Not Fade Away, Interstellar Rescue Series Book 4
by Donna S. Frelick | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Interstellar Rescue series? How are the books tied together?

I wove together two idea threads to make the series possible. One was the common story of alien abduction--how people are Taken by little Gray aliens, and, often, Returned to Earth after experiencing all manner of abuse. The other was the idea of interstellar slavery. If the aliens are taking humans to use as slaves, I thought, then why couldn't there be intergalactic abolitionists who fight on our behalf? That's the concept of Rescue, the heroes...

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by Tory Richards | Interview
Murder Notes
by Lisa Renee Jones | Interview
It's Complicated
by Nikki Prince | Interview
Bought by the Boss
by Stacey Kennedy | Interview
Sex Symphony
by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake | Interview


Of Dukes And Deceptions
When Nickolas Buchanan, the Duke of Dorchester, accepts an invitation to visit a country stud farm, he counters his boredom by striking a wager with his henchman that he'll bed the poor relation, Alicia Woodley, before the end of his stay. But he reckons without Alicia's disdain. She's disgusted by Nick's cavalier attitude, unimpressed by his grandeur and wants as little as possible to do with him. Between her newfound role as family charity case and fending off the attentions of both her clueless cousin and the arrogant Nickolas, Alicia has quite enough to contend with. But when her life is endangered, quite possibly from those closest to her, surprisingly it's Nick who seems determined to ensure her safety. As they conspire to uncover secrets that the family wants to keep hidden at all costs, they discover a passion that surpasses all obstacles…
Little Girl Lost
Sheriff Zac McHenry is fit to be tied. A new "working girl" just showed up at the local truck stop. He doesn't want "her kind" in town! He arrests her, but things aren't what they seem. She's no hooker…she's a librarian! Her name is Ali, and she's trying to track down a 13-year-old runaway. The girl disappeared from the truck stop a week ago and hasn't been heard from since. Zac tries to send Ali packing, even checks her out of her motel room, but she refuses to leave until she finds the girl. With the rodeo in town and all the hotel and motel rooms in the area booked up, Ali finds herself temporarily homeless. With no place else to go, she moves in with the sheriff until a room becomes available. Zac thinks his houseguest is a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered hellion. She thinks he's an interfering, arrogant bully. But when they work together to investigate a case of kidnapping, human trafficking, and murder...sparks begin to fly. Is this any way to start a romance?
In His Keeping: Taken
On sale! Only 99¢ Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins is desperate. Her desperation leads her to take a job with a reclusive writer living in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She's never heard of Connor Hudson, but the man is offering her room, board, and an extremely generous salary. How bad could he be? Sylvie is shocked to learn that she might not know who Connor Hudson is, but millions of readers do, scarfing up the books he writes under various pseudonyms. And Connor's not just a bestselling author. He's a billionaire entrepreneur whose publishing and media empires span the globe. Her new employer is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk, but he's also surly, dominating, and demanding. He's accustomed to being obeyed and kowtowed to, but he soon discovers that his feisty new assistant refuses to do either. Sylvie thinks he's an arrogant, condescending jackass! Connor is shocked that this little imp isn't cowed by his wealth, power, and position. That fascinates him. The Dom in him is determined to have her…and her obedience and submission as well. Naive and nerdy, Sylvie mistakes sex for love. But Connor can't love her. He's keeping secrets: dark and dangerous secrets. He says he's incapable of love. But as the body count begins to rise, you can't help but wonder…is he capable of murder?
$.99 Sale! **urban Fantasy**
Friday the 13th is no time to be a telekinetic--at least, not this one. The number thirteen follows Aria Elle Walker like a bulldog. Lucky or unlucky, it triggers her telekinesis in freaky ways. In an era of banned magic, it could get her jailed…or worse.

Watch the Skies
| Erotic Romance

"Somewhere in Aster's brain a little voice was telling her how ridiculous this was. She had been doing this for years, trying to make contact. Now that she finally had she should be jumping at the chance to go back and try again. To explore, to communicate....

Forged in Flood

FORGED IN FLOOD is a standalone novel that is also a crossover (sort of) as it features Sarah and Remi from The Sin Bin series. Ivan, Wes, and Rolly were all involved in a drunk-driving accident that left them all with permanent problems and scars....

Wrapped Up in Stripes
| Erotic Romance

Lions and tigers, oh my. What's a young lion shifter to do when her overbearing feline brothers block her every time she's interested in a boy? Why, take a shifter cruise with her BFF and have the time of her life. Likes: I really enjoyed how bossy...

Spies, Lies, and Allies: A Love Story
| Contemporary Romance

Forbidden love...with a side of geek! Laurel misses her dad. He's always working and they don't get to spend time together anymore. That's what compels her to volunteer to work at her father's company for the summer. However, she starts to regret that...

Cold Blooded
| Contemporary Romance

Toni Anderson's poised writing is always finely balanced between intricate details, action and intriguing development--well, this is no different. But it's good to see COLD BLOODED starting afresh (either that, or I really can't seem to remember these...

Where I'll Find You
| Contemporary Romance

WHERE I'LL FIND YOU is a standalone novel about a young woman called Hadlee. Her life is full, with university studies, a job, living in shared accommodation, and a (very) un-supportive mother. The last thing she wants is a man in her life. However, Kaisen...

| Contemporary Romance

UNIDENTIFIED is Anna Hackett's double romance within a novella, so make that 2 very short vignettes tucked neatly into a normal 'Hackett-sized' book. I'll admit that I have my doubts about the short length of each story, wondering how Ms. Hackett would...

Fangs & Fins
| Vamps & Shifters Romance

Vamps and mermaids? You don't see that every day. Ember's family has just doubled in size after her mother re-married, bringing Ember two new step-sisters. And she's just discovered that one of her new sisters is about to become her arch enemy. Well,...

Dangerous Currents
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

DANGEROUS CURRENTS by Katheryn Knight is a contemporary second chance romance with a suspense sub-plot. This book focuses more on the romance, past and present and the difficulties facing the H/h to get to their HEA than the suspense occurring in the...

It's All About the Duke
| Historical Romance

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DUKE is an enjoyable read with a delightful romance. The hero Rath is the usual alpha male rake but here, he's trying make amends for a wrong that he's committed years before, when he was younger. Marlena, on the other hand, is an independent...

Ripping Off the Mask

RIPPING OFF THE MASK starts with action. Coop is with his (work) partner, Silvio, when they are called to a bank robbery. Others are on their way, or already there, chasing the suspects. Silvio goes off by himself as he is faster than Coop. That leads...

Photographic Heart

PHOTOGRAPHIC HEART is the eighth book in the Itáyu Lake series, and we have Brannon's story. He is the nephew of the two angelic aunts who have been featured in previous books. He has had his vision and knows he will meet his mate soon, and a rough idea...

Cash Plays

CASH PLAYS is an outstanding third installment of a series that is delivering a great mystery plot, keeping the reader guessing and on the edge most of the time. It was a perfect mix of action, love and a serial killer who is taking justice in his hands. Levi...

The Depth of Love

555 stars for Ms. Akeroyd allowing us to be her emotional punching bag in THE DEPTH OF LOVE! When Luke Gray and Josh Henderson decided to have a baby, Gia Jefferson was the surrogate that blew into their lives like a tornado. Josh has known he was...

Revenge and Redemption
| Erotic Romance

Both Anne Holmes and Steve Jamison are recovering from broken hearts, courtesy of those they both might have once considered partners, friends, or family. For Anne, every day of the last fifteen months has been a struggle trying to understand what happened--how...

A Fine Line
| Erotic Romance

There's a fine line between most things--right and wrong, pleasure and pain, laughter and crying, humor and sarcasm, dominance and submission--and in Sue Horsford's A FINE LINE, there are many and as you read, you might find yourself asking, "What would...

Queen Wolf

QUEEN WOLF is the first book in the Triad Mates series, and we start off with a boom! Quite specifically, the boom that follows something being set alight. Avery has decided to burn her ex's old porn magazines, and takes great delight in doing so. Although...


Jealousy is a wicked bitch, especially in the polyamorous world. Bianca Castillo enjoys sex with her men Jamison and Adrian, but they have their own primary partners, and she's often left knowing she's second best. Bianca herself never really desired...

Holden's Regrets
| New Adult

HOLDEN'S REGRETS is story two in Diane Zparkki's Branson's Kind of Love Trilogy and picks up almost where FIXING SYDNEY (story 1) leaves off. Much like in story 1, this time, we get the backstory from Shannon as she's run off to get away from the humiliation...

The Marrying Type
| Contemporary Romance

When you get more than you bargained for... Libby is in a pickle. She's dropped out of college with a plan to bring clean water to places in the world that need it most. It's an admirable endeavor and a challenging problem to solve, but she's sure...

#1 Lie
| Contemporary Romance

4 nose-growing stars for #1 LIE! One little lie. Just an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie little lie to her gran, and Jessica Dawson is screwed. When gran was on her death bed, Jess confirmed that she had a man so gran would be able to leave knowing her...

A Tiny Piece of Something Greater

A book that includes mental illness among its subject has always been one that has my utter attention. Unfortunately this one didn't quite make me fall in love with it, but I was very pleased with the way the subject was addressed, being not only an accurate...

Tight Quarters

TIGHT QUARTERS is the sixth book in the Out of Uniform series, and if M/M Romance mixed in with a military scenario does it for you, then you really need to check out this series. In this book, we reunite with Bacon (and yep, that is his real name!)....

Secret Husband
| Erotic Romance

It's now the twenty-second century, and things have changed a bit. Children are now living with their parents longer than ever, and arranged marriages are popular again. Also, mythological gods have taken an interest in what's happening on planet earth...

Tight Quarters

It isn't very often that I venture into M/M romance and Annabeth Albert is an author who's new to me. That the Out of Uniform series has crossed my feed numerous times which I haven't yet taken up is just added incentive to get into a military romance...

Succubus Lips
| Erotic Romance

SUCCUBUS LIPS is a reverse harem urban fantasy that features a favorite trope of mine: the do-gooding young and horny undercover team. Ah, the endless dance of good and evil and good knickers and evil knickers. The potential for lots of fun is there. Vigilante...

Black Cat Security
| Erotic Romance

Sneakily sexy, BLACK CAT SECURITY catches a reader off guard in a most pleasant manner. After whipping through this book, all a reader can ask is, where is the rest of this series? Full disclosure, I didn't read the blurb for the book. The cover of the...

Their Chance at Redemption
| Erotic Romance

3 shifty stars for THE CHANCE AT REDEMPTION. As the Black Ridge Alpha, lion shifter Kieran Murphy is tasked with ensuring the safety of his people. He's wanted Josie Cadman ever since he rescued her several months ago, but he knows she's not his mate....

Crossing Quinn
| Erotic Romance

Devilish funny, CROSSING QUINN will have a reader laughing up a storm. This space opera is complete with a headstrong stubborn female and an alpha male intent on taming his chosen mate. Another lovely addition to the Coletti Warlords series, this time,...

Friends in Common
| Erotic Romance

Another glimpse into the life of the fun loving triad Max, Sean and Cali. Except, it may not be so fun. Sometimes, being the ones who host the parties and keep everyone's spirits up can be draining. Giving too much of oneself can become more like work...

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Feyna Blackwell

Feyna Blackwell authors romance designed to warm your heart and stir your soul. She is fascinated by ancient history, particularly the Ancient Near East, and has a soft spot for pre-Columbian North and South America. The only reason she doesn't write...

Diane Demetre
Gold Coast Australia

For readers of contemporary fiction, Diane Demetre is a fresh, passionate voice in storytelling. She is an award-winning author of genre-busting romance novels with a twist. Her dramatic flair, sense of place and evocative style create an entertaining...

Cherie' Summers
Jacksonville Florida

Writer, teacher, dancer, photographer....Love being creative and sharing my art with the world. I wrote the first draft of A Melody for Adrian when I was 18 after having a dream about my favorite rock star, Billy Idol. Over the years I had polished...

Eleanor Webster
British Columbia

Eleanor Webster loves high-heels and sun, which is ironic as she lives in northern Canada, the land of snowhills and unflattering footwear. Various crafting experiences, including a nasty glue-gun episode, have proven that...

Melanie Bennett
Ontario, Canada

I'm a Canadian Author, addicted to heartfelt Romance. Obsessed with the elusive, obscure magical moments when new love first ignites. I'm a hopeless romantic fascinated with the tension of attraction. I enjoy a mind-blowing love story with heat and a...

Cynthia Tennent

Years ago, juggling housework, three daughters, a part-time job, and volunteer work proved too much for me. I tossed everything (except the daughters and volunteering) out and started writing, something I dreamed about doing my whole life. The great American...

Avonna Loves Genres
Cleveland, OH

I have been a bookaholic my entire life and am excited that now I am finally chasing my dream of reviewing and sharing my love of romance books with others. Nothing makes me happier than reading, sharing great authors and writing a review for discussion.

Boston, Massachusetts

An historian by training, I've been reading for as long as I can remember. My first real introduction to romance novels came while I was studying in England and the Library Imps stole all the books I was "supposed" to be reading and replaced them with...

Lara Lee Sweety

Lara Lee Sweety is a farm raised, Show-Me State native. The Erotic Romance author is a wild wordsmith, with a down-home, Mid-Western flair. She loves the beauty of male-female interaction, the intrigue of fantasy, fun and an occasional kink.

Pacific Northwest

I am an avid fan of the written word. I love the flow and the infinate possibilities of putting words together to create a story. I cherish the rich imagination of the writers that do this so well. I am currently editing my own book and hope to be published...





New Release Inherited Light!
New Release! Inherited Light is .99 for one week! When Lorenzo Dalton inherited his Grandma Mabel's BMW Coupe, he was a twenty-two-year-old kid without a care in the world. Now, two years later, his inheritance has lost its luster, and so has his life, until an old friend rolls through the doors of the Little Ivywood Humane Society. Catalina Chavéz, a successful artist, has spent fifteen years hiding her personal demons by hiding her heart. Now, staring thirty in the face, she's ready to relinquish her recluse status and reconnect with old friends. She just wasn't expecting one of them to be a tall, dark, and handsome Lorenzo Dalton. Cat and Lorenzo find they share the same taste in food, music, and dreams for their future. They also share a mutual enemy, Xavier Carrellton. Threats, lies, murder, and betrayal swirl through the air of Little Ivywood, California, and neither knows friend from foe. Someone wants them dead, and they must find the killer, before the killer finds them. You can also get Lorenzo's sister's story, Inherited Love for .99! Cinnamon Mabel Dalton always struggled to fit in. A musical savant at an early age, Cinn's life was anything but easy. After a failed marriage and broken heart, she worried she would never find someone who understood her devotion to her craft, and her family. Then her Grandma Mable passed away, she inherited a two-hundred-pound Saint Bernard, and her whole life changed...
Gabe's Revenge
~Editor's Pick~ Revenge is best served cold… Gabriel Henshaw is nothing but a monster—a ruthless killer—that's what Lissa Andrini has always been told. Sold to the man by her own father, she fears for her life, yet she can't help the insane pull she feels to him. It has to be some form of Stockholm syndrome, surely? It couldn't possibly be the effect of his Dominant nature effortlessly pulling her under his spell and awakening her latent submissive side. Beating Andrini to a bloody pulp soothes Gabe's rage temporarily, but that leaves his daughter. Were it not for a promise to her mother, he'd refuse this payment, not least because Lissa Andrini awakens all of his protective and carnal instincts. The perfect counterfoil for his darker needs and desires, she has the power to bring him to his knees. Can love flourish when you're a pawn in a dangerous game?
Capri Nights
Travel to sunny, romantic Italy for only 99 Cents! Sensual. Sumptuous. Sizzling. Love under an Italian sky. A San Francisco sous chef discovers she might have bitten off more than she can chew when a scrumptious Italian man stirs up a recipe for romance on the delicious Isle of Capri. Sous chef Cat Connors has spent a lifetime feeling like a stale cracker on a plate of fancy hors d'oeuvres among her stepfamily. But when she travels from San Francisco to the sunny Isle of Capri, she's determined to finally shed her dowdy image and spice up her life. She has big plans for her future as a chef. Those plans don't include a yummy Italian with a mouth-watering body and a smile that melts her insides like gelato under the hot Capri sun. When Alex Viteli retreats to his villa on Capri to escape the notoriety and legal troubles brought on by his family, the last thing he needs is a beautiful, tempting dish of a woman. Alex may be the scion of a wealthy Italian family, but that won't matter if he can't cook up a scheme to clear his father's name and keep himself out of prison. Though they fit together like strawberries and chocolate, Cat and Alex may not have time for more than a quick bite of romance. Cat's future is in San Francisco. Alex can't leave Italy. But the sultry Capri nights might tempt them both to savor just one more sweet taste of love. Includes bonus recipe 2016 Finalist Maple Leaf Awards, best novella, best hero, best heroine
I Got Your Back, Hailey
Fast-paced romantic suspense. Book #1 in the series is now free!
Small Town, Heartwarming, "cute Meet" Stories
Love blossoms in the small town of Sommerville in these clean and wholesome, heart-warming short tales, filled with fun and forever possibilities. Included are: Bug Stuff ~ An accountant unites with his co-worker to exterminate a pesky adversary. Just Desserts ~ A political dinner gone disastrous brings together a reluctant attendee and her handsome seat-mate. With This Ring ~ When a wife forgets the all-important little black dress, the evening turns into something utterly unforgettable. Good Girls Finish First ~ When men friends are challenged to fix breakfast if they lose a race, one woman leads the pack and discovers finishing first can lead to romance. Ouch ~ Who knew a yoga class would be so dangerous...and romantic? Man Theory ~ When a geeky co-worker espouses his theory on love, a friend risks her heart. Tommy and the Teacher ~ A young boy steals from the school's book fair causing interesting possibilities to arise. Absolutely Positively Lost ~ Helping a map-challenged young man find his way is truly serendipitous. The Little Birdie Who ~ A new town, a new friend, a new beginning. Who would have thought a little bird could bring two people together? Check Her Out ~ It's a sticky situation, especially between a store manager and Auntie Caren when her nephew must pay for the gum he stole. This Is Not Working ~ One of those days at a new job when nothing is going right, and then the boss steps in.
Daddy Takes The Reins - Free In Ku!
Exclusive to Amazon and available for free in KU! When she lands a job as an apprentice jockey at a racing stable, Bianca is determined not to let her Tourette's Syndrome interfere with her dream career, and she does her best to conceal her occasional tics from her ridiculously handsome new boss. But Clay Lewis is not an easy man to fool. He soon discovers her secret, and when he casually mentions that she ought to be spanked for her deception it sets Bianca's heart racing like nothing ever has before. Her crush on Clay grows stronger by the day, but while she strives to impress him at work Bianca struggles to deal with tragic circumstances in her own life. With her younger sister—and lifelong best friend—incapacitated by terminal cancer and becoming more and more dependent on her, she finds herself pushing herself to the point of skipping meals and going without sleep. Clay can see the toll that stress is taking on Bianca, and when she collapses from exhaustion at the stable he knows it is time for him to step in, but not as a boss or as a boyfriend. What she needs is a loving daddy who will both comfort her when she is sad and bare her bottom and spank her like a naughty little girl when she doesn't take care of herself properly. Bianca delights in the attention she receives from Clay, and when he takes her in his arms and claims her as his own it brings her more pleasure than she would have ever thought possible, but she cannot help wondering if he will stay by her side even when her tics are at their worst. Can she truly trust Clay enough to surrender her heart to him and let her daddy take the reins? Publisher's Note: Daddy Takes the Reins is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.
They ooze power, control, natural dominance—and sex. They are The Silk Rope Masters. None have ever found love, but watch out. When they fall, they'll fall fast and hard. When fifty-two-year-old Avril Thomson overhears two women talking about a BDSM club, it has her intrigued. Determined to finally explore her desire for pain during sex, she signs up for the information evening at Silk Rope.​ Steven Bray, fifty-five, is a sadist. He notices her as soon as he enters into the room. She is hard to ignore, beautiful, plenty of curves, but with an unapproachable demeanor.​ His cock twitches when she admits she wants to explore pain—heavy pain. The question is, is Avril actually a sexual masochist, and, if so, will she allow Steven to teach all there is to love about pain? And is that enough to start a genuine relationship?
Fun Beach Read
Want to fly at the speed of light down to the beach? Then let ELECTROMANCER take you there. A little zappy romance, a little zany humor, and you'll be laughing till you cry. Who said Deadpool gets to have all the fun? Electromancer is a GOLD Medal Winner of the Global Ebook Awards! ELECTROMANCER offers all the Kabam! Pow! Zap! of beloved comic book sagas with the beating heart of a love story, this over-the-top, genre-blending send-up is sure to delight superhero fans and romance readers alike. Don't wait. Pack along the book in your suitcase today!
The Brooding Surgeon's Baby Bombshell
One night, unexpected consequences…! But can they be a family? After sparks fly with Dr. Gabriel Marks at a conference, nurse Zoe Avery's left with a permanent reminder of their night together. Knowing Gabe doesn't want kids, Zoe decides she'll have the baby alone. Then Gabe moves to the same city just as pregnant Zoe needs a temporary home. Gabe comes to her rescue, but can they overcome their hurdles and become a family?
Werewolves Only
When the alpha's love for his fated mate is forbidden, he'll risk everything to hold her. Detective Macey Carpenter has been on the trail of a vicious attacker for weeks, with nothing more than a vague description of a red-eyed man to go on. She has no clue she's hunting demons, and if the evidence doesn't stop disappearing, she'll never solve the case.   Before Luke Mason becomes alpha of the Crescent City Wolf Pack, he has to end the French Quarter's demon infestation and keep the police from discovering the truth. But when he falls head over tail for the feisty detective investigating the crimes, supernatural secrets aren't the only things at stake.   Luke has to mate with another werewolf or he'll sacrifice his position as alpha. But as heat builds between the pair, he discovers Macey has a few secrets of her own. She may hold the key to ridding New Orleans of its demons, but his feelings for her could tear the pack apart. Fans of Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series will fall in love with the Crescent City Wolf Pack! Preorder your copy today!
Pack Up Your Troubles
Three stories of love - won, lost and regained - against a backdrop of war.
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