The Pirate's Jewel
by Ruth A. Casie | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for THE PIRATE'S JEWEL?

Have you ever read a book with secondary characters that scream for a story of their own? Or better yet, characters you want to know more about. Wesley Reynolds and Darla Maxwell, the central characters of The Pirate's Jewel are the parents of Lisbeth Reynolds, the heroine in my story, The Guardian's Witch. They have a small part in the story and begged for one of their own.

Q: I understand it's set in the world of the series Pirates of Britannia. What's...

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The Highland Renegade
by Amy Jarecki | Interview


New Cary Redmond Short Story!
Out Now! A new short story in the Cary Redmond urban fantasy series! A new job, a new house, a new demon dog… And so much to learn. Cary Redmond has a lot of study ahead of her if she wants to survive her new job as a magical Protector. Study means books. And books mean spending time in a bookstore—something she will never object to. However, the place her mentor sends her isn't an ordinary bookstore. And the clientele are more than what they seem. But with the help of The Bookstore's proprietor and the resident basset hound, Cary is sure she can navigate this new world without getting eaten by anything. Maybe.
New Release: Earl Of Edgemore
Christmas has never been more wicked… The Earl of Edgemore, Blake Fox, does as he pleases and he would not dream of apologizing for it. His only weak spot is his sister, Lady Minerva. Little does he know the minx has matchmaking on her mind and Christmas provides the perfect opportunity. Does Blake stand a chance against his meddlesome sister, mistletoe, and Christmas magic?
New Regency Series Preorder - Only 99 Cents!
Suddenly a St. Clair, the final book in my St. Clairs Regency romance series, is now available on preorder for 99 cents. Release day is December 3 and the price will go up, so get your copy while you can at this special discount price! Will a marriage of convenience blossom into one filled with love? At age eighteen, Hudson St. Clair learns he's the Duke of Everton's bastard. Though never claimed by his father, the new duke, Hudson's half-brother, accepts Hudson into the family, gifting him with a university education and teaching him about the myriad of businesses controlled by the St. Clair family. His grandmother, Cor, guides Hudson in how to become a gentleman and molds his character, making him a man to be reckoned with. Upon Cor's death, her wealth and estate will go to him—provided Hudson weds within sixty days after the reading of her will. Lady Mia Sloane is an inventor, caring for her feeble-minded father on their crumbling country estate. Upon his death, Mia is swept away to London by her pushy but loving aunt, who tries to turn Mia into a woman she's not. Attending society events at night, Mia spends her days working on her devices, especially the new steam engine she's sold to Hudson St. Clair and his family. When Mr. St. Clair proposes a marriage of convenience in order to allow Mia to continue working on her prototypes, she leaps at the offer, despite never having desired a husband or children. The only thing troubling her is her new husband tells her she's not expected to share his bed—the very thing Mia has become most interested in doing since their experiments in kissing have awakened something within her that only Hudson St. Clair can fill. Can two misfits rejected by society come together and grow stronger through the lasting bond of love? Find the answer in bestselling author Alexa Aston's final book of The St. Clairs, Suddenly a St. Clair.
Only 2 Days Left!!! Big Giveaway For Seduced +$200 In Prizes
Kate's first London Sex Club novel, SEDUCED, launched to great reviews and she's celebrating with a Big Launch Giveaway. ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER! More than $200 in prizes including a Michael Kors Gold-plated, Crystal-encrusted Padlock Bracelet ~ because Kate's fictitious Club Exotica features two BDSM dungeons! Or win an imported Italian Mask ~ because everyone in Club Exotica must where masks. Buy SEDUCED today! only $2.99. Just go to Kate Allure's website to order from your favorite retailer. "Holy hotness. If you're looking for a story that is provocative, steamy, and full of erotica, with a taste of BDSM, this book blends all of that together for a read you can't get enough of." —Chris C., Goodreads "Seduced was a lovely tale of the awakening of a woman's sexuality after two bad relationships." —The Word Nerd Reviews

The One For You
| Contemporary Romance

Following the characters of a fictional town that still bears the scars of a school shooting over a decade ago has put Roni Loren on my radar. Four books into the series, Ms. Loren still tells powerful stories of what it means to grieve, to nurture memories...

Dark One's Mistress
| Fantasy Romance

DARK ONE'S MISTRESS is the first book in the Dark One's Trilogy, and we start with Clara being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She lives in a village called Everdark and rumours abound that the Great Lord has died, and his heir now rules. If this...

Guarding Bloodlines
| Paranormal with Romantic Elements

GUARDING BLOODLINES is the second book in The Princeton Allegiant series. We reunite with the characters we met in book one, and finally, learn more about the elusive Julianna. After 300 years of running from Loren, she is here to stay, no matter what...

The Night House
| Fantasy Romance

THE NIGHT HOUSE is a standalone post-apocalyptic fantasy romance that seamlessly blends medieval knights and sword-play from a different planet with current day earth. This was a fantastic read, ticking most of my boxes. Thane and Taya have sparks...

Crimson Roses
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

CRIMSON ROSES is a romantic murder mystery suspense story about a young Veterinarian and those close to her who start dying. Pepper had a traumatic event in her past that she has tried to put behind her. She has moved back closer to home and is a partner...


3.5 stars rounding up.... It isn't often that I delve into M/M stories, but ORIENTATION--strictly not quite a romance as yet--is making me rethink my choices. Gritty, oh-so-angsty and so well-put out, Gregory Ashe outlines 2 beguiling best-friends-protagonists...

Succubus Soul: Veras Academy
| Erotic Romance

SUCCUBUS SOUL: VERAS ACADEMY is the third book in the Succubus Sirens series, and we meet Bry, along with Derek, Zeke, Rio, and Trey. Three of the men are princes, and one is her best friend. This was an easy read, with most of the drama coming from...

Between Me & You
| Contemporary Romance

Where writing is concerned, Kimberly Kincaid barely puts a foot wrong. Admittedly, there are some plots and characters that are obviously more palatable than others but a confident, driving style is what Ms. Kincaid has in spades. That alone has so much...

Ghost of a Chance
| Paranormal Romance

GHOST OF A CHANCE is the second book in the Redclaw Security series, and I was delighted to get the opportunity to read it. Sarah starts off a bit dubiously but don't worry. She comes into her own. She just needs to figure things out first. Casey is...

Wolf Rebel
| Contemporary Romance

With a rapidly growing menagerie of paranormal creatures injecting new life into the SWAT series, WOLF REBEL is a fun and campy, enemies-to-lovers with a twist story as Paige Tyler ups the ante here with more than just repetitive storylines of werewolves...

Submitting to Two Doms
| Erotic Romance

BJ Wane has done it again! Her hot and lusty cowboy doms are back, and this time we get two of them! In the fifth book of her wildly popular Cowboy Doms series, BJ has long been a favorite author of mine, especially since her Virginia Doms series. This...

Undercover Twin
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

While UNDERCOVER TWIN leads the readers on an exciting adventure into the inner workings of the mob/exclusive club of villains, the writing is somewhat amateurish. Audrey, the heroine, is described to be a brilliant scientist, and she is at that with...

Rescued by a Mountain Man
| Erotic Romance

A sexy read, RESCUED BY A MOUNTAIN MAN is a short story with likeable characters and a steamy storyline. A good in between read if you are looking for some hotness.

Bishop Takes Knight
| Historical Romance

BISHOP TAKES KNIGHT is the first book in the Redclaw Origins series. Now, I have read two books of the Redclaw Security series, and thoroughly enjoyed them. So I was intrigued by the thought of going back to see where it all began. I was NOT disappointed. This...

For Fox Sake

FOR FOX SAKE is the first book in Fetish Alley, however this series is a spinoff of the Men of London. I didn't know this when I started reading this story and although I enjoyed this suspenseful, sexy story, I would have been more engaged if I had read...

Pure Dumb Luck

PURE DUMB LUCK is a fast-paced, easy friends to lovers romance. Eddie and Woody have been friends since their school days, and the attraction between them has been there just as long. Once they win the lottery, they find the freedom to act on that attraction,...

Arctic Heat

There's something I find compelling about Annabeth Albert's Frozen Hearts series, but perhaps it's the wilds of Alaska and the odd, accompanying sense of adventure and danger so far north that pull me in. Here, the urban-suave ex-investment banker and...

Dine With me

DINE WITH ME is as much as a tribute to food as it is to romance: two weeks with an ailing celebrity chef (his self-imposed last rites, so to speak) and a foodie doctor on the verge of a career shift. Layla Reyne takes a different direction with DINE...

Lord of the Last Heartbeat

LORD OF THE LAST HEARTBEAT is the first book in the Sacred Dark series, and we focus on Mio and Rhodry. Both of these have secrets and 'powers' that have an effect on their lives. Mio no longer wants to 'help' his mother, but can't see a way out. Rhodry...

Broken News: M/M Mafia Romance

BROKEN NEWS is a suspenseful M/M romance, with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. Characters who aren't quite what they seem, an engaging story line and a world where some never dare to tread. Overall, a really good read and one I would...

Arctic Heat

ARCTIC HEAT is the third book in the Frozen Hearts series, and although we stay in Alaska, we see a very different side of it. There is less emphasis placed on the beauty of the region, and more on the natural dangers that exist every winter. In this...

Dine With me

DINE WITH ME is a change of direction from the Romantic Suspense novels I have read by Layla Reyne. And I don't mean in a bad way, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Miller is a chef, who has just closed down a restaurant, is getting a divorce from...

Submitting to the Lawyer
| Erotic Romance

You know when you just find that book that you settle in with and don't want to stop reading? Well this is that book. SUBMITTING TO THE LAWYER is the 4th book in BJ's Cowboy Dom series, and each cowboy just keeps getting hotter and hotter as the series...

Here Comes The Son

Childhood friends, a first crush turned into more, battles with demons, and more junk food than you can shake a stick at all done Dahlia Donovan style. HERE COMES THE SON is a little different than what I would normally expect from this author with its...

Submitting to the Sheriff
| Erotic Romance

SUBMITTING TO THE SHERIFF is the second book in the superbly talented BJ Wane's Cowboy Doms series. If you love your men alpha and heroic and your women independent with a slight touch of brat, you won't be disappointed here. BJ had definitely settled...

Safe in the Hitman's Arms
| Erotic Romance

SAFE IN THE HITMAN'S ARMS is a well paced short story, with dynamic characters and an intriguing support cast. I found the storyline engaging and balance between story and romance well delivered. Overall a great read!

Saved Between the Sheets
| Erotic Romance

SAVED BETWEEN THE SHEETS is a collection of stories, all revolving around the world of Superheroes. Some are 'for real', whilst others aren't--one involves a costume of someone going to a KinkCon. Whether it is Reverse Harem, or BDSM, or just plain...

The Alpha Wolf's Mate
| Erotic Romance

THE ALPHA WOLF'S MATE appears to be a standalone, although it could quite easily be turned into a series, as there are a number of characters I want to hear more about. Serena is heading towards her new job when her car breaks down... at night... on...

Good With His Hands
| Erotic Romance

GOOD WITH HIS HANDS is a quick read, centering around an unexpected encounter in the wilderness. The story is charming with likeable characters and a cute, sexy storyline.

A Werewolf State of Mind
| Erotic Romance

A psychiatrist and a patient that are more than you can see. A WEREWOLF STATE OF MIND has delightful characters with great interaction. I enjoyed this story. The characters' openness and romantic development were well delivered, leaving me wanting...

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Pat Henshaw
Northern California

Pat Henshaw: 1. Is a she, not a he. 2. Writes MM romances. 3. Has interviewed Arlo Guthrie, Big Bird, Fred Rogers, Liberace, and Vincent Price. 4. Has lived and worked on all three US coasts and in the middle of the country, too. 5. Has been a reviewer,...

Amy Romine
Oklahoma, USA

Amy Romine has always wanted to be one of the good guys. From playing Charlie's Angels in the backyard of her Macungie, PA home as a child to the pages of her unending projects, Amy has always dreamed of adventure and romance. Her need to make the characters...

Jaye Peaches

I'm a USA Today Bestselling author of erotic romances involving domination and submission. All my books contain an element of BDSM, spankings or erotic games of sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then please take...

Kate Allure

Kate Allure writes erotic romances that celebrate sensuality, sexual exploration and, of course, true love. Writing for Entangled Publishing and Sourcebooks, her books feature real women meeting handsome professional, working men as they go about their...

Heather Boyd
Newcastle, Australia

USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after--no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she writes steamy romances that skirt the boundaries of propriety...

Blushing Books

Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Victorian, Historical, and BDSM Erotica. She has penned multiple stories in many genres also under the name Ruth Silver. Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years....

Fic Central

I'm a book and design junkie who would be lost without a mile-long to-do list. Since my salary can't support the purchase of the couple hundred books I read each year, I found my way into reviewing, which has introduced me to so many great authors I...


I've been conducting a love affair with books since the age of seven. I graduated to romance when I was eleven and it's been a blissful relationship to the present.

Maryland, USA

I have read books for as long as I can remember. I have been an active member of the Goodreads community since June 2011 and have reviewed everything that I have read there. I have had my own book blog since Feb 2013 but started out co-blogging in Sept...

Avonna Loves Genres
Cleveland, OH

I have been a bookaholic my entire life and am excited that now I am finally chasing my dream of reviewing and sharing my love of romance books with others. Nothing makes me happier than reading, sharing great authors and writing a review for discussion.





Born Of Magic
Loving a wizard is never easy. The odd restlessness plaguing Master Wynnston disappears the moment he meets Zephara, a candidate to join the Twenty Wizards of Halstrid. It's unprecedented for a woman to join their hallowed ranks and if she fails the final tests all her memories will be removed, including her time with Wynn. He is her eternal-mate and for her there will be no other. Failure is not an option. Kephas' journey to find the long-lost Queen and Princess results in him finding a pet lizard and a woman his heart won't let him stray from. But is she the Princess full-grown? Theda is a shortened version of her name and her vague answers only raise more questions. One thing is certain, she was meant for him and despite his duty to the realm he won't leave her side. With Albain remaining a threat, Kephas must escort Theda into Halstrid and hope she doesn't try to run away once she realizes the truth of her birthright.
All That Never Was
Megan is a woman who can't forget past sorrows; Jeffrey goes to great lengths to forget his. Brought together during a raging blizzard, these two lost souls find love and solace with one another, unaware their pasts and sorrows are strangely linked.
June ~ The Pianist
A sweet novella to warm your heart. When concert pianist June Westberry inherits her late grandfather's music shop, she returns to her small hometown in New York to renovate and run it. But she never expects to clash with the town's ornery old music teacher, Nettie Jones who demands she find a lost, fifty-year-old holiday musical score. Single parent and contractor, Leo Ciaffonni, enjoys restoring old buildings, and the A# Music Shop with its pretty new owner is no exception. When he's injured, June finds herself caring for Leo and helping his little daughter bake cookies for her class. As the holidays close in and the shop's renovations continue, the problems June tries hard to solve only seem to become more chaotic. A# Sharp Music Shop is broken into. A harvest recital for her new students requires multifaceted planning. And the perpetrator and the lost musical score have not been found. Will she be able to find peace and order in her new life this Christmas—and the love she's always dreamed of? Only $1.99 eBook/Kindle
Willie, My Love
The year is 1856. White pine is king of the forest. The last thing Jonathan Wain wants to do is ride miles through Pennsylvania's wilderness to help his father's logging partner in the small settlement of Clearfield. But his family owns clipper ships in the Chesapeake Bay that carry the coveted logs to the markets each spring, and they can't afford a loss. The last thing Wilhelmina Wydcliffe wants is a handsome sea captain from Maryland meddling in her father's logging operations under attack by unknown enemies. A fiesty tomboy and better known as Willie to her crews, she has a dream to be the largest logging operator east of the Mississippi River. When both Willie's and Jonathan's lives are threatened, they are forced to work together to find their enemies before both of their companies are in shambles. But as their attraction to each other escalates, can they set aside their differences, unearth the truth, and discover contentment in each other's arms? Now $2.99 - eBook/Kindle
99c Sale! Pure Dumb Luck
Grab Pure Dumb Luck on sale for 99c until Nov 25th! When two small-town country dudes win the lottery, they finally find the courage to speak their truth.
Winter Spice
Be careful what you wish for....
Do You Love Listening To Your Books?
Grab the award winning Six Months on audio now!! Narrated by Samantha twenty years, Mikala Jacobson had it all: loyal friends, a precious little girl, and a man who adores her. Then double tragedy strikes and her perfect world shatters. Good friends, Rena and Jake are instantly by her side, protecting her from her husband David's sordid secret life and his final drunken confession. With their help, Mikala finds strength to rebuild and redefine her life. As her spirit and heart heal, she not only finds closure, but the beauty of a new love built upon an old friendship.
Six Months Is Now On Audible!
Grab the award winning Six Months on audio now!! Narrated by Samantha twenty years, Mikala Jacobson had it all: loyal friends, a precious little girl, and a man who adores her. Then double tragedy strikes and her perfect world shatters. Good friends, Rena and Jake are instantly by her side, protecting her from her husband David's sordid secret life and his final drunken confession. With their help, Mikala finds strength to rebuild and redefine her life. As her spirit and heart heal, she not only finds closure, but the beauty of a new love built upon an old friendship.
Want Passion And Romance For One Low Price?
Eight great romances for just 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Feel the tingle of a stolen moment, the passion of a first kiss, and the joy of winning at love. From eight award-winning and bestselling authors this collection of contemporary romances is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing. From first glance to second chance, follow these couples on their journey to love. Take a chance on love and settle in for eight wonderful romances that all lead to happy endings. Kelly Collins—Meet Me in the Middle: Everyone knows sinfully sexy Miles Stevenson's face. When he pulls a perfect stranger in for a passion-filled kiss, he ends up doing more than fooling the press. Angela Stevens—Catching Nate: Only one woman ever stole Nate Chase's heart–it's just a shame she is off limits. Bonnie Edwards—Like An Angel: A runaway heiress stumbles onto a farm. But Brice Logan needs a woman and this misguided angel is the only one he's got. Jude Ouvrard—Cheaters: A business trip leads Willow to Travis, a divorced flirt who entices her beyond reason. Filled with doubt and suspicion about her fiancé back home, Travis offers temptations hard to resist. Michele Shriver—Strike Zone: Home and family is everything to Lorna. Big League Pitcher Killian wants the same things. Passion between them flares bright and hot, but a friend asking Lorna for a life-altering favor has Killian crying foul. Chantel Rhondeau—Blissful Contracts - Opal: After a car accident ruined her life, she was forced into an arranged marriage just to survive. Byron is intense, but something about him attracts her. Kimmie Easley—Almost Home: I can't love like Avette. Life doesn't mean the same to me. Hi, I'm Trini Baker, and I'm an addict. Stacy Eaton—Sometimes You Win: When the winning numbers are drawn can Devon and Haley build something for the future?
Cowboys, Cattle, And Cutthroats
99 CENT SALE Saddle up for Adventure and Romance Beverley Award Finalist He came to Colorado to track down an outlaw. But she was the reason he stayed.
Touch Me
She gives him her body, but will she commit her heart? Tania Havers has no time for dating or meaningful relationships. What's the point of it all? She's ambitious and driven, like many in the world of finance. Work is everything to her, and she's determined to be the best. But life is also stressful and frustrating. And lonely. What if she made a little time in her busy schedule for something different? On the advice of a friend, a visit to a London backstreet brings Adam into Tania's life. She discovers a new form of sensual oblivion and begins a covet affair with a man whose hands are divine gifts. Passionate sensuality lifts Tania to a new level of self-awareness. The unexpected pairing takes them out of the massage parlour into a hotel room, then her apartment and finally his converted cellar. Adam wants to open up his heart to her and reveal his secret passion. Is there room in Tania's life, and her heart, for a man like Adam or will she sacrifice their relationship to save her precious career? (Previously published as Touched. New edition, extensively revised.) Contains explicit sexual content, please do not buy if such material offends.
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