet Colt and Mal in a serious case of opposites attract. Colt has been living on the streets since he was fifteen, after coming out to his parents. After leaving Toledo in a hurry, he ends up in the Smoky Mountains, where...

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Kinky geeks unite! I loved this story because I wanted to be Arden... well, not the downtrodden Arden who is barely making ends meet. The Arden who meets four sexy men who are also in her line of business. I sucked this story down with a smile on my face...

Succubus Heart
| Erotic Romance

SUCCUBUS HEART is the second book in the Succubus Sirens series. Although I have not read book one, I do not feel this had a negative impact at all on my enjoyment of this book. We meet with Alana, a Nerilan princess who has voluntarily exiled herself...

Wicked Deception
| Erotic Romance

Elizabeth isn't made for domestic activities. Far suited to have long discourses on the relative merits of Darwin than managing to complete a needlepoint, she's sold into marriage to a handsome earl. However, marital bliss is not in the cards for her...

Edge of Eon
| Fantasy Romance

Anna Hackett does write fun things; Eon Warriors is her latest series and comes off as a mash-up of her Galactic Gladiators series with the ever-popular apocalyptic Hell Squad one as future earth women--when humans finally come of age to travel and explore...

A Rose for a Rogue
| Historical Romance

Miss Eden Haverden has done some foolish things in her short time on this earth. But none so foolish as accepting Manchester's, Marquis of Sterling, invitation (no, insistence) to stay the night without a proper chaperone. Completely scandalized and with...

| Contemporary Romance

Kyler is convinced his ex-girlfriend is ready and waiting for him now that he's gotten his life together. He's thought of nothing but her for the last 8 years, and as a fan of rom-com big gestures, he loads up the boom box and serenades her...or, more...

Finding Lord Farlisle
| Historical Romance

Lady Alexandra Torrence has always been considered a bit odd. Her current passion is writing articles about her investigations into psychic phenomena. She has heard rumors of ghostly lights in Waithe Hall, the estate next to hers, and she intends to see...

Shards of Blood and Shadow
| Paranormal Romance

SHARDS OF BLOOD AND SHADOW is the first book in The Lost Shards series. We meet with Cleo, a psychic who seemed to inherit her powers--and the colour of one eye--when her mother died. She is approaching her birthday, and the prophecy she had grown up...

Like the Seasons

Boss and subordinate stories are hot for a reason. Their illicit nature is defined by their inherit power exchange. In most cases, it is the Boss who is the one in charge. In the continuation of Boyd and Caleb's romance, this holds true... in the bedroom....

Catch Me
| Erotic Romance

Alianne Donnelly's CATCH ME is a new take on a fairytale, after the fact. In this case, the kingdom of Snow White is run more like a corporation with all the trappings of technology mixed with a bit of magic; and instead of the seven dwarves, we have...

Heart's Inferno
| Paranormal Romance

He shares the responsibility of protecting others from the supernatural dangers that surround them. It is a punishment he feels he earned for failing to keep others from their deaths. His beauty attracts women everywhere but he feels nothing for those...

The Savior
| Contemporary Romance

Cristin Harber's larger-than-life military/terrorism conspiracy plots often skirt closer to the edge of the unbelievable than many of the books I've gone through but then again, that's part of the basis of the romantic suspense genre: the homing in on...

Indifference of Heaven

When it comes to tangled connections, Ms. Dalton excels with her various permutations. In this latest one, it is a titillating boss-to-employee relations that go beyond professional. Since this is a Ms. Dalton erotica, she adds her kinky twist which is...

Noble Hops

NOBLE HOPS is the third instalment of Cam and Nic, and we spend this book focusing on Nic's problems, and also finding out more about Vaughan, and who his moles are. Cam and Nic are so good, even when they're not together, they are still working for...

Building Forever

Strong emotions, family and love are the heart of BUILDING FOREVER, a beautiful and bittersweet romance that is full of love and hope. Charlie is a writer raising his teenage daughter by himself, after his wife's death. His crush on his new neighbor,...

Mine to Bear
| Erotic Romance

A wonderful short story, MINE TO BEAR has a heartfelt storyline and fabulous characters. Neo and Jolie are from two different worlds but when fate brings them together the past will be revealed. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it for a quick...

Theirs To Master
| Erotic Romance

If you've been following BJ Wane's Miami Masters series, then you'll be pleased to see that the Carlson brothers get their happily ever after in THEIRS TO MASTER. Paige Wilcox works hard. Working for herself by day, she also works as a bartender at...

Single White Incubus

Mate-matching service Supernatural Selection guarantees marriage to a perfect partner. Nothing can go wrong...until something did. Ted is waiting for his new beaver shifter husband to arrive. Quentin found his perfect match in the form of a vampire. But...

Rough Terrain (Out of Uniform, #7)

ROUGH TERRAIN is the seventh book in the Out of Uniform series, and this time we meet up with Renzo (Rooster) Bianchi and part-time barista, Canaan. Canaan has been watching Renzo come into the shop for the past few months and has admired him from afar....

For the Roses
| Erotic Romance

Not all doms are made equal. And not all men who call themselves doms should be one. This story hit me in the gut from the beginning. Meri is not just down on her luck. She's been kicked whilst she's down. I reckon if she wasn't as loved by her brother,...

A Spanktacular Fourth
| Erotic Romance

When it comes to Independence day, the kinky group sometimes takes it to an extreme. I've personally been interested in fire floggers but to have fireworks mixed in? That is a bit extreme for me. This does stop the dynamic trouble duo... Max and Sean....

Claiming Mia
| Erotic Romance

Mia Reynolds has just signed her divorce decree. As a newly single woman, she wants to do what every woman wants to do after divorcing your cheating ex; curl up in your PJs and hide out from the world. She's sworn off men. If only Chief Nolan MacGregor...

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Catherine Kean
Florida, USA

Bestselling, award-winning author Catherine Kean's love of history began with visits to England during summer vacations. Her British father took her to crumbling medieval castles, dusty museums filled with fascinating artifacts, and historic churches,...

Faye Hall
Queensland, Australia

Faye Hall spent her early years listening to stories about the families - including her own - who settled townships in and around her hometown in North Queensland, Australia. The local townspeople, including her own parents, told her stories of corruption...

Darlene Marshall
Florida, USA

I'm the author of award winning historical romance featuring pirates, smugglers, privateers and the occasional possum. My novels are available in digital and print editions, and I'm hard at work on my next book. I haven't been a pirate (yet) but I've...

Kelly Gendron
New York

Kelly's motto ~ "Bad boys, give 'em a little time and experience, and they will evolve into misbehaving men!" And what hot-blooded woman doesn't want a naughty, all grown up bad boy? You can usually find USA Today Bestselling Author, Kelly Gendron...

Jan Scarbrough
Kentucky, USA

Whether it is the Bluegrass of Kentucky, the mountains of Montana, or Medieval England, Jan Scarbrough brings you home with romances from the heart. The author of two popular Bluegrass series, Jan writes heartwarming contemporary romances about home...

Lorraine Pearl
Pennsylvania, USA

I write erotic paranormal romance under the name Lorraine Pearl. My main interest is in writing vampire stories, but I have recently branched out into other paranormal creatures including angels and demons. I fell in love with vampires after seeing the...

Kentucky, USA

First and foremost, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who home schools our special needs eleven-year-old. In addition to that I am an avid reader/reviewer, reading an average of 1000 pages daily. I also operate a book blog, Momma Says: To Read or Not...

Laurie P
San Diego Area

Married mother of two, who can't remember a time when I didn't have a book in my hand.

Veronica Marie Beaumont

I'm an avid reader and aspiring romance writer. I reside in the midwest, but I have deep southern roots--which explains my appreciation of great food, sensual experiences, epic tales, adventure and romance.

East Coast

I am a voracious reader. My current obsession is paranormal fiction. However, I like all types of books. I am absolutely attached to my laptop and am a total internet junkie. I am a shopper extraordinaire and hunt out deals like its a religion. Black...

December 9 - 28
December 2018 Ezine




Powerful Destiny
5 stars "Powerful - an excellent word to describe this story." S. Peters-Davis Rolf, a valiant Norseman, warrior, and leader of his people, in one lifetime, and a recluse and artist in another lifetime. Brigid, a Celt, beautiful daughter of the leader, and captured prisoner, in one lifetime, and an outgoing, ready-for-life-to-happen woman in another lifetime. Ms. McGill's knowledge of Norsemen and Celts accents the historical nuance in Rolf and Brigid's story, a thrilling epic love-story. One that I could not put down. Ms. McGill's descriptive word usage and the emotional depth of her story-stars drew me along as if I stood next to Brigid and Rolf through the entire story. A captivating soul-mate tale that will leave the reader thinking about the story-stars long after the last page is read.
Laurel's Gift
The plaintive singing of a ghostly child in the night sets off a chain of events that lead to Laurel learning the dark secrets that dwell in her Great Aunt Maggie's house in a Melbourne suburb. When Eli comes into Laurel's life, instead of instantly uncovering the secrets that have been buried in this house for many years, their joint efforts lead them to discover even greater mysteries. Eli's past is tied up with the ghost of the child who haunts the house, and there are many hurdles to cross before he discovers just why he also sensed strange vibes in the old house as soon as he entered. In their search for the answers to an extraordinary mystery they uncover a passionate love affair shared by the people dear to them or those who dwelt in the house at one time of another. Despite their shared psychic abilities can the couple also find such a love?
A Photograph Of Love: Hell Yeah!
Trudy Selucas has watched too many people die. Burned out as a home hospice nurse, she realizes she needs a change. When she accepts an invitation to visit a friend in Texas, she uses her love of photography and roams the Texas countryside taking pictures to soothe her aching soul. After his parents die, Lincoln Phister must leave college behind and his dreams of becoming a photojournalist. He spends the next ten years raising his three younger siblings and working the family ranch. Now he is frustrated with his job, cattle rustlers, and lack of a love life. A chance encounter with a rattlesnake brings them together. Lincoln's anger nearly drives them apart. Can Trudy convince him to follow his dream while finding their own photograph of love?
Back To Bite You
When vampire Mirabel Lane goes to Bayou Gavotte to hide out from the mobster she just dumped, the last thing she expects is to inherit a house. No, make that the second to last thing. What she really doesn't expect is to fall for the previous owner's hunky grandson. When Gerry Kingsley goes to Bayou Gavotte to check out probable gold-digger and possible murderer Mirabel Lane, the last thing he expects is to fall in love with the irresistible twenty-something vampire. No, what he really doesn't expect is to unearth―once and for all―his family's sinister, convoluted past. *This is a prequel novella to the Bayou Gavotte series of paranormal mystery and romance.*
Colorado Sunset
Free ebook. June thought her life was over, but can a chance encounter with a sexy cowboy change her mind and give her a new beginning? Come home to beautiful Peakview, Colorado where everyone has a chance at love.
Brand New Series! .99cents!!
Cainnech (Cain) MacPherson's hatred for the English was born when he was a lad of seven, the day they raided his village and killed his family. They took everything from him without mercy and tossed him onto the battlefield, where the memory of love faded to dust and left nothing in its wake but violence. Now, as Robert the Bruce's most formidable, most lethal warrior, he wreaks havoc on his enemy, taking land by force and without mercy. But when he raids a small castle in Northumberland, he faces his greatest opponent yet—a bold, beautiful Norman lass who will see him dead at any cost rather than give up her home…even if it means tearing open his armored heart and stirring the ashes that remain. Aleysia d'Argentan will do anything to keep the hated Scots out of her castle and away from her villagers. She has prepared for this day for the last four years, building traps in the forest, poisoning the grain, and hiding daggers wherever she could use them to kill her enemy. But she isn't prepared for the brawny, brooding Highland warlord who invades her life—and her heart. He is an infuriating, irresistible opponent with a curious touch, a smoldering kiss, and a reluctant smile that begins to shine on her alone.
New Release Alert ~ London's Best Kept Secret
In Anabelle Bryant's latest novel of ardor and ambition, a lord will stop at nothing to possess the woman of his dreams . . . In monetary matters, Jeremy Lockhart, Viscount Dearing, is used to being in control, but from his first sight of Lady Charlotte, his carefully cultivated world is rocked to its foundations. Determined to best her other, more eligible suitors, he goes to great lengths to ensure his betrothal to Charlotte. A locked black leather box holds the dark secret that has assured his success. Innocent Lady Charlotte is baffled by her new husband's behavior. Why does Lord Dearing seem so distant one day, and so attentive the next? Her family's dire financial straits did not allow her the luxury of an extended courtship. If only she could entice him into the marriage bed! When at last Charlotte's efforts are rewarded, she revels in Jeremy's unexpectedly bold possessiveness. But outside of their bedchambers, her groom's guardedness quickly returns. Passion is no longer enough for sweet Charlotte, who vows to unlock the mystery of this complicated man. The truth, however, might be more than her principled heart is prepared to handle. . . .
Second Helpings
Stuart Collins's life might as well have ended a year ago when his partner died in a car crash. Even Stuart's widowed father has found new love with an old friend, Isabel Franklin, so why can't Stuart be bothered to try?
Gorgeous New Cover Art, Updated Material, Same Smokin' Heat Level - If You Can't Handle The Heat
Sesto and Syn are back! I'm so excited to share the re-launch of, If You Can't Handle the Heat! An unlikely couple is brought together as celebrity judges on a new reality-based cooking show. Sesto Théodore, is an arrogant yet well respected American-Italian chef, with several five-star restaurants. Once bitten, twice shy, Syn Fully, is a jaded author of erotica, rocketing her way up all the best sellers lists. From the moment Syn and Sesto meet, their personalities clash, yet behind the scenes sparks fly. Getting together would be a recipe for disaster, but hot sex with no-strings couldn't hurt. At least not until real feelings get involved. contemporary erotic
Coming Undone: An Interracial M/f Romance
Caught up in a life built on secrets and blackmail, there isn't much McKenna Lacey can do to change her circumstances. She's been bought and paid for by a man who has no problem using her body for his own selfish needs. She bides her time, but doesn't trust when a way out comes from the most unlikely of places; the scarred stranger who breaks into her house. RJ has his own history with the man who owns McKenna. On the search for a missing woman, he thinks McKenna might be able to provide answers. It's a simple thing; lay out his case and give McKenna a chance to help him, and herself in the process. What isn't easy is knowing he can't have the broken woman, but wanting her anyway.
A Good Man (handymen Series Book 1)
Not only is Michael a star on a successful home improvement show, he's also seen as a local hero. But no one knows about the demons he carries inside him ever since the day he risked his life to save others. All the accolades and honors only make the memories stronger and the pain unbearable. He would do anything to be able to forget, to put his past behind him and move on. Michael takes on a new home improvement project, convinced it's the perfect distraction. Little did he know that Emily, the woman who's supposed to be nothing more than a client, would turn out to be a huge distraction…and engaged. While Emily battles with her own personal problems, Michael is determined to keep his distance. The last thing he needs is woman trouble. But when it becomes clear that the attraction is mutual, he realizes staying away from her is not an option. Now Michael needs to decide if he's willing to risk exposing his weakness, and his heart…by giving in to temptation.
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