Bought by the Boss
by Stacey Kennedy | Interview

Enjoy this excerpt!


I take two steps forward but when a firm hand grasps my arm, I'm ready to either kick someone in the junk or yell at them as I spin around and find myself gazing deeply into Liam's potent eyes.

He's fancy with his neatly tailored black suit and navy blue tie, and dear God, he is gorgeous. His dark eyes pin me to where I'm standing with the power they possess. His chiseled jaw and sculpted mouth are perfection. Liam is what teenage boys dream of being when they grow up. A sexy as hell man.

"Hello, Aria," he says smoothly, seductively....

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Sex Symphony
by Sienna Matthews; Madison Blake | Interview
Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview
First Fall
by Zaide Bishop | Interview


White Water Passion
Available Now! The Montana Territory is one of the last outposts of the American West-where adventure as grand as the wide-open plains is around every corner, and passion as wild as the land itself beats in every heart . . . Elizabeth Sanders isn't afraid of anything, except what will happen to her beloved town if the Big Mountain Lumber Mill is destroyed. When she overhears a plot to do just that, she vows to put a stop to it, even if it means dressing as a young lumberjack to expose the saboteur. There's only one problem with her plan-her brother's handsome friend and fellow logger Garrett Jones, who arouses a desire within her soul as fierce as the river rapids. When Garrett discovers that the odd new lad on the crew is in fact Beth, he's shocked. A logging camp is no place for a young woman-especially the spirited beauty he's admired for so long. Keeping her safe is easier said than done, however, as the attraction between them flares into true passion. As the danger mounts, Beth and Garrett must work together to survive the last log run down the wild rapids and claim any chance of saving the mill-and their chance at a future . . .
Arctic Spirit (arctic Ice #1) New Release
Charlotte Austen has been in love with her two best friends, Chris and Drew Malcom, since high school, but choosing between them was never an option. The day she said goodbye to them was a painful one, especially since she thought she would never see them again. Ten years and one visit later changes everything. Alaskan tiger shifters, Chris and Drew, have never gotten over Charlotte. The fact that they were both in love with her was never the problem … being destined for a mate, however, was. They reach out to her, hoping to find a way to resume their friendship. The three of them get an unsuspected surprise when they see each other again. The trio's happy discovery does not come without a price. Jealousy and prejudice threaten to destroy the budding romance. Will Chris and Drew be able to stop the threat before they lose the love of their lives forever? #MFM #MENAGE #HEA
The Flower Girl
The "flower girl" was labeled a slow student in high school. Though she can only handle simple tasks, Camilla is happy with her job in a garden store. Her boss is kind and Camilla loves flowers. When Camilla discovers men's bodies buried in a back plot, she is puzzled. She doesn't tell her boss, Mrs. Martin, because she doesn't want to upset her. Though Camilla lives alone in the family home, her two cousins often drop by to visit. They are furious when they find out that a customer made fun of Camilla and that Mrs.. Martin's husband tried to seduce her. When each man becomes a murder victim, Camilla is suspected in the crimes. However, there is no evidence to connect her to either of them. When other murders follow, the young detective assigned to the cases is suspicious of Camilla until she gets to know her better and realizes someone more clever is behind the slayings. As the crimes escalate, Marie and her team strive to find clues that lead to the killer. When they do, the identity is a surprise to everyone in the investigation.
Betrayal: The Awakening
New release from Kira Hillins. Betrayal: The Awakening is the first book in a trilogy. This is not your typical paranormal romance. The story is a hybrid with a very dark, emotional story between the hero and heroine. For over four-hundred years Tristan Ashfield has waited for a cure for the very ailment that chains him to the night. Like a vampire he's lived off human blood, hunted and killed to stay alive, believing one day a female would be born with a rare ancestral blood that would give him back his humanity. But Madeline, a woman he cared for long ago, has waited for the same prophecy to come to pass. When the search for mortality becomes a race, Tristan finds himself caught in a moral dilemma. Love the one who will save him? Or kill her to save his mortal soul?
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I wanted to drag her into the dark with me, just to see if she'd survive it.
Nobody trusts a Warriner... but only he can heal her. ..
Three hours. Four hard limits. Nine NEW hot stories from some of the top authors in BDSM!
Ends February 28
"In a wolves' world, disobedience is met with punishment."
The only thing worse than getting stuck with a bad client is falling in love with him.

Army Ranger with Benefits
| Contemporary Romance

Despite the fluffy title, ARMY RANGER WITH BENEFITS is a seriously romantic and feel-good read you shouldn't miss! How do I love thee...let me count the ways: 1. Vince is utterly gorgeous and easy-going. He's maybe the first hero I've read who didn't...

Mastering Her Fear
| Erotic Romance

BJ Wane has released the third book in her awesome Miami Masters series, MASTERING HER FEAR! And it's just as wonderful as the other books in the series! BJ has been a one click author for me since I discovered her Virginia Bluebloods series. Jackson...

Soul to Keep

Finding love and peace when the life seems to be falling apart, is one of the experiences Jamie and Marc will have to learn in SOUL TO KEEP. Jamie is a recovering addict that is trying to put his life together going back to England. Marc is an Ex-Army...

Christmas on the Beach
| Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

"Please don't push me away," he says, kissing me gently. I kiss him back, holding onto him tightly, hoping, praying for this moment to never ever end. Our kisses become more passionate, and I can barely even feel the cold around me from the warmth in...

Arctic Spirit (Arctic Ice #1)
| Erotic Romance

ARCTIC SPIRIT is the first book in a new series by Elena Kincaid. We start off with Charlotte. Her father was in the air force and one of the best moves he made was when he was stationed in Alaska. Why? Because Charlotte meets Drew and Chris, two brothers...

Her Best Friend's Husband

HER BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND is an inter-racial, M/M/F short story by super storyteller Doris O'Connor. I'm always on tenterhooks waiting for Doris to come out with a new story, and every time, it's worth the wait! Wedding planner Naomi is stuck in the...

Saved by her Vampires

Doris O'Connor's SAVED BY HER VAMPIRES is a novella that is packed with sexy vampire menage goodness. I'll admit that she's one of those authors that I have to read her books as soon as they hit the shelf, and this book was no different. I was hooked...

Marital Duty
| Erotic Romance

A wicked fun romp in the historical hay! Evaline has developed a girl crush on the wife of her husband's best friend. Since her own love life at home with her husband is lackluster, she wonders what it would be like to share passion with a lover. Selina...

Undone by You

A 12-year-age gap between a closeted player and an openly-gay manager along with the implications of a relationship that's probably forbidden and mostly likely to be massacred by the press and the public? The odds seem unsurmountable. That Cade and Dante...

Delighted by the Duke
| Historical Romance

Finding love when you least expect it... This is a novella-length story about a woman who has been thrust into an undesirable betrothal to pay off her uncle's debt. In a desperate attempt to flee, she finds herself hiding in the carriage of a widowed...

Behind Closed Doors
| Erotic Romance

The third and final installment of Lexie Davis's Roaming Devils MC series shows us what happens after the marriage of club president Ryker and doctor Ella. We pick up right on their wedding day, and Ella pays the price for Ryker not getting rid of his...


I thoroughly enjoyed reading JOY. I read this in one sitting. There's something about a guy who's down on his luck and the sweet and silent guy. Gideon and Silas are perfect for each as they balance out one another. Gideon's hints at insecurity is...

Waiting For a Rogue Like You
| Historical Romance

Winning the heart of a rogue captain... When a gorgeous woman stumbles into the building, Drake knows she is far from home. Dressed in a fine gown and with the mannerisms of a perfect lady, she is way out of his league. And she immediately recognizes...

Enslaving Dana
| Erotic Romance

Have you ever felt as though there was something missing in your life? Whether it's the realization that you can't stand what you do for work or the desire for a panty-soaking encounter, life is currently on the...bitter...side and you've no idea what...

Hustle of the Gunman

HUSTLE OF THE GUNMAN is the fourth book in the Galaxia Pirates series. In this instalment, we have the exact opposite of insta-love. Instead, Darrel has been in love with Toby for over eight years, but Toby wants nothing to do with him. Toby finally succeeds...

| Contemporary Romance

Throw away all fixed ideas about how a hero or even an anti-hero should behave, entertain the idea of the antithesis of a fairytale romance, then come to HOSTAGE expecting that you'll be getting the entire opposite of a sanitised HEA. HOSTAGE requires...

| Erotic Romance

Have you ever loved someone despite knowing you could never have her? Because to have her would mean certain retribution? Have you ever waited for him to come but he never did? What happens when what is thought to be unrequited love, isn't? In Erzabet...

Accept My Surrender

This contemporary romance blooms into a satisfying tale of self-discovery. John is a middle age man who questions if he should have been married to a woman. With strained relations, John's wife leaves him. Isolated, John appears to be in suspended animation,...

Planning Christmas
| Contemporary Romance

"I want to be so much more than friends." She tilted her chin up toward him and pressed her lips to his. Years of anticipation released in that one perfect moment. A heart-warming, friends-to-lovers story, PLANNING CHRISTMAS is a whimsical novella that...

Rahab's Domination
| Erotic Romance

Ravenna Tate continues her Demons on Wheels MC series with VP Rahab's story and lawyer Liz Chavez, who Rahab meets at the door when she brings mobster Donny a contract to look over. Rahab decides pretty quickly that he wants Liz, and when Sonny lets her...

Burning for an Assassin

Looking for a killer lesbian erotica? Try a book from Ms. Snow. I picked this book up because I wanted to read more f/f romance. If it included erotica and a bit of suspense, all the better. The fact that it included shifters, witches and kinky sex? Now...

Smooth-Talking Cowboy
| Contemporary Romance

Falling in love with the wrong man has never felt so right... Olivia had a plan for her life and it didn't involve breaking up with the man she intends to marry. However, that's exactly what she did after her boyfriend failed to propose to her over...

Switch It Up
| Erotic Romance

Looks like I'm on a geek roll, because lookee here, another book with geek characters! Maddy is a hacker who tests websites for their security. When she found a hole in the website of Noble House, the online site of a kink club, she immediately drove...


JOY was such a lighthearted and fun book to read, I had a great time with it and the characters were really sweet. Gideon is trying to live a normal life, but chaos seem to find him everywhere he goes. Trying to keep himself away from that chaos isn't...

Smoke and Mirrors
| Contemporary Romance

Romantic fiction that brings biological warfare to the forefront is rare and Julie Rowe's suspense series about soldiers, invisible but scary threats and doctors/nurses fighting to stop an outbreak always stood out because of their unique subject matter....

| Erotic Romance

There are some books--rare as they are--that make me question the definition of romance and by extension, why I read them. PRISONER is one of those rare few books, which makes this a near-impossible review to write. If I read romance for escapism and...

Two Man Station

Two men struggling with their own demons are trying to open their hearts to a new love in the remote Richmond station. Gio has been transferred to the small town of Richmond where Jason Quinn is the officer in charge. Gio's reputation is not in the...

Midnight Valentine
| Contemporary Romance

5 lightning bolts full of the feels for MIDNIGHT VALENTINE! After 5 years of mourning her husband Cass, Megan Dunn decides to persue the dream they once had, moving to Seaside, Oregon, to renovate a Victorian B&B. Unfortunately, the only contractor...

| Erotic Romance

5 incredibly sexy and thunderous stars for THUNDER! Welcome to Big D!ck Escort Service, where men like "Thunder" will make you look great in public, and make you feel great in private! Thunder, aka Colton, is just about ready to hang up his hooker...

Happy Spanksgiving

The Crafty Bastards host another erotic party filled with kinky fun. This time, Thanksgiving is a Spankgiving party of floggings, orgasms and spankings galore. Max, Sean, and Cali are the go to hosts for the private parties. They enjoy doing it and it...

Christina Elliott
Los Angeles

Christina Elliott is a former Miami newspaper reporter and editor. She now writes spicy romantic suspense novels from Los Angeles, where she's glad to report there are far fewer bad-hair days but sadly far less Cuban coffee. She is a member of the Romance...

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I am the author of A Million Decembers, (#1) and also, For the Love of July (#2) in the series, Twelve Months, Twelve Love Stories - pen name, L. B. Joyce. By day, I design Christmas ornaments and by night, you can find me at my computer, a cup of coffee...

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Early days of reading romance novels and women's fiction laid the groundwork for me to take up the pen and write my own memorable love stories. My writing consists of sensual contemporary western romance with strong family ties, an occasional paranormal...

Marissa Garner

Marissa Garner is a wife, writer, chocoholic, and animal lover, not necessarily in that order. As a little girl, she cut pictures of people out of her mother's magazines and turned them into characters in her simple stories. Now she writes edgy romantic...

Kate Allure

Kate Allure writes erotic romances that celebrate sensuality, sexual exploration and, of course, true love. Writing for Entangled Publishing and Sourcebooks, her books feature real women meeting handsome professional, working men as they go about their...

Jean Wilde
Toronto, Canada

I'm a Canadian author with a love for all things history and romance. I'm a huge Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen fan. When I'm not nose-deep in a book or working on my next novel, I can be found snuggling up to my hubby, 2 kids and black Lab.

Pacific Northwest

I am an avid fan of the written word. I love the flow and the infinate possibilities of putting words together to create a story. I cherish the rich imagination of the writers that do this so well. I am currently editing my own book and hope to be published...

Carly (Carly's Book Reviews)
Minnesota, USA

I love to read, and to share those stories with other readers! Books are friends that don't care if you're like me and read every day or if you only have a few minutes every now and then. A well written book review can help consumers choose if a story...


An aspiring writer, Susan became interested in romance while transporting "The Dark Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning. Bored she read it and was completely hooked. With an educational background in psychology and fiction writing, Susan looks for stories...

Ohio, USA

Kathryn, here. I've been hooked on romance books since the early 80s when I was given a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Ashes in the Wind." I devoured it, then immediately searched for "more of the same, only different" books. Prior to romance I read...

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February 24 - March10
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A Cowboy To Keep
Catch a cowboy ... Keep a cowboy ... Don't miss this great collection from USA Today, Amazon Bestselling, and Award-Winning authors!! 4.5 * with 54 reviews, and still in the top 100 on Amazon.
Thorne: Rose's Dark Contract
An innocent young woman. An older damaged man. One dark contract. Thorne: Rose's Dark Contract (Book 1) Get it for only 99 cents! "The Thorne Series is sensually erotic and deeply emotional story with twists that will make you go back to read from the very first page of the series all over again. "
Folly At Sausmarez Manor + Realms Of White Crescent Free!
The folly begins when LADY CORDELIA "DELIA" RUTLEDGE and her family visit Sausmarez Manor on Guernsey Island in the fall of 1801. And why not? It's the perfect stopover on their way to the continent for reasons that can only be discussed in confidence. LORD MARSHALL COMPTON, Marquess of Daventry, and archeologist extraordinaire certainly isn't aware of their visit until he offers to escort Delia to see prehistoric ruins on the island. This piece of chivalry lands him a fiancée he's not sure he wants, in-laws he knows he can do without, and run-ins with the Russians. Or are they pirates? Perhaps witches or the fairy king himself is involved in the mix. One thing is sure. Marshall's plans for an Indian expedition are definitely lost. Maybe. Sign up for news of this release and get my free short story
A Beautiful Lady: A Historical Romanace Boxed Set
On sale from March 1st, six books for the price of one. Up for preorder already!
New Boxed Set!
The Drakkon race are as ancient as the stars. Powerful dragons, they have ruled for centuries. But having been turned into humans by a wicked council, they now walk the earth among the mortals. They will stop at nothing to regain their dragon form again except for one thing - the love of a mortal woman. Adventure, passion, and power await in this stunning three-book series. Book One: Scorched Book Two: Ember Book Three: White Hot Get your copy of this limited edition set.
Please Be My Valentine
An old friendship is awakened due to the need to keep a promise. Will love again emerge in Barnesville?
To Kiss A Rake
WHEN A LADY IS ABDUCTED BY MISTAKE… Melinda Starling doesn't let ladylike behavior get in the way of true love. She's secretly helping with an elopement, when she's tossed into the waiting coach and driven away by a notorious rake. REVENGE REALLY DOESN'T PAY. Miles Warren, Lord Garrison, comes from a family of libertines, and he's the worst of them all—or so society believes. When Miles helps a friend to run away with an heiress, it's an entertaining way to revenge himself on one of the gossips who slandered him. Except that he drives off with the wrong woman…and as if that wasn't scandalous enough, he can't resist stealing a kiss.
Next Door Menage - **new Release
New erotic romance from Sarina Wilde on sale on Amazon February 19 for just 99 cents. 75% off regular retail for the first week! Grant McGregor has spent years hiring out his services as a male escort. What he really wants is to make his farm to table produce business self-supporting so he can hang up his handcuffs and floggers. However, an escape artist pony from the farm next door threatens his budding business alternative. Annie's trying to keep her runaway horse at home and her grumpy neighbor happy at the same time she's plotting this year's birthday surprise for her veterinarian husband. Ross's favorite fantasy is bringing in another man for Annie so he can watch. This year Annie's going to fulfill that dream…and she wants a professional for the job. The birthday gift ends up being a surprise for everyone when her hired hot guy turns out to be none other than the sexy farmer next door. Together, the three of them will find out just how far they're willing to go to fulfill all their secret fantasies.
Loving Kit - New Release
Loving Kit A MMM MPreg Sci-Fi Romance Available from 19 February 2018 Logan McRae never expected to see two aliens when he woke from cryogenic sleep. He has lost his ship and his people and he questions whether he has lost his mind. As he gets to know Halor and Kit he realises he might just lose his heart as well.
A Lady's Honor Preorder Now - April 3, 2018
Not every match is made at the marriage mart… Phoebe may be a spinster by London's standards, but she's a successful member of the Everton Domestic Society ready to help Markus and his daughter sort out their life. Drunk in his grief, Markus wants nothing more than oblivion until he meets the Everton Lady who will bring him back into the world.
Holographic Havoc
Now just 99c/99p or available in KU. The attraction is mutual and the sparks fly. If only they could get rid of their holographic third wheel.
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