Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Hearts Touched by Fire series? How are the books tied together?

I have my BA & MA and 1/2 of my PhD in History, specialty is the American Civil War. I've worked as a museum educator and curator in Missouri, doing programs, events and exhibits on the War Between the States and am a Civil War reenactor so my interest in that period is big. These books are tied together as the tale of two families - the Silvers and the Fontaines and how they lived during the war. Book 1 is on Jack & Emma; book 2 is on Emma's...

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First Fall
by Zaide Bishop | Interview
That Monroe Girl
by Ilona Fridl | Interview
Edge of Truth
by Brynn Kelly | Interview


The Viking's Yuletide Gift Short Story
Wulfram has no choice. He must obey a vengeful king's order to destroy the town of Worcester and slaughter the population. When he meets Roswitha at the Yuletide market there, he must devise a plan to satisfy his king and save the woman who draws him like no other. Bonus: Cameo appearance by Lady Godiva. Only available during the holiday season.
99 Cent Templars
Add to your enjoyment of History channel's KNIGHTFALL. Four NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED novellas by bestselling historical romance authors for 99 cents.
Mischief Under The Mistletoe: Fourteen Festive Romance Novellas
Mischief Under the Mistletoe: Fourteen fierce festive stories in one AMAZING anthology extravaganza, fresh from international and number one bestselling authors alongside hot new talent! Editor's Note: These delightfully naughty Christmas spanking stories feature scorching romance and BDSM. Some involve age play, all involve spanking. There's also a bit of LGBT+, some magic, and a drunken incident with a photocopier. If this isn't your scene, it might be better to find a nice book about knitting lamp shades, instead. Authors are: Maren Smith, Amelia Smarts, Delia Grace, Jaye Elise, Shelly Douglas, Gracie Malling, Molly Alvarado, Joelle Casteel, Brandy Golden, Kelly Dawson, Sheri Lynn, Allysa Hart, Kathryn R. Blake, and Katie Douglas!
Tales For The Season (checking It Twice) - Only 99 Cents
It's perfect if you want naughty or nice. Eleven authors have brought to you a Christmas anthology in a way that's new. Inside you will find a Christmas twist, now enjoy a sessional drink, while you discover what it is. Christmas Among Doves ~ Alyssa Drake: Christmas in the snow sounded like a good idea when Tess's sister, Kaitlyn, pitched the idea of spending their annual sister holiday at a working ranch. Mid-flight, Tess discovers Kaitlyn's underlying motive is to spend the next seven days seducing the owners of Dove Ranch. Stuck in the snow with no electricity and a cowboy-crazy sister, Tess finds solace with the eldest Dove brother, Weston, who deplores the suggestive misdirection of the ranch's new advertising scheme. When a chance moment under the mistletoe ignites a hidden attraction, Tess and Weston are forced to choose between fighting their desire or surrendering to love.

Lady Charlotte's Christmas Vigil
| Historical Romance

"He pulled her into an embrace, pushing back her bonnet and laying her head against his shoulder. She let the feeling of being cherished seep deep into her bones. She slid her hands up his chest to wrap around his neck and pull him closer." LADY CHARLOTTE'S...

One To Grow On
| Erotic Romance

ONE TO GROW ON was a short and sexy read. Romance and sex, sex and romance, need I say more? I highly rec' this to anyone who wants to read about a passionate married couple and their foray into some things that are considered taboo. I loved it. Judi...

This Moody Bastard

Full time kinky sex is more exhausting than one thinks. Sometimes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. This story features Cali, Sean and Max from Crafty Bastards. Whilst this can be read as a standalone, it's best to read about how Cali, Sean and...

New Moon
| Vamps & Shifters Romance

This book was awesome! I knew the moment I saw which characters were featured in this book that it was going to be great. We have an assassin who always seems to have a hand in everything being paired with a bounty hunter who is on a mission to uncover...

Walk Between the Raindrops
| Erotic Romance

Never underestimate a petite woman; it could kill you. This story hurt my heart so much. I've liked Scyre and June as they seem to be the mentors in the Suncoast Society. Scrye is the ultimate rope/rigger guy and they seem to have a wonderful life. They...

Junkyard Heart

I loved the beautifully flawed characters created by the author in this magnificent book. The internal struggles were extraordinary. And the way love made its entry into these broken souls was something to be remember. Out of London with a broken heart,...

Torrid Little Affair
| Contemporary Romance

3 secretive little stars for TORRID LITTLE AFFAIR. Cooper Kingsley was heartbroken when the woman he loved picked his brother over him. After taking some time to drown himself in women and wine, Cooper returns to his family's escort service, Forbidden...

Dirty Filthy Fix
| Erotic Romance

5 super sexy swinger stars for DIRTY FILTHY FIX! By day, Trish Bisceglia is the mild mannered secretary, prim and proper and serving up refreshments to New York's most powerful businessmen...all while picturing what she'd love to be doing with them...

Forging Krampus

On the naughty list and worried that Krampus is going to come after you? Not to worry because Krampus is focused on other issues. Badly behaving humans is the least of his worries. There is an anomaly with another Incarnation and for some reason, Nyx...

| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

4 shooting stars for NOAH! Noah Coleman's world was rocked when he found out his cousin Lainey was dying of cancer. He hurriedly quit the Navy SEAL program, returned to Eagle's Ridge, WA and mourned while beginning the process of raising Lainey's...

Zandian Pet
| Erotic Romance

"For a sex slave, there were worse gigs than Prium's Intergalactic Lounge, aka sex emporium." Like being one of a handful of remaining living Zandian females. Well that comes later. In the meantime, Mina has been forced to survive the best way she...

Tap-Dancing the Minefields

Buy this book now. Is this a new series from the talented Ms. Gala? I certainly hope so! Full disclosure, I didn't read the blurb. Ms. Gala is an auto-read for me. I enjoy being surprised by her and prefer to go into a story completely cold. Most of the...

Lipstick on the Strawberry
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Camilla runs a catering company in Boston and returns home to England after the death of her father. Filled with regret over not visiting, she's helping her sister empty out his house to put it up for sale, while dealing with her own trials and tribulations...

Pretzel Logic
| Erotic Romance

When it's love, waiting for the right time could take years. In this book, Ms. Dalton shows how patience can finally pay off. This book can be read as a standalone in the series. Ethan is a sexy dom who happens to be a cop. Two of my favourite combinations...

Rise Again

The word ballet on the summary was what got my attention. I was a little disappointed for not being able to learn more about the ballet world at the beginning, but I ended with a lovely story of rising against the things that pull us down. Arkady...

Western Song
| Contemporary Romance

If you read the summary to Leigh Podgorski's WESTERN SONG, you might be left wondering about the story because let's admit it, there's not much there. "Contemporary Western Love Story about a bull riding rancher and his deceased best buddy's Thai immigrant...

Fire in the Hole
| Erotic Romance

Divorcing a best friend, dumping a douche bag fiance and then finding perhaps the man of your dreams all in less than a week is an accomplishment. Not sure if it is a good or bad feat, Lara's head is still whirling. This book overlaps the book Splendid...

Mafia and Magics

New characters taking the lead in this story is a breath of fresh air! Angel Zamora is a convict almost done paying his dues in jail. Right before he is released, he is brought into a tangled web by two FBI agents. What's worse than telling him he could...

| Contemporary Romance

4 sad, sweet stars for JACK. Whitney Baldwin has moved to Seattle with the dream of opening her own bakery, but in the meantime she's making ends meet by cooking for clients in their homes. She's convinced that one particular client, Jack Carter, is...

You Never Could Be
| Erotic Romance

"Her whole body tensed. He was too close and yet not close enough. Wanting his hands on her, his lips against her skin, the pulse of his body smothering her, in a rush of desire Sara lifted onto her toes, taking possession of his mouth." Sara Rozek...

The Forest of Dark Delights

Happily ever afters only happen when the author stops a story at the right place. Beauty and the Beast ended with the curse broken. But what if it was not? What if, Gaston never died? In a fairy-tale reinterpretation, Mr. Cox poses this alternate ending....

Zero Hour
| Contemporary Romance

ZERO HOUR spoke directly to the geek in me. I blank out at many things technical, so hackers (whether they be black/white hats) written as heroes/heroines of romances are relatively new in this genre but so welcome. I love the lingo, the geek side...

Master Me, Please
| Erotic Romance

I've been curious about BJ Wane's MASTER ME, PLEASE since I started reading teasers online. Likes: It can be difficult to master the use of flashbacks effectively but Ms. Wane pulls it off juxtaposing the past and the present in such a way that she...

Unknown Desires

A newly trained submissive is matched up to a dominant, and to his surprise, the dominant is a man, not a woman. Michael is a nineteen year old who has lost his way. Raised by an aunt and grandmother, Michael missed a male role model. It seems the Domme...

Blue Moon
| Paranormal Romance

To get a second chance, one man has to reveal himself...and his wolf. Anna has always had big dreams of being a journalist. She just needs an interview with a reclusive rock star to seal the deal. A man who isn't a fan of the media or publicity. And...

The Eighth House
| Erotic Romance

This book is one of those books that goes way outside my wheelhouse. Okay, there's some pretty hot kinky sex with a bad boy and a sassy, outspoken heroine, so maybe not so far outside my wheelhouse. However, the bad boy in question is the baddest of all...


Izumi is adorable and so cuddly. It is no wonder Nathan wanted him for a pet since he was 5 years old. Returning to this cute Neko world, I wonder why I haven't read the books between this and the first one. I will need to go back and read books two through...

The Ultimatum
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

4.5 "Super Soldier Heroine" Stars for the story and 5 stars for the narration. What an engaging listen! I absolutely loved the suspense and powerful, super talented heroine who can give most superheroes a run for their money (think of her as a feminine...

Prince Roman: King of Code 1.5
| Erotic Romance

4 dirty and delicious stars for PRINCE ROMAN! Raven Crosby is determined to stay away from sex with coworkers at her new job, but the damn attorney Roman Bianchi is seriously testing her resolve. Eventually the man's charisma and sensuality win her...

Sex Symphony

SEX SYMPHONY is Book 3 in the No Holds Barred series by Sienna Matthews and Madison Blake, and it was wow. A glowing, breathing violin? Did that catch your attention? It should. It really should. This story does have a bit of a paranormal edge -- fated...

JD Corbett
Virginia, USA

I've always had a passion for writing! Ever since I was a little kid, I loved to write stories, and even enjoyed my assigned essays in school! Some of my favorite books are light-hearted and witty romances, and I hope that my writing can attest to that!...

Jean Wilde
Toronto, Canada

I'm a Canadian author with a love for all things history and romance. I'm a huge Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen fan. When I'm not nose-deep in a book or working on my next novel, I can be found snuggling up to my hubby, 2 kids and black Lab.

Pia Manning
Wisconsin, USA

Hi, and thanks for checking out my page. I'm a very new author-Star Brides: Procured, is my first writing venture. Many thanks to Siren Publishing for taking a chance on me. I'm proud to say that Star Brides was on Siren's top 100 bestsellers list. It...

Bonnie Phelps

People are endlessly fascinating and stories are everywhere. I love exploring, rearranging and weaving my narratives throughout my characters' lives.

San Antonio, Texas

I'm a bestselling author, and former freelance journalist from San Antonio, Texas. I spent years covering news, writing articles, and interviewing celebrities for newspaper, magazines, and online sites. I've authored The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series,...

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Early days of reading romance novels and women's fiction laid the groundwork for me to take up the pen and write my own memorable love stories. My writing consists of sensual contemporary western romance with strong family ties, an occasional paranormal...


Hi! I'm Cali - wife, mom and lover all things fantastic and supernatural. I'm super excited about joining the TRR review team and hope to make many new Internet friends.

Sarah Hearts Books

Cats obsess me, romances posses me, fictional boyfriends caress me... In my imagination, that is! I spend more than half my day buried in the (usually electronical) pages of a good book. I have an addiction to Castle, Project Runway and SOUTHERN...

Atlanta, GA, USA

I am a 30 something married white collar career woman with the stereo typical 2 kids, a dog and the white picket fence. I enjoy reading as my hobby because I can drift away into someone else's world but if there is a mommy emergency I can put the book...

Maryland, USA

I have read books for as long as I can remember. I have been an active member of the Goodreads community since June 2011 and have reviewed everything that I have read there. I have had my own book blog since Feb 2013 but started out co-blogging in Sept...

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